[YesAuto Industry] Recently, the well-known American tire manufacturer Goodyear and Borrow have launched a new service pilot project. Goodyear will provide tire predictive services to the networked fleet. Goodyear will use its tire expertise and cloud platform capabilities to combine vehicle data and algorithms to automatically arrange tire maintenance and replacement services for the fleet.

Borrow is a pure electric car rental company. At present, Borrow and Goodyear have provided services to more than 80 customers. It is expected that 750 cars will be put into use by the end of 2019. Establishing a cooperation with Borrow will enable Goodyear to maximize the user experience and at the same time increase the running time of Borrow's services.

It is said that Goodyear’s pilot project with Borrow is based on cooperation with Envoy and Tesloop. Envoy is a community-sharing electric vehicle company, and Tesloop uses Tesla vehicles to provide inter-city mobility services. In the future, Goodyear may also allow its retail stores and cooperative dealers to also join the service ranks, aiming to build a “data-driven” service model for the fleet of auto companies and mobile travel service providers in an all-round way.