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[YesAuto In-Depth Investigation] It has been a long time since the last battery investigation, and now we pick up this topic again. The models surveyed in this issue are still several popular models recently launched, including compact cars, mid-size cars and SUVs. Next, let us take a look at how the batteries of these popular models perform!

Car batteries are divided into two types: ordinary lead-acid (non-maintenance-free) batteries and maintenance-free batteries

There are two types of batteries in vehicles: ordinary lead-acid (non-maintenance-free) batteries and maintenance-free batteries. The cost of ordinary lead-acid batteries is lower and requires regular addition of distilled water to supplement the electrolyte for maintenance to ensure normal use. The other is a maintenance-free battery. The battery electrolyte consumption is very small, and there is basically no need to supplement distilled water during the service life, which is more convenient to use. Generally, the service life of maintenance-free batteries is about 4-5 years, and the price is higher than that of ordinary lead-acid batteries. However, with the development of science and technology, some brands of lead-acid batteries have made great progress than before, and their lifespan is not lower than that of maintenance-free batteries, and there is no need for regular electrolyte replenishment under normal use.

How to distinguish between ordinary lead-acid and maintenance-free batteries

Ordinary lead-acid batteries require regular replenishment of electrolyte, so there is a refill port that can be unscrewed at the top of the battery. In contrast, maintenance-free batteries do not, so the surface is flat. In addition, the batteries of many vehicles on the market are placed in a dustproof box, and the battery can only be seen after opening the dustproof box.

Several important data of the battery:

Rated voltage: Under normal circumstances, the voltage of a family car battery is 12V.

Capacity: It represents the amount of electricity discharged from the battery under certain conditions (discharge rate, temperature, termination voltage, etc.). Generally, the capacity unit of a car battery is Ah. For example, if a battery with a capacity of 45Ah has a continuous discharge current of 1A, it can be continuously discharged for 45 hours. The higher the capacity of the battery, the better, otherwise it will affect the use of automotive electrical equipment. Of course, the higher the capacity of the battery, the higher the price.

Low temperature starting current (CCA): In addition to the above two data, we have a label “CCA” on the battery, which indicates the starting current that the battery can provide to the engine when it is in a low temperature state. That is, the value is the current discharged by the battery before the limit feed voltage when the battery is discharged at -17.8°C for 30 seconds. For example: the CCA value marked on a 12V battery shell is 450, which means that at -17.8°C, before the voltage drops to 7.2V, it can provide 450A of current for 30 seconds.

Current common standards for the naming methods of commonly used battery models:

1. Based on the national GB standard , taking the battery model 6-QAW-54a as an example, the description is as follows:

6: Indicates that it is composed of 6 single cells, each cell has a voltage of 2V, that is, the rated voltage is 12V;
Q: indicates the purpose of the battery, Q is the battery for automobile starting, M is the battery for motorcycles, JC is the battery for ships, HK is the battery for aviation, D is the battery for electric vehicles, and F is the valve-regulated battery;
A and W: indicates the type of battery, A indicates dry-charged battery, W indicates maintenance-free battery, if not marked, it indicates ordinary battery;
54: Indicates that the rated capacity of the battery is 54Ah;
Superscript a: It means the first improvement to the original product, adding superscript b after the name means the second improvement, and so on. (Note: Add D after the model to indicate good low temperature start performance, such as 6-QA-110D)

2. Based on the Japanese JIS standard , for example, the meaning of the battery parameters with model “38B20L” is as follows:

38: Indicates the performance parameters of the battery. The larger the number, the more power the battery can store. (Note: The value has nothing to do with the capacity)
B: Indicates the width and height code of the battery. The combination of the width and height of the battery is represented by one of the 8 letters (A to H). The closer the character is to H, the greater the width and height of the battery.
20: Indicates that the length of the battery is about 20cm.
L: Indicates the position of the positive terminal. Seen from the battery pole, the positive terminal is marked R at the right end, and the positive terminal is marked L at the left end.

3. Based on the German DIN standard , for example, the meaning of each parameter of the battery model “CCA 660” is as follows:

CCA: indicates the low temperature starting current
660: Indicates that the low temperature starting current value is 660 amperes.

2013 Buick Excelle

Excelle is regarded as a veteran in the compact car market. In 2013, the manufacturer made a minor facelift to it. Although the appearance has not changed much, it has replaced a brand new power system, giving it a better fuel economy. Great improvement. However, the manufacturer did not replace the Excelle battery because of the replacement of the power system. It still purchased the maintenance-free battery of the well-known brand ACDelco, with a capacity of 55Ah and a low-temperature starting current of 610A, which is sufficient for a 1.5-liter model. However, Buick’s 4S store’s pricing for this battery is not cheap. 650 yuan is still a lot more expensive than the market price, plus 50 yuan for working hours, which means that if you choose to replace the battery for the Excelle in the 4S shop, the total It costs 700 yuan.

2013 Buick Encore ENCORE

Encore is a small SUV launched by Buick in October 2012. Its appearance broke the market pattern and further lowered the threshold of SUV, allowing consumers with a budget of only 100,000 to buy a fashionable, A joint venture SUV model with abundant configuration, strong power and four-wheel drive system.

Buick Encora ENCORE uses a 1.4T+6AT power combination, which has good acceleration and smoothness. The battery it uses is also from ACDelco (the specific model is unknown), but the capacity and low-temperature starting current are different from Excelle. Its capacity is 60Ah, low-temperature starting current is 438A, 4S shop price is 605 yuan, working hours is 60 yuan, and the total price is 665 yuan, which is cheaper than Excelle.

2013 Shanghai Volkswagen New Santana

Santana is a well-known name for Chinese people, but the new Santana launched in 2012 has essentially nothing to do with the “previous generation” models. It is a product derived from the PQ25 platform and should belong to the same level as POLO. However, due to its relatively long body size and wheelbase, we temporarily classify it into the ranks of compact cars. It turns out that its space in the car is indeed not inferior to most compact cars.

The new Santana has two power options of 1.4 liters and 1.6 liters, and the 6AT gearbox is also one of its highlights. The new Santana uses Valta 5KD 915 105C battery, which is consistent with POLO and Skoda Jingrui models. This battery has a capacity of 51Ah, a low-temperature starting current of 480A, 4S is priced at 622 yuan, working hours cost 70 yuan, and the total cost of replacing the battery is 692 yuan. In addition, because the surface of the battery of the Volkswagen series has a circuit board, it is slightly troublesome to disassemble and replace.

2012 Su Rui 1.5T model

BYD is the first manufacturer of its own brands to adopt turbocharged engines and dual-clutch gearbox technology, and BYD's brand influence has also been greatly improved. And Su Rui has won the attention of the media with its unprecedented remote control technology. Although Surui's dual-clutch gearbox still has much room for improvement in terms of ride comfort, the power of the 1.5T turbocharged engine is excellent. Coupled with its rich configuration performance, BYD Su Rui's comprehensive strength is quite strong.

Due to the high configuration of Su Rui and its remote control technology and remote engine start technology, it also has higher requirements for the battery. The original Su Rui is equipped with a Varta 80D26L battery with a capacity of 70Ah and a low-temperature starting current of 600A. These parameters are completely comparable to medium-sized cars. However, the price of its battery is relatively more expensive. The 4S shop's price is 654 yuan, and the replacement labor cost is 30 yuan, and the total cost is 684 yuan.

2013 Dongfeng Citroen C4L

Although the C4L has not been on the market for a long time, it has left a deep impression on people with its 1.6T strong power and spacious and comfortable ride. C4L can be regarded as a rising star in the compact car market. Its biggest highlight is the 1.6T engine jointly developed by PSA and BMW. This engine was also awarded the title of “2013 International Top Ten Engine” some time ago.

The battery of C4L is almost covered by a whole circuit board, and it is difficult to see the brand and parameters of the battery from the outside. After we contacted the 4S shop, we learned that the battery used in C4L is no different from the previous Sega. They are both Bosch L2-400 maintenance-free batteries, with a capacity of 60Ah, a low-temperature starting current of 640A, a price of 490 yuan for accessories, and a total of The price is more expensive than Sega.

2013 Dongfeng Peugeot 3008

The 3008 is the first SUV model launched by Dongfeng Peugeot. Judging from the current attention and sales, it should be regarded as a successful model. I think its success is first attributed to the manufacturer's correct positioning of the 3008. Although it is derived from a compact car platform, its space and workmanship are not inferior to mainstream SUVs such as CR-V and Tiguan, and the price is lower than them. , So it’s no surprise that the 3008 sells well.

3008 and C4L use the same power system, so their batteries are basically the same, which has been verified on previous Sega and 308. Under normal circumstances, Citroen or Peugeot will have two battery suppliers, Bosch and Camel. The C4L mentioned above uses Bosch batteries, and the 3008 we investigated this time used exactly the same L2-400 camel battery. The capacity and low-temperature starting current are exactly the same as C4L, 60Ah and 640A respectively. However, the price of the battery in the Peugeot 4S store is relatively cheaper. The price of accessories is 480 yuan, and the labor cost is 100 yuan, totaling 580 yuan.

2013 GAC Toyota Camry

The seventh-generation Camry has applied tougher lines to make it look younger and sportier. However, its appearance does not seem to have received much recognition, so that the sales volume is not as good as before. In fact, if you look closely at this generation of Camry, you will find that it has made great progress in appearance and interior texture. More importantly, the 6-speed automatic manual transmission has finally become the standard configuration of the 2.5-liter model (except for the hybrid version). On the whole, its overall strength has been significantly improved compared to the previous generation.

Japanese cars have always used local brand parts, and almost all batteries are non-maintenance-free. For example, Camry uses Hitachi-brand non-maintenance-free batteries with a capacity of 65Ah and a low-temperature starting current of 630A. From the point of view of parameters, This battery is not bad. In fact, 4S stores call this battery a “maintenance-free refillable” battery. Its service life is about 4-5 years, which is equivalent to a maintenance-free battery. According to the 4S shop, this battery does not need to add electrolyte during the life of the battery under normal use. However, if it is used improperly, such as when the vehicle is parked for a long time or listening to music when it is turned off, the battery may be affected. Loss of electricity, need to replenish electrolyte when necessary. The price of this battery 4S shop is 695 yuan, the replacement labor cost is 80 yuan, and the total cost is 775 yuan.

2013 Dongfeng Nissan Teana

As another best-selling Japanese model in the mid-size car market, Teana has also undergone a replacement in the previous period. In addition to the new design of appearance and interior, the biggest change of the new generation of Teana is to replace the previous 2.5-liter V6 engine with a 2.5-liter L4 engine. Although two cylinders are reduced, the new L4 engine has not lost to the previous V6 engine in terms of parameters, and there is an improvement in fuel economy.

The new Teana uses a non-maintenance-free battery of the GS (unified) brand, with a capacity of 62Ah and a low-temperature starting current of 582A. Compared with the Camry just introduced, although Teana is slightly worse in battery parameters, it does not Affect the daily use of cars. In addition, Nissan’s 4S store’s price for users to replace the battery is slightly lower than that of the Camry. Among them, the price of accessories is 590 yuan, and the labor fee is only 48 yuan.

2013 Chevrolet Malibu

Although Chevrolet Malibu has a history of many years in the United States, it is still a young model that has just debuted in China. However, in the highly competitive mid-size car market, Mai Rui Bao has gradually gained a foothold with its balanced strength and high cost performance. It is indeed a recommended model, because its price is comparable to that of compact cars such as Sagitar, but it is an out-and-out mid-size car.

Mai Rui Bao uses Fengfan brand maintenance-free battery with a capacity of 60Ah and a low-temperature starting current of 525A. The price of this battery is 452 yuan in the 4S shop, and the labor fee is 90 yuan. The overall cost is not expensive.

to sum up:

At present, most family cars on the market use maintenance-free batteries, but only some Japanese manufacturers insist on using non-maintenance-free batteries. However, even today's non-maintenance-free batteries, in normal use, there is no need for users to regularly replenish the electrolyte. It is as convenient to use as maintenance-free batteries, and the lifespan of the two is similar. Judging from the models we surveyed in this issue, the batteries they use can reassure consumers whether they are brands or parameters. It's just that with the increase in procurement costs, 4S stores generally offer high prices for batteries, which are on average about 200 yuan more expensive than the market prices. So we suggest everyone: if your vehicle has exceeded the warranty period, it is more cost-effective to replace the battery in some regular auto repair shops, of course, the premise is that the replacement battery must match the vehicle.