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[YesAuto chassis analysis] Although Detroit is still shrouded in the shadow of bankruptcy, every year in the middle of winter, here will be a short time to restore the past lively. There is no other reason, since 1907, the annual North American Auto Show was held as scheduled. In our impression, American consumers love those full-size SUVs and pickup trucks that are as strong as them, but at this auto show, we found a little change. Cars and even sports cars have played an important role. Let's take a look at the “intrinsic” strength of these new roles.

Mercedes-Benz has always been known for sticking to traditions. However, with the successive replacement of S-Class and C-Class, the seemingly contradictory words of sport and elegance have been well placed on different levels of models. Now, the “Tripion Star” has ushered in its replacement in the E-Class, the most important product of the medium and large-sized vehicles. The change in appearance is like Chen Daoming playing a face-changing trick, and the one who turned his head and stood in front of you has become Yanzu Wu. So, what about “inner”?

For the Mercedes-Benz E-Class, which is positioned as a medium and large car, the use of multi-link independent suspension seems to be a matter of course. The precise control of the wheel toe angle has become an important reason for selection. For this level of car models, the application of aluminum materials is not surprising.

We can see the obvious airflow guiding design on the chassis guard. In the end, engineers helped reduce the drag coefficient of the new generation of Mercedes-Benz E-Class to 0.23Cd by optimizing the body shape and using chassis guards. According to the official announcement, the overall quietness of the vehicle has been qualitatively improved compared to the previous generation products, which makes us look forward to the arrival of real vehicle testing opportunities.

I don't know if I don't look at the information, but I was surprised when I looked at the information. The S80 has been the flagship of Volvo cars for 18 years. This period of time is enough to turn a baby into an adult. Adjectives such as old and tired are commonplace. Volvo desperately needs a new product to replace the S80 as its flagship. At this year's North American Auto Show, Volvo's new flagship finally arrived, it is the S90. The goal is very clear, referring directly to Audi A6L, BMW 5 Series Li, and Mercedes-Benz E-Class.

The front suspension of the Volvo S90 uses a double wishbone front suspension. The side load received by the suspension system is shared by the upper control arm and the lower control arm, so it can better withstand the side force received by the suspension system. The upper control arm, lower control arm and bearing seat of the front suspension of the car are all made of aluminum alloy, which reduces the unsprung mass of the front suspension and improves the handling performance of the vehicle.

As the flagship model of the sedan, the S90 uses Volvo's latest SPA development platform. That's right, the XC90 that has just been replaced is also based on this. Therefore, in terms of the front suspension structure, this is why their front suspension forms are almost identical.

Volvo S90 uses a multi-link rear suspension. The real model has an air suspension. From the picture we can see the air spring of the air suspension. In addition, since this is a plug-in hybrid version, we can see the motor used to drive the rear wheels from the picture. Since the rear wheels are driven by electric motors, the drive shaft and differential used to transmit the power of the engine to the rear wheels no longer exist.

Although it is a global model, I don’t know if it’s because about 15% of the “hometown” Sweden is in the Arctic Circle. The road conditions are very bad after winter. Volvo's products have always paid more attention to chassis protection. S90's chassis protection can also be seen. The resin guard board and the surface fiber guard board cooperate with each other, and it can be described as both protection and silence, which is also in line with the average level of this class of cars.

Similar to the previous car, Lincoln Continental also has a long history, and its history may be older than everyone here; it has been 14 years since the release of its previous concept model; it was once one of the most expensive models , Users include Elvis Presley, Kissinger, the King of Iran and many other powerful figures; it has inextricably linked with US President Kennedy; then, how does the latest generation perform?

Leaning down to observe the Lincoln Continental chassis, you can see the familiar MacPherson independent suspension. Considering that Lincoln is a premium brand of Ford Motor, we naturally associate it with the Ford Taurus, which is a mid-to-large car. Sure enough, after comparing it with the Ford Taurus chassis that was also shot at the auto show, we found the similarities between the two.

For the rear suspension, Lincoln Continental is also consistent with the Taurus, using a multi-link independent suspension, which is almost the same in terms of material and layout. The only difference is that the Ford Taurus currently only has front-wheel drive models, while Lincoln Continental offers four-wheel drive for consumers to choose from.

Everyone’s impression of the American car manufacturing process may still be inextricably linked with carelessness, but Lincoln Continental uses the delicate and comprehensive protective measures in the middle of the chassis to tell everyone that they are not good-looking.

Launching a high-end sub-brand is a good way for auto companies to enhance their image and improve product competitiveness. If you think about it carefully, so far, the most recent high-terminal brand was born in 1989, 27 years ago, when Nissan launched Infiniti. Now, Hyundai, which wants to enhance its image, has launched its high-end self-branded Genesis, and their first product is Genesis G90.

Genesis G90 is the first work of the Genesis brand to test the high-end market. Hyundai naturally dare not relax. The front suspension part is equipped with a double-wishbone independent suspension, and the upper and lower control arms are obviously made of aluminum.

The rear suspension part uses a multi-link independent suspension, but due to viewing angle reasons, only two control arms can be observed. However, the application of aluminum materials can still be seen from it.

Infiniti Q60 is a brand new sports car model of Infiniti. You can regard it as the convertible version and coupe version of Infiniti Q50. The new car is equipped with a new Nissan 3.0L V6 twin-turbocharged engine with a maximum power of 405Ps and a peak torque of 475N·m (the above parameters are the high-power version parameters) are a highlight of the car.

From the structural point of view, the front suspension structure of Q60 and Q50L is consistent, adopting double wishbone independent suspension, compared with MacPherson independent suspension, its lateral support ability is stronger, so it can help The wheels get better grip, and this choice is also in line with the positioning of its sports car.

For a sports car, every 1kg of excess weight makes it awake at night. Therefore, although the use of a complex multi-link suspension is more accurate in positioning the wheel parameters, the weakness in weight is also obvious, so it is guaranteed. Under the premise of strength, the Q60's control arm, bearing seat and other parts use many aluminum materials.

As a high-end brand of Nissan, Infiniti also dare not take it lightly in the protection of the underside of the car, and delicate protective measures have also appeared on the Q60. Whether it is an administrative car or a slightly passionate sports car, the cars on display at this North American Auto Show unanimously show the details of each company's attention to detail in terms of chassis protection.

At the 2016 North American Auto Show, Lexus officially released its new sports car Lexus LC. The new car is based on the Lexus LF-LC concept car. The power part is equipped with a 5.0L V8 naturally aspirated engine and a new Aisin 10-speed automatic transmission. It only takes 4.5 seconds to accelerate from a standstill to 96km/h.

The auto show is not only a stage for new cars to show off, but also a platform for companies to “show off” their technology. No, Lexus brought the new car and the autopsy car to Detroit, which also saved us the trouble of bending over and shooting. Through it, the chassis structure of the LC 500 can be observed more comprehensively.

The Lexus LC 500 uses a multi-link front suspension. We can see from the picture that the two upper control arms are connected to the upper end of the bearing housing through two hinge points. Compared with the common Macpherson-style front suspension, the control arm added in the upper part of the suspension system can better bear the side load, thereby improving the wheel grip. In addition to the suspension, we can also see through the dissection of the car model that it is equipped with two upper and lower front anti-collision beams, and the slightly curved anti-collision beams above have a larger protection area, which is conducive to the 25% offset collision test of IIHS Achieving good results means that in a small-angle collision, there are more structures that can absorb the impact energy, and the chances of injury to the drivers and passengers in the car are lower.

The rear suspension of the Lexus LC 500 also uses a multi-link form. The rear suspension adopts an integrated structure of spring and shock absorber, and the two are arranged coaxially, and the impact caused by the undulating road is more directly transmitted to the body. Although part of the ride comfort is sacrificed, it can provide the driver with more road feedback information, which is consistent with the positioning of the car as a sports car model.

Even if this is a sports car, as long as the Lexus logo is hung, it means that it is inseparable from the adjectives such as comfortable driving and tranquility. Although there is no test drive yet, it is not difficult to guess that it is likely to be like RC F, and it will not bring you the ultimate control pleasure, but is more luxurious.

to sum up:

In people’s impression, most Americans’ favorite models are violent muscle cars, behemoth pickup trucks, and full-size SUVs. At the North American Auto Show in Detroit this year, cars and sports cars are popular. The figure of a hybrid vehicle. And, by leaning down to observe their chassis, it is not difficult to find that the large-scale application of lightweight materials, strict chassis protection and other details, American freshness may have taken root.