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[YesAuto Car Race] There are only a few corners left in front, and you can successfully cross the finish line to be on the long-awaited podium. At this moment, a car suddenly drove you into the air. How would you feel? ? This scene was staged in the F1 Russia race that ended last week, and the entire race was extremely thrilling from the start to the end. The racing cars are like magic, and they lose control and crash frequently. It's a game that always makes people fearful. This article has selected a few hot spots to introduce to you, let’s take a look at the details.

● Introduction to Sochi Circuit in Russia

Russia's Sochi Circuit was officially opened in 2014. This is the second year that F1 has come here to compete. The whole track is 5.853km, with a total of 18 corners. Two of the DRS areas are available for use.

The cost of laying the Sochi track in Russia is very high, and the tire wear is relatively small. Pirelli provides soft tires and super soft tires in this race. The team can choose the strategy of one pit stop or two pit stops according to their own situation. In addition, the track temperature is low at this time and the tires are warming up slowly. The fight in the first and second laps of the race should be fierce. Hamilton won the championship here last year, allowing the Mercedes team to defend the team's annual championship ahead of schedule. This year, if nothing happens, it should be a similar situation.

Before starting to talk about the race, it is necessary for everyone to watch a video of the car running out of control and hitting the wall. This is what happened during the third practice session. The Red Bull Racing driver Sainz's car suddenly lost control and hit the wall in the corner. Then it slid out along the edge of the track and hit the protective wall. At that time, the speed of the car was very fast and the impact was very violent. Below is the video at that time.

● Sainz tragic crash video in the third practice match

Afterwards, Sainz was quickly rushed to the hospital on a stretcher. After inspection, it was found that there was no major problem and he could successfully participate in the weekend race. What is even more unexpected is that he lost control of the car and slipped out of the track in the race. The left side end plate of the rear wing of the car fell off, and finally he had no choice but to retire. This time it seems that he really has to leave a psychological shadow. If he continues to run F1 next year, will there be problems here? (I'm so evil)

The pole position of the race fell into the hands of Mercedes without any suspense. This time it was Rosberg who led the race. Let’s take a look at the video of his pole position lap and also feel the Sochi circuit in Russia. Rhythm.

● Rosberg pole circle video

Rosberg's qualifying performance was very good, but he did not bring this momentum to the race. Soon after the start of the race, he responded to the team that the accelerator pedal felt wrong, and Hamilton had been following him waiting for the opportunity. At the 7th lap of the race, Rosberg was overtaken by Hamilton and Bottas. He reported to the team that there was a problem with the brakes. Then the team told him to stay on the court for a while, and he finally chose to return to the pit lane. Finally, reluctant to retire.

Sure enough, the competition was fierce after the start of the race. Force India driver Hawkenberg's car rotated 180 degrees after turning out of control at Turn 2, and Sauber driver Eriksson avoided a collision.

● Video of Hokenberg crashed after losing control

After more than ten laps of the race, I thought it would be relatively safe and I could sleep for a while. Suddenly, the Lotus driver Grosjean drove out of the track out of control, the car was crashed and he had no choice but to retire.

● Video of Grosjean hitting the wall and retiring after losing control

Grosjean's car was getting closer to the McLaren car in front of him before it lost control. I don't know if his heart was too hasty because he wanted to catch up and surpass as soon as possible. In other words, the fragments of Rolex's advertising stickers are still left on the car without processing. After the accident, the safety car was dispatched, and some cars in the rear of the team used this opportunity to pit into the station to change tires. On lap 17, the safety car was evacuated and Ferrari driver Vettel overtook teammate Raikkonen. There was no accident until the 45th lap. It was not until the 46th lap that Sainz of the Little Red Bull rushed out of the track again at the position of the three-strike crash.

In the last few laps of the race, the top two positions were basically determined, namely Hamilton and Vettel. The tires of Perez, the third Force India driver, are almost exhausted. It will be a matter of time before being overtaken. The fourth-ranked Red Bull Racing driver Cado had problems with the suspension of the car, and was surpassed by Williams driver Bottas and Ferrari driver Raikkonen, and had no choice but to retire. At the final lap of the race (lap 53), Bottas and Raikkonen surpassed Perez, who was in third place, and gradually threw him away.

At this time, everyone held their breath and watched the movements of Bottas and Raikkonen. Sure enough, when finishing the game with a few corners left, Raikkonen launched an attack and the scene mentioned at the beginning of the article appeared, directly After driving Bottas off the track, Bottas retired, and Raikkonen's car was still able to drive. At this time, Perez drove up again, and finally crossed the line for the third time. After the game, Raikkonen was sentenced to 30 seconds, and the result fell to eighth. This penalty also allowed the Mercedes team to win the 2015 team championship in advance, but it did not make any sense for Bottas to accept the award. The stations and points are just gone.

Finally, let’s talk about the McLaren team. The two former world champions were very well-behaved throughout the race. They ended up in ninth and tenth places, earning 3 points for the team. This race is also very meaningful for the driver Alonso. This is the 250th race of his F1 career. Let's review his years through a short film.

● Alonso 250th game commemorative video

The above is the content of this article (what, didn’t mention Hamilton? I didn’t give him a few shots in F1 live broadcast, and I don’t have much to say here). This time I did not do the report as usual. Just present the more exciting parts of the game to everyone. If you haven't watched this game yet, if you are interested in the above introduction, please search for the video of the game as soon as possible.