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[YesAuto News] According to relevant media reports, Nanjing citizen Tu bought a Mercedes Benz for 320,000 yuan at a Mercedes-Benz 4S store in Zhongsheng Xinghui, Pukou in September 2018, but the new car has already driven mileage. The 4S shop said that the car was a show car and there was no problem in quality. However, Ms. Tu continued to malfunction during use. After investigation, the car has two maintenance records, but the 4S shop did not inform. A few days ago, Ms. Tu rejected the 4S shop’s request to negotiate a compensation of 200,000 yuan in private and filed a lawsuit against the dealer (the picture is a video screenshot, the quality is low, please understand).

According to Jiangsu Radio and Television Station, Nanjing citizen Tu bought a C 200 coupe at the 4S store in Zhongsheng Xinghui Mercedes-Benz in Pukou District in September 2018. As there was no car in the store, Ms. Tu planned to give up the purchase, but the sales staff then informed her that a new car had arrived at the store. During the inspection, Ms. Tu found that the car had traveled more than 2500 kilometers. The sales staff then claimed that it was a show car. , Without any quality problems, Ms. Tu immediately bought it at a cost of 320,000 yuan.

The good times didn’t last long. Ms. Tu found that her car had frequent quality problems during use, including frequent tire punctures, pervasive engine oil, and abnormal noises in the car. She used the frame number to inquire during the maintenance process and found this so-called so-called The “new car” has a large number of maintenance records. According to the screenshots, Ms. Tu’s car had a rear bumper replacement as early as November 2017, and the front bumper and engine cover were repaired in July 2018. This repair in 2017 also has an insurance company’s accident record. , But the new car purchase contract states that “the vehicle has no quality damage.” In subsequent enquiries, the insurance policy given by Ping An Insurance showed that a Tianjin planning company had insured short-term commercial insurance for the car. The accident record showed that the car hit a roadside flowerbed when reversing and replaced one of the rear bumpers. Series operations.

Ms. Tu then went to the 4S shop to negotiate. The dealer said that the car was a display car that had been auctioned off by the manufacturer. She did not know that the car had a quality problem. As for the PDI new car inspection that must be done before delivery, they It is only responsible for simple operations such as vehicle oil inspection and visual inspection. At present, Zhongsheng Xinghui Mercedes-Benz 4S shop is willing to pay Ms. Tu 200,000 yuan, but Ms. Tu cannot accept it and filed a lawsuit against the dealer.

Performing a complete PDI new car inspection before the delivery of the new car should be a necessary operation for the 4S shop, but the maintenance records that can be found by entering the frame number, the 4S shop does not check or deal with it, which involves concealment. If the 4S shop does not truthfully inform consumers about any quality problems of the new car, then the consumer has the right to ask the dealer to pay three times the price of the new car. From a consumer's point of view, we must be careful when buying a car. If there are so-called “show cars” or “test drive cars” and there are not low discounts, we must repeatedly confirm with the sales staff whether there is a new car in writing. For quality issues, if necessary, check the maintenance records and save the evidence. At present, this lawsuit has not yet been heard in court. We will continue to monitor the progress of this matter and bring you follow-up reports. (Video source: @南京零距离; Text/Jiang Che from the car home)