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[YesAuto preliminary audition] Humans’ pursuit of speed has never stopped, and more people will also like the hearty acceleration of vehicles. Although most people still do not have the ability to buy large-displacement and strong-powered models, but in family cars In the field, there are also several accelerating and protruding models that can attract our attention. Faster speeds will make overtaking and other actions more comfortable, and the indescribable sense of pushing is also what many people want, so in the current family car In the market, which models are more dynamic?

The following five cars are all models that have entered 9 seconds in the 0-100Km/h actual test of Autohome. Not only do they have outstanding power, they also have good overall qualities and have their own characteristics as family cars. , Consumers who pay attention to motivation may wish to pay attention.

Shanghai GM Buick Hideo XT/GT

   0-100Km/h measured acceleration time: 8.2 seconds (XT), 8.29 seconds (GT)

Buick Hideo is a relatively popular compact family car recently, and it is usually regarded as a strong competitor of golf. The hatchback model XT is derived from Opel Astra. Its smooth and dynamic appearance has attracted the love of many consumers, but it is quite The high price is somewhat prohibitive; the Yinglang GT is a sedan version recently launched, also to cater to the taste of the Chinese public. The sedan is also quite fashionable, but with more composure and stability.

Yinglang is one of the few domestic cars that focus on performance. Its most powerful elite sports version uses a 1.6T turbocharged engine with a maximum power of 184 horsepower and a maximum torque of 235 Nm, which is more powerful than the Regal 1.6T engine. At the same time, the chassis is also lowered accordingly. When you press the sport mode button on the dashboard, your motor nerves will be stimulated both visually (the gauge turns red) and power. With the 6-speed automatic gearbox, it can provide the same level Excellent acceleration ability in the car.

Performance Testing
0-100Km/h acceleration time 8.2 seconds 8.29 seconds
Hideo XT 1.6T Hideo GT 1.6T

In the performance test of Autohome, the 0-100Km/h acceleration time of Yinglang XT and GT were 8.2 and 8.29 seconds, respectively, which is at the leading level among the current joint venture brand family cars. In addition, the modified engine has the Super Boost function. By increasing the fuel injection volume in a short period of time, the engine can be “overclocked”. The peak torque within 5 seconds can even exceed 266 Nm in an instant, which has exceeded the level of the 1.8T engine. It is also an important reason for its vigorous power.

Performance Testing
100Km/h-0 braking distance 39.4 meters 41.02 meters
Hideo XT 1.6T Hideo GT 1.6T

Yinglang did not use an independent rear suspension, but in order to pursue better handling performance, it added a Watt linkage mechanism to the rear suspension, which is also a small highlight of Yinglang, which improves the controllability of the vehicle to a certain extent. . Excellent dynamics must have an excellent braking system to stop this irritability. In fact, Yinglang's braking performance has also maintained a high level, especially the hatchback XT can control the braking distance to less than 40 meters is worthy of praise, and The GT performance of the sedan version is slightly worse, but it is also within the excellent range calibrated by Autohome.

The difference between the hatchback and the sedan version only lies in the appearance, and the interiors of the two cars are the same. The 1.6T model deliberately uses a red and black interior to create a sense of movement, and is coupled with an embracing center console design. It can also find the desire to control the integration of man and vehicle. The cumbersome buttons enhance the sense of technology and increase the difficulty of getting started. After being familiar with it, nothing remains the same. The OnStar system can provide many services such as remote rescue and navigation, but there is no color. It is a pity that the screen is displayed and there are only simple arrow tips.

After all, Yinglang is still a family car, so the space is still very important. After the editor adjusted the front row to the normal driving position, although the rear row space is not sufficient, it is enough to meet the daily family. The sedan has a slight lack of headroom. Both the GT and XT's comprehensive qualities have shown a high level of driving and handling, and the models are newer and fashionable, but the high price is indeed a problem.