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[YesAuto in-depth experience] In the years of rapid development of the Chinese automobile industry, we have long been accustomed to a series of classifications such as compact, medium-sized, and medium-to-large vehicles. However, under such a seemingly rigorous system, we have become accustomed to Infrequently there will be several outliers. You may find a clear position for them, but you can't pick a suitable opponent for them. The Lexus ES series plays such a role.

Since its birth in 1989, the ES series, which has undergone six generations of models, has become one of Lexus’s best-selling models. In the 23 years of evolution, every generation of ES models has never stopped pursuing comfort and luxury. , Now through a comprehensive upgrade from the inside out, a new generation of Lexus ES once again appeared in front of us.

● Appearance: Another masterpiece of the family-style spindle-shaped front face

The new generation of Lexus ES not only adopts a new family-style design, but also replaces its platform with Toyota Avalon. This sounds like a tempting change, but in fact, apart from the body length and wheelbase, In addition to the increase, from the structural point of view, the drive mode and chassis suspension have not changed compared with the previous model.

From the day of its birth, Lexus ES has been in a very delicate position. It seems that it is not keen to compete with Audi A4L, BMW 3 Series Li and other models, which belongs to the medium-sized car group. On the contrary, the price range of 359,000 to 654,000 It has a certain intersection with medium and large vehicles such as Audi A6L and BMW 5 Series Li, but the disadvantages of the body size make Lexus ES unable to form a direct competitive relationship with Audi A6L and BMW 5 Series Li.

Everyone has a different definition of success, but for a successful family-style front face, I believe it is nothing more than two points. First, it must be beautiful enough, and secondly, since it is a family-style front face, it must appear on every model. Very relevant. Taking these two points into consideration, I think Lexus's spindle-shaped family design should be able to be summarized in the ranks of success.

On the side of the body, the new generation of Lexus ES did not use too much decoration. The elegant lines swept across the roof and transitioned to the rear of the car in a relatively gentle way. The elegant and atmospheric shape left a deep impression on people. In terms of details, the inductive opening method is very convenient. The 17-inch wheels with double ten-spoke design are at the same level as models of the same level.

The rear of the car is the best angle for me to appreciate the new generation of Lexus ES. The three-dimensional shape is like a sexy “little butt”, which is more in line with my current aesthetic level. In addition, the ribbon-like taillight shape has a good visual effect, and the double-out tail row is mainly used to set off the momentum.

● Interior: the first use of bamboo and wood as interior elements

The interior of the new generation of Lexus ES has undergone tremendous changes along with the appearance. The hierarchical interior design gives people a refreshing feeling. In the choice of materials, Lexus has incorporated bamboo and wood decoration for the ES series for the first time. The fresh style and the use of a large number of leather materials make the luxurious atmosphere just right.

The steering wheel with three-spoke design also incorporates bamboo and wood decoration. The thick grip ring and the leather wrap at 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock show an excellent feel. The layout of the multi-function buttons on the left and right sides is reasonable, and there is no inconvenience in operation. .

Note: In the Lexus production workshop, Takumi craftsmen are also called technical experts. Among the 7,700 employees in the Kyushu plant, there are only 19 Takumi craftsmen. Their responsibility is to use strict standards to control Lexus. Quality of products.

The brand-new center console adopts a layered layout, and the LCD screen, air-conditioning outlets and various function buttons are divided into different areas, relatively independent and without interference. In terms of workmanship, it is difficult to find any flaws even with a critical eye. After all, under the gaze of more than ten Takumi senior craftsmen, it is difficult for products that do not meet Lexus standards to leave the factory in Kyushu, Japan.

● The second-generation Remote Touch system

The 8.8-inch LCD screen located on the top of the center console can provide various information such as navigation, air conditioning, and entertainment. The second-generation Remote Touch system has been updated to the second-generation Remote Touch system in operation. The buttons on both sides of the control are eliminated, and the “big mouse” after slimming All operations can be completed with only two fingers, making it more convenient to use.

After linking with the mobile phone via Bluetooth, Lexus ES can not only make calls/calls, but also play songs in the mobile phone. However, since the song list cannot be displayed, if the songs you want to listen to are relatively late, then you may have to Changed one by one.

The reversing image of the new generation of Lexus ES provides two auxiliary modes. In addition to our common side parking guidance mode, an inbound guidance mode is added, although we can use it in 90% of the cases. The auxiliary line of the item font is fixed, but if one day it is really cutting cakes one by one, it is safer to use the storage mode!

In the face of such a fully upgraded Lexus ES, if you must tell you what you are reluctant to give up to the old model, I am afraid there is only a panoramic sunroof. In the new generation of Lexus ES, the panoramic sunroof with a split structure will become a “rare” configuration, because if you see a new ES with a panoramic sunroof, then it is either the 250 luxury version or the 350 premium version.

● The rear headroom is slightly insufficient

Perhaps it is affected by the roof line. Taking the 180cm height experiencer as an example, the rear headroom of the new generation Lexus ES is slightly insufficient. Fortunately, the 2820mm wheelbase still provides excellent legroom, which exceeds The space for the two punches is worthy of recognition, but even this result is difficult to compete with the Audi A6L or BMW 5 Series. After all, the difference in model positioning is quite obvious.

The driver's seat of the new generation Lexus ES enjoys 10-way electric adjustment and lumbar support. Up to 3 sets of memory modes also lay a good foundation for daily use. Although it has rich functions, I would prefer it if I can choose. Sitting in the rear row of the ES, the soft seats and the sunshades on the sides and rear make the ride a very pleasant thing.

● Basically enough storage space

The storage space of the new generation of Lexus ES can only be said to be sufficient. The appearance of the Remote Touch system occupies a storage compartment, so there is no other place to put things in the center console except for two cup holders. The storage space in the rear row is also not optimistic. There is no storage compartment in the rear door, so that everything can only be placed in the center armrest.

The neat trunk shows good storage capacity. The official nominal 490 liters volume can be put into a golf bag and a 32-inch suitcase at the same time.

● Adopt a new 2.5L engine

In terms of power, the new generation of Lexus ES provides 2.5L, 2.5L hybrid and 3.5L powertrains. Among them, except for hybrid models that use CVT gearboxes, all other models are 6-speed automatic manual transmissions. Let's talk about the suspension. This is indeed a more disturbing issue. Although the new generation of Lexus uses the Asia Dragon platform, it still cannot escape the fate of the former McPherson and the rear double-link, but I think the best use of everything That's it. After all, if such a structure can meet your comfort needs to the greatest extent, what reason do you have to ask it to replace a set of unfamiliar multi-link suspensions?

Competitive product analysis

“BMW 3 Series Li” “Audi A4L”

“BMW 5 Series Li” “Audi A6L”

    The positioning of a mid-size car and the price of 359,000 to 654,000 yuan. Under such conditions, it is difficult for you to find a suitable opponent for the new generation of Lexus ES, but this does not mean that it has no opponents. After years of exploration, Lexus ES has Successfully opened up a new market segment between luxury mid-size cars and luxury mid-to-large cars.

● Full text summary

Compared with the previous generation models, the new Lexus ES has made great progress. First of all, in terms of appearance, the new design concept gives the ES a more fashionable shape, and the interior with bamboo and wood elements plays an environmentally friendly role. At the same time, it is more novel. Although the new platform has not brought structural changes to the new generation of ES, the lengthening of the wheelbase still improves the comfort. On the whole, a successful replacement has injected vitality into the Lexus ES series, but it is not enough to make the essential changes.

For a long time, Lexus seems to have been conveying a concept to people through ES series models. In this concept, power and control are all shelved, leaving only comfort and luxury. If you agree with this concept, then new The first generation of Lexus ES is your “Dream Car”. On the contrary, if you sneer at such a concept, perhaps the ES series will be a joke! (Picture/Text Car Home Li Weilong)

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