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[YesAuto F1 Formula One] Since the Caterham F1 team participated in 2010, it has not won points (the top ten in each race only have points), and it has been in the slow car. Recently, Fernandez, the co-chairman of the Caterham Group and the head of the F1 team, confirmed that the team will change ownership of a European partner consortium. The specific acquisition has not yet been disclosed. After the team changes hands, the team name “Cartham” will still be used this year.

Caterham is a company that produces Open Wheels (open wheels, that is, the wheels are directly exposed) models for the track. At first, it was only a franchised dealer of Lotus 7 models. Later, it purchased the manufacturing and sales rights of Lotus 7 models. It was later renamed “Caterham 7”, and since its development, it has released a number of models based on the Caterham 7, and it can be regarded as an automobile manufacturing company that has been adhering to the tradition to this day. But it is just such a company that upholds the traditional sports genes, but it has no results in F1. The biggest goal is to get into the top ten and get points. I hope that after the change of ownership, the team can have a better performance.