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[YesAuto Illustrated Concept] At the just-opening CES 2020 Consumer Electronics Show, the BMW i3 Urban Suite concept car was officially unveiled. The concept car is based on the ordinary i3, but it incorporates the comfort and quietness of a luxury hotel. Let us then Let's take a look at the performance of the mobile luxury hotel built by BMW.

In terms of appearance, the styling design of the BMW i3 Urban Suite is almost the same as the ordinary i3. You can only see the identity of the concept car from the unique drawing on the body.

Although the electric car does not need an air intake grille, the BMW i3 Urban Suite still retains the shape of the kidney grille, and the inside of the silver trim is a sealed black trim.

The quirky and quirky shape of the LED far and near light integrated headlights is really lovable. I believe that anyone who sees it on the road will not help but look at it more. On both sides of the front surround are LED turn signals, and the yellow garland below is a unique design of the concept car.

The rearview mirrors and door handles are painted in black, and the black and white body of the BMW i3 Urban Suite is quite eye-catching. In terms of tires, the concept car uses Bridgestone Ecopia tires with a size of 155/60 R20.

The shape of the taillight is no different from that of the normal version. The i URBAN SUITE garland below shows its identity as an electric car and a concept car. The bottom surround uses the same color design as the rear of the car, and the overall shape is more concise.

As a concept car, the biggest feature of the BMW i3 Urban Suite is in the car. It only retains the main driving seat and the center console. The remaining space includes a large comfortable seat, a leg rest, a desk, and even a desk. It is also equipped with a table lamp. It is reported that a unique private sound design is integrated into the headrest of the seat to ensure that passengers will not be disturbed while enjoying music and talking on the phone.

As for the shape of the steering wheel, the center console and the center control screen, the design of the normal i3 is still maintained, and even in the space atmosphere of a luxury hotel, this set of interiors does not seem outdated.

As a concept car, the interior materials of this BMW i3 Urban Suite still fully consider the sustainability of resources. All interior buttons, including electric cup holders and desk lamps, do not use chromium materials, and will not produce harmful substances. The small wooden table is also made of certified oil oak.

The concept of BMW i3 Urban Suite is to tailor a travel experience that can fully meet individual needs for passengers. From the actual effect, it creates a luxurious, comfortable, quiet and private personal space in such a small space. , It can almost meet all your travel needs. With the development of autonomous driving technology, in the foreseeable future, the driver's seat may also be removed, and it may be the complete body of this concept car at that time. (Photo/Photo by Cao Yi from Auto Home/CES Front Reporting Team)