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[YesAuto Illustrated Concept] At the ongoing CES 2020 exhibition, the Nissan e-NV200 Ice Cream concept car was officially unveiled. Don't doubt your eyes, as it is named, it is indeed an ice cream truck.

This car is jointly launched by Nissan and Mackie's of Scotland, a local ice cream producer in the UK. It not only showcases the concept of an ice cream truck, but also can receive ice cream by scanning a QR code on site.

The styling continues the design of the e-NV200 new energy vehicle. The body is painted in upper white and lower blue. It not only introduces many environmental protection concepts, but also contains many elements that symbolize new energy.

The front face style is no different from the e-NV200 new energy vehicle. The blue Nissan brand logo symbolizes new energy products. After opening, the inside is a charging port.

The rear right part of the door of the vehicle has been redesigned and changed to an upward-opening awning. After unfolding, it can be turned into a business state and enter the ice cream sales mode.

The vehicle is equipped with 15-inch five-spoke style wheels with energy-saving design. The tires match Goodyear Yucheng tires. The main feature is quiet and comfortable, which is in line with the positioning of the vehicle.

In addition, the e-NV200 Ice Cream concept car is operated and sold like many mobile ice cream trucks. Sales staff get rid of traditional counter sales and interact with customers at any time in a more interactive way.

Customers can pay not only in cash, but also by swiping a card through the payment code on the side of the vehicle or using a smartphone to pay. At this exhibition, the ice cream was received by scanning the QR code.

In addition, the new car also uses the global positioning service What3Words to generate the precise location of the vehicle, which makes it easier for users to search for the exact location of the ice cream truck.

In terms of power system, the new car motor is driven by a 40kWh battery. The ice cream equipment is provided by Nissan’s latest portable power solution “Nissan Energy ROAM”. The Roam device is designed for leisure applications and special vehicles. The total energy storage capacity is 1.4kWh, which can be 230V. The main power supply (about 1 hour to fully charge) or the roof solar panel (about 2-4 hours to fully charge) is used for charging.

This car is a model model of Nissan's pure electric ecosystem, combining a zero-emission power system, recyclable energy storage equipment and renewable solar power generation devices. Mackie's of Scotland has launched a low-carbon recycling project called “Sky to Scoop” in its own dairy cattle ranch, using renewable wind and solar energy as energy sources for the ranch to reduce carbon emissions from ice cream production.