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[YesAuto Illustrated Concept] At the 2020 CES show, Chrysler launched an Airflow Vision concept car. This car not only shows Chrysler's understanding of mobility, but also heralds the design concept and direction of Chrysler's new car in the future.

Regarding the name Airflow, the Chrysler model of the same name was born in 1934. It was the first model to use aerodynamic design. It tried to reduce the wind resistance during driving by changing the car design.

The entire Airflow Vision car is painted with a large area of Arctic body-in-white color to set off the tonality of the sense of science and technology. The overall design language does not have too many complicated line styles, which is simple and unique.

The headlight group adopts a penetrating design, and it is believed that this element may become a major element of future Chrysler models. The huge wheels are integrated with the fenders. This design is inspired by electric motor components, and the internal structure is somewhat like that of a watch.

The tail style still has the design style of today's Chrysler models, especially the design ideas of the penetrating taillights are very similar to the styles of many products today.

Airflow Vision is built on the chassis of Chrysler Pacifica. Its design concept is mainly aimed at mobile travel and the intercommunication between passengers and advanced technology. It aims to interpret a new travel lifestyle, so its interior design ideas are worth seeing.

The interior of the car adopts a four-seater layout, and the design of the driver's seat is simple and clear, without complicated instrument screens. The internal material uses a large area of high-grade suede leather material to increase the luxurious texture.

The central multimedia system adopts a horizontal screen layout, and the air-conditioning control area panel at the bottom also incorporates LCD screen elements. It is also worth noting that an LCD screen is also equipped in front of the co-pilot to serve passengers.

Chrysler officially stated that the information of this multi-screen system can be shared by multiple passengers through sliding operations to enhance linkage. In addition, different customization and personalized settings for passengers and drivers are also the key.

The vehicle seat adopts a unique fiber structure, which provides good comfort and gives more space in the car, ensuring that the leg space, shoulder space and personal storage space of each passenger are suitable.

It can be said that the Airflow Vision concept car has a good interpretation of the concept of mobile travel and the concept of first-class travel experience, and also laid the foundation for the future direction of Chrysler products.