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[YesAuto Model PK] Some time ago, we conducted a bicycle test on the Landwind X5 and compared it with the same level of the Global Hawk GX7. After these few contacts, many colleagues in our editorial department gave this car Good evaluation. This situation is a bit like the scene when everyone first came into contact with the Haval H6. Whether it is static or dynamic, we recognize the performance of the Haval H6 and feel that it can be called a benchmark model of an autonomous SUV in the price of 100,000 yuan. Up. Since we all gave high evaluations to these two cars, the collision between them is inevitable.

● Appearance

The exterior design of the two models is very attractive, the front lines are very rich, and the proportions are also very coordinated. Among the autonomous SUVs, they are considered to be superior.

In the sheet metal process of the body, both cars performed very well, with uniform seams and no obvious height gap between the parts. In contrast, the Haval H6 has a smaller gap. In this regard, the Landwind X5 still has room for improvement.

The front styles of both models have their own unique styles, and the front surrounds are equipped with guard plates. For an urban SUV, this combination is more of a decoration, but this is very attractive, maybe I don’t Will go over the mountains, but the wildness of the SUV should still be there.

The Haval H6 has a longer body, which makes people feel that the size of the car itself is larger, while the Landwind X5 is wider and taller, and has a stronger body than the Haval H6. The lines on their sides are very smooth, and the ridgelines are also designed with a low front and a high rear, giving the body a visual effect of rushing forward.

The wheel styles of the two cars are very similar, and the tire specifications and brands are the same. The style of the wheels matches the tough style displayed by the body. The Giti SUV 520 series tires used are also commonly used products for independent SUV models.

The rear design of the two cars also shows their own different styles. The Landwind X5 is strong and powerful, and the Haval H6 is round and full. Visually, the trunk cover of the Haval H6 is a bit empty, mainly because the license plate area is placed on the bumper. So comparing the style of Landwind X5, the difference between them is more obvious.

● Interior

The interiors of both cars are made of hard materials, but the performance of the joints between the plastic parts is quite satisfactory, the surface is also textured, and the touch feels good. In terms of color matching, Haval H6 adopts a combination of top and bottom meters that is more in line with the aesthetics of most domestic consumers, and the all-black color of the Landwind X5 should be favored by more young consumers.

The steering wheels of both cars have good performance, with moderate thickness and excellent grip. In terms of configuration, Haval H6 has more Bluetooth phone functions than Lu X5. For increasingly strict rules, Bluetooth phones still have a certain practicability.

The sunroof of Landwind X5 is a circle larger than Haval H6, both in width and length by 10mm. The visual difference is not great, but as a consumer, of course, I hope that the bigger the sunroof, the better.

Experiencers with a height of 178cm respectively experienced the space of the two cars. With the longer wheelbase and body length of the Haval H6, the rear passengers have slightly more legroom than the Landwind X5. In terms of headroom, both cars showed a good standard.

In addition to the slightly larger rear legroom, the rear floor of the Haval H6 is also very flat. Of course, the performance of the Landwind X5 is also very good, but there is a very small protrusion, but compared to the flat rear floor of the Haval H6, it is still slightly inferior. In terms of safety configuration, both models are equipped with three independent headrests. However, the seat belts in the middle position are two-point type. In this regard, their performance has room for improvement compared to rivals of the same level.

Both the rear seat backs of Landwind X5 and Haval H6 can be adjusted to a certain angle, which provides better comfort for the rear passengers. In terms of the performance of the front and rear center armrests, I prefer the design of Haval H6. Both the position and the height are suitable. The only disadvantage is the force-bearing area of the armrests. It would be better if it could be wider.

● Storage space

The doors of the two cars are designed with storage compartments. In terms of space performance, Haval H6 is better. Not only is the space larger, but also the design of independent bottled water has better practicality.

There is no storage compartment on the center console of the Haval H6. In terms of the amount of storage space in the front row, the Landwind X5 performs better. However, compared with the storage compartments at the same location, the storage space of Haval H6 is slightly larger. In terms of front storage space, the two models have their own advantages. The cup holders on the rear armrests perform basically the same, which is a tie in this link.

By measuring the trunks of the two cars, from the data point of view, the Haval H6 has the upper hand, and the trunk has a partition that divides the space of the trunk into two. The partition is made of plastic. It has a certain load-bearing capacity, which makes it a more practical performance in terms of space utilization. The performance of the Landwind X5 is quite satisfactory, and it is the mainstream performance of this level. It is designed like the trunk of the Haval H6, and it is rare even among the joint venture models.

Haval H6 not only has outstanding advantages in conventional space, but also has excellent performance in terms of expandability. In addition to the seat backrest can be folded down in proportion, the entire seat can also be tilted forward, which further increases the interior of the trunk. Storage space.

● Configuration comparison

In terms of the rigid performance of the vehicle, the Haval H6 temporarily leads with a better trunk space. Of course, it can also be seen that the performance of the Landwind X5 in the previous comparison links is also remarkable. Let's take a look at the performance of these two models with exactly the same price.

In terms of configuration performance, Haval H6's active and passive safety configuration and comfortable configuration are more comprehensive, and compared to the configuration performance of Landwind X5, the former has higher practicability, and Haval H6 wins in the configuration comparison section.

● Motivation

The 2.0T engine of the Landwind X5 is its biggest highlight. Among the models of the same level and the same price, it can be regarded as a forerunner in terms of engine power performance and price. Compared with the Haval H6 equipped with a 2.0L naturally aspirated engine, the results seem to be very clear.

In terms of power equipment, Landwind X5 has shown strong advantages, with a more powerful engine and more gearboxes. These rigid conditions are more attractive to consumers than Haval H6. .

Through our actual tests, the performance of the 2.0T engine of the Landwind X5 is still very good, and the acceleration time to 100 kilometers is 2 seconds faster than the Haval H6 equipped with a naturally aspirated engine. In terms of braking performance, Haval H6 performs even better.

● Summary

Today, the Landwind X5 challenged the Haval H6 and was not completely successful. However, the performance of the Landwind X5 in terms of design and craftsmanship is also remarkable. In the end, the Haval H6 demonstrated the benchmark level of its own brand of compact SUVs with better comprehensive qualities. Landwind X5 is a good choice for consumers who are pursuing power performance. Of course, consumers must also consider market ownership and dealerships when buying. For example, Landwind has 8 vehicles in Guangdong Province. Dealers, the distribution of dealers in this region is the largest among all provinces and cities in the country, and Great Wall Motor has 26 dealers in Guangdong Province. Therefore, it will take some time for the Landwind brand to develop on these hardware levels.

Landwind X5 2013 2.0T Manual Collar Edition

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Manufacturer's guide price

11.58 million

Haval H6 2011 2.0L manual two-wheel drive distinguished type

Model Homepage| Parameters Configuration| Picture| Word of Mouth| Model Quotation
Manufacturer's guide price

11.58 million

With the continuous progress of independent brand manufacturers, it is believed that more excellent models will appear in the future. For Haval H6, it is necessary to continuously improve itself in order to maintain the current recognized benchmark title. There should be more comparisons like this in the future. Only in mutual comparison can we discover our weaknesses and make improvements. I believe that the performance of our own brand products will get higher and higher.