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[YesAuto Chassis Analysis] Geely Boyue’s compact SUV was officially launched in March this year. With its excellent exterior interior design, rich configuration, and affordable prices (price range of 9.88-15.78 million), it quickly gained consumers’ attention. Attention, and is expected to become one of the best-selling models in the future. In this issue of chassis analysis, we found a hot-selling model with monthly sales of more than 20,000 units in the compact SUV segment to compare the chassis with Geely Boyue. This car is the Trumpchi GS4 from Guangzhou Automobile Passenger Cars. Let's take a look at whether the chassis of Geely Boyue can challenge Trumpchi GS4.

■ Reading tips

■ Models we conducted chassis analysis and comparison

The models we used to shoot the chassis were the 2016 Boyue 1.8TD automatic Zhizun model (manufacturer's guide price is 148,800 yuan) and the 2015 Trumpchi GS4 200T G-DCT luxury version (manufacturer's guide price is 136,800 yuan).

■ Chassis panorama

The front suspension parts of the two models analyzed this time both adopt MacPherson independent suspension; the rear suspension parts adopt multi-link independent suspension. Of course, the two cars from different brands are still different in suspension structure design and chassis workmanship details. Let us verify the truth through disassembly and comparison.

■ Front suspension comparison

Both cars use the Macpherson-style front suspension widely used in compact SUVs, and all main components are made of steel, which is consistent with models of the same grade and price. Macpherson-style front suspension has the advantages of simple structure, light weight, and small space occupation. At the same time, the manufacturing cost is lower than that of double-wishbone or multi-link front suspension. It is widely used in compact cars or smaller size classes. Above the car model.

The suspension system of Geely Boyue and Trumpchi GS4 adopts a comfortable adjustment, but the supporting force of the front suspension is relatively sufficient, and it can also control the body during emergency braking, avoiding more serious forward tilt. The biggest difference between the front suspension of the two models is the sub-frame. Geely Boyue uses a full-frame sub-frame to enhance the frontal collision protection performance, and it also helps to improve the rigidity of the front of the vehicle to a certain extent; Qi GS4 uses a smaller H-shaped subframe, which reduces the weight of the vehicle while ensuring collision safety requirements.

■ Rear suspension comparison

The rear suspensions of Geely Boyue and Trumpchi GS4 both use a multi-link form. The structure of the multi-link rear suspension of the two cars is relatively similar, and both use a four-link structure with a longitudinal swing arm and three lateral control arms. Similar structures can be seen in similar models of Volkswagen and Ford, such as Volkswagen Tiguan and Ford Escape.

The biggest difference between Geely Boyue and Trumpchi GS4 rear suspension is the arrangement of shock absorbers. The upper end of the Geely Boyue rear suspension shock absorber is connected to the sub-frame to prevent the impact from the wheels from being directly transmitted to the body. , Improve comfort by blocking vibration transmission. The upper end of the Trumpchi GS4 rear suspension shock absorber is connected to the inner side of the wheel arch. Due to ample space, a long-stroke shock absorber with a longer shock absorption stroke can be used to fully absorb vibration and improve the comfort of the vehicle.

■ Comparison of other details

Although the Geely Boyue and Trumpchi GS4 also use the front and rear Macpherson multi-link suspension, we can see many different aspects in the suspension details, such as the form of the front subframe and the rear damping The arrangement of the device. Let's take a look at the differences between the two cars in terms of chassis details.

Edit summary:

The suspension structure of Geely Boyue and Trumpchi GS4 is relatively similar. Both cars use a front and rear Macpherson multi-link suspension structure. The major difference between the two chassis is the structure of the front sub-frame. Geely Boyue uses a full-frame sub-frame that can help the front side member to withstand the frontal impact force. The Trumpchi GS uses an H-type that focuses on lightweight Subframe. From the perspective of the overall structure of the chassis, the fuel tank of Geely Boyue is located at the bottom of the right side of the car body, which does not affect the layout of the central drive shaft of the four-wheel drive version. The two-wheel drive/four-wheel drive version can use the same fuel tank parts; Trumpchi GS4 does not currently have For four-wheel drive models, the fuel tank spans across the bottom of the vehicle. If a four-wheel drive model is launched in the future, the fuel tank needs to be replaced to accommodate the layout of the central drive shaft. The Geely Boyue engine compartment is equipped with a resin protective plate at the bottom of the engine compartment, while the Trumpchi GS4 does not have a corresponding protective plate. There is no guard plate on the bottom of the two cars, and the stone-proof coating is used to achieve basic protection. Compared with the lightweight chassis of Trumpchi GS4, Geely Boyue's chassis emphasizes collision protection. The full-frame front subframe and its rear reinforcements that can disperse the impact well illustrate this point. Since Geely Boyue has a four-wheel drive version, and the engine configuration also has a more powerful 1.8T engine to choose from, the richer configuration and reasonable pricing give Geely Boyue the strength to challenge this hot-selling model of Trumpchi GS4 . If you prefer a compact SUV with a four-wheel drive system and are also a big fan of the Chinese brand, Geely Boyue may be a good choice. (Photo/Chang Qinglin, Auto Home)