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[YesAuto Professional Evaluation] The former Chery brand has won a large number of loyal users in the domestic market with its affordable products such as “QQ” and “A3”. However, many product lines launched under the guidance of the multi-brand strategy have not It was able to reproduce the original glory. After years of painful struggle, Chery has integrated and returned to a brand, and quickly launched a new product-Arrizo 7. It only took less than 4 months for this new product to go from concept car debut to mass production launch. Such a rapid new product birth cycle is absolutely rare. So is Chery prepared this time or is it a temporary move? This can only be concluded after we have seen this new car.

In the last two months, we have reported on the Arrizo 7 product many times, including static experience and test drive articles that were just released not long ago, so today our focus is to give you everyone first. Show me a series of test data of Arrizo 7, including acceleration, braking, fuel consumption and noise, and also talk about its performance in handling. Of course, if you are not familiar with the Arrizo 7 product, you can also read the previous static experience article first, and then read this test article, you may feel more touching.

Some satisfied feelings about the static experience of Arrizo 7

◆ The vehicle design is very brilliant

Through Arrizo 7, we have seen Chery's tremendous progress in design. We must fully affirm this. Both the appearance and the interior design level have been very international, and are on the same level as the joint venture products, even To exceed some joint venture products at the same price.

Nowadays, there are more and more applications of multimedia systems, especially self-owned brands are more willing to use large screens to enhance their sense of quality, but whether the screen is clear, whether the operation is simple and fast, and whether the system functions are perfect are the key points that really affect the daily use experience. Fortunately, the multimedia system of Arrizo 7 can meet the above points, especially the response speed is fast, the operation does not need to wait, and the horizontal multi-level menu mode similar to the BMW iDrive system is very easy to use, and there is almost no difficulty in operation.

◆ The materials and craftsmanship of the door details are very kind

The details of the door workmanship of Arrizo 7 are definitely a bright spot. The double-layer rubber sealing strips inside and outside and the various suede sealing strips are quite in place. It is really rare that the models with this kind of meticulous workmanship can be found in the same price model. There is also a three-section door hinge, which is rare in today's models with less than 200,000, which shows that Chery is still very kind.

● Dissatisfaction

Everyone who sits in Arrizo 7 for the first time will sigh: “The seat is too hard!” I don't know what the purpose of the design of the seat as a family handlebar is so hard. In fact, this improvement is not that difficult. As long as the seat padding is made softer, the comfort can be greatly improved. Hopefully we can see actual changes in the near future.

Although the clarity and response speed of the touch LCD screen of Arrizo 7 is very good, the serious reflection problem is really a headache. This is a design problem. We can only wait for future changes to see if Chery can There are better countermeasures.

◆ Spacious riding space, tight head space

The above is my opinion on some of the characteristics of Arrizo 7. Overall, Chery is quite careful this time. The design and craftsmanship are excellent, and the configuration is like ESP, tire pressure monitoring, reversing video, and multimedia system. , Multiple airbags, etc. are very practical. In terms of static experience, Arrizo 7 is stronger than many joint venture brand products. And how does it perform dynamically? We will explain it to you later.

Power system: 1.6L DVVT + CVT combination commonly used by Chery brand

The power system of Arrizo 7 is not unfamiliar to us. It is the combination of 1.6L DVVT engine and CVT gearbox used in Chery A3 before. A relatively mature set of products, it is directly used on Arrizo 7. This is one of the reasons that contributed to its rapid mass production and listing.

Test drive experience: The power of control is too fleshy in the past

Arrizo 7 2013 1.6L DVVT CVT Exclusive Edition

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Manufacturer's guide price

11.39 million

Arrizo 7 has a pretty good appearance design, and it has such a dynamic taste when you look at it. I believe that most of my friends have the same opinion as mine, but in fact, when you drive it on the road, it completely changes. From the previous impression, the soft accelerator pedal feels like stepping on a ball of cotton, and the power feels very fleshy. If you are impatient, then Arrizo 7 is not for you.

This extremely smooth power output is “attributable” to this CVT gearbox, which releases the power of the 1.6L engine, which is not originally rich, after conditioning. The accelerator response is also very slow. It takes about half a second to depress the accelerator pedal before there is a dynamic response. If you want to overtake and line up, you need to make a good amount of advance.

The Arrizo 7's chassis and suspension gave me a very good impression. The multi-link suspension structure of the front and rear Macphersons, first of all, is very comfortable, and the road vibrations of all sizes can be well absorbed, although This will lose a lot of road feel, but a family car that can drive comfortably, with its soft power output, if you are not so eager to pursue speed, it’s actually quite nice to enjoy this comfortable style. Not bad.

With the comfortable feeling of power and suspension in the front, I actually don’t have high expectations for the handling of Arrizo 7, but its actual performance is a bit beyond my expectations. The whole car is in the extreme state. The controllability is high, the suspension rebounds quickly during the rapid center of gravity shift, and the tail followability is also very good. The handling is quite good among products of the same price.

Noise test:

    After the actual road test, Arrizo 7 has the smallest noise during idling and low-speed driving from the actual driving experience, and almost no noise is transmitted into the car, which does not affect your conversation in a normal tone at all. The point is that I didn't think of it before. Often, self-owned brands are not strong in noise. Arrizo 7 is considered to have made a lot of effort in sound insulation. However, it is a pity that when the vehicle speed exceeds 100km/h, the wind noise on both sides of the mirror is very obvious, and the aerodynamic optimization of these two points is not detailed enough in the design of the whole vehicle.

Performance test: braking performance is very good, acceleration performance is very average

◆ Accelerated performance test:

The starting state of Arrizo 7 is very flat. Because the CVT gearbox cannot withstand too high torque output, the engine speed can only be maintained at about 2000rpm when starting at full throttle. There will be no slippage of the wheels at the moment of starting, and then until the acceleration process. There were no waves at the end, and the final result was only 14.92 seconds. Compared with products of the same level, this result was too bad. I am really sorry for its engine with beautiful parameters. Of course, the poor acceleration performance is mostly caused by the gearbox. It has been delayed for a long time since the beginning. I believe that the performance of manual transmission models can improve a lot.

◆ Braking performance test:

The braking performance of Arrizo 7 is much better than we expected. The brake pedal feels very light, but the braking force is sufficient. The final braking score reached 40.9 meters, which is quite good data. This score is in the same level of independent brand products. Absolutely among the best, and even compared with many joint venture brand products, this result is quite outstanding. In addition, the stability of the braking system is very good, there are not too many large fluctuations, and the results of 10 brakings basically do not change much.

Fuel consumption test:

In the fuel consumption test, we simulated daily use. On the day of the test, the temperature was around 38℃, the wind was 2-3 levels, and the air conditioner was turned on throughout the journey. A total of 175 kilometers were driven, of which 40% were congested urban roads with an average speed of less than 20km/h , The other 40% are high-speed sections with an average speed of about 80km/h, and another 20% are ordinary urban roads with an average speed of about 30km/h. The final test result is a fuel consumption score of 9.9L/100km.

Although this figure belongs to the standard value of our car home's reasonable fuel consumption, but to be honest, for a compact car with a CVT gearbox, this result is really not very good. Analyze the reasons for the high fuel consumption. First of all, our test car is still a new car that only ran less than 600 kilometers, and the break-in period is not out. Second, the congested section during our test has a larger proportion and fuel consumption will be higher. Based on these two objective factors, the fuel consumption performance seems to be more reasonable. Of course, our data is just for your reference. Everyone uses a different car, and the fuel consumption data is also different.

to sum up:

After a short experience, we have the following feelings about Arrizo 7:

1. The appearance and interior design are outstanding, and the first impression is very good.
2. Rich and practical configuration, completely surpassing joint venture brand products at the same price.
3. Some product details are very attentive and kind, which is the favorite of ordinary consumers.
4. The overall feeling of driving is very solid, and the comfort is very good.
5. The CVT gearbox affects the performance and will lose some young customer groups who need power.
6. The seat material is too hard, which affects comfort.

From the perspective of the overall product experience, Arrizo 7 is still quite brilliant, and its advantages are among the best in the same level and the same grade. It even has the strength to compete with joint venture brand products. , So returning to the question we raised at the beginning of the article, it can be said that Chery came here with confidence and preparation this time.

It seems that Chery is a perfect lightning raid, and quickly launched a powerful new product to catch competitors by surprise. But the facts are not as good as expected. Looking at the current major competitors of Arrizo 7, Changan Yidong, BYD Su Rui, Emgrand EC7, etc., have already won a lot of popularity in the domestic market, and Their guide prices are lower, which is a fatal problem for Arrizo 7, and it is a very sensitive topic for independent brand prices.

How should Arrizo 7 break through? I think that in addition to the regular and necessary price wars, it is also the way to maximize its design and details of craftsmanship, because this is where it has the most obvious advantage over its opponents. I hope that we will be able to do so in the near future. See real progress.

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