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[YesAuto Model PK] In the field of small cars worth about 60,000 yuan, Chevrolet Sail has won the favor of many consumers with its brand appeal, spacious space and pragmatic configuration, and has averaged 20,000 units per month for several months. The sales volume of the left and right leads the market, which can be described as the benchmark among cars of the same class. And Chery E3, as a new car just launched, it has a good appearance, relatively spacious space and rich configuration. It can also be regarded as a dark horse in the 50,000-60,000 yuan price of the sedan small car market. . Today, we let this independent brand upstart and the established joint venture overlord have a head-to-head contest to see who performs better.

There are 4 models of Chery E3, priced from 52,900 yuan to 67,900 yuan, while Sail (sedan) has 11 models, priced from 56,800 yuan to 75,800 yuan. Today we looked for the comparison of Chery E3 1.5L manual style and Sail sedan 1.4L manual Youyi version are relatively main-selling models in their respective car series, and the actual transaction prices of the two cars are relatively close, the difference is less than 2,000 yuan .

● Appearance:

In terms of appearance, Sail has hardly changed its appearance over the years since its launch. It feels more honest and full, but maybe it has been seen for a long time, and I always feel a little lack of freshness. As a newly launched model, Chery E3 has a certain advantage in this respect. The overall shape is modest and magnificent. Although it has no memorable design, it can better meet the public's aesthetics. Generally speaking, their appearance is still harmonious and eye-catching, and they are not difficult to accept. (Note: Some pictures of Chery E3's appearance are 1.5L manual Zhishang type, and its appearance is basically the same as 1.5L manual style. At the same time, some of the pictures used in the appearance of Sail are the 2010 sedan 1.4L manual excellent version, and the style is also the same 2013 sedan 1.4L manual Youyi version is exactly the same)

In terms of body size, the three-dimensional data of Chery E3's length, width and height are 4450×1748×1493mm, and the wheelbase is 2570mm; Sail is 4249×1690×1503mm, and the wheelbase is 2465mm. From the data point of view, in addition to the slight advantage of the car height, Sail is smaller than the Chery E3 in length, width and wheelbase.

In terms of wheels, Chery E3 is equipped with dual five-spoke aluminum alloy wheels with 185/60 R15 Giti tires, while Sail uses steel wheels + 175/65 R14 triangle tires. In terms of wheel material and tire size, Chery E3 performs better.

Both Chery E3 and Sail's rear styling are relatively full, and even in the layout of the trunk cover, license plate frame and taillights, the two cars still have a sense of coincidence. As for the taillights, Sail's size is larger, and the internal lights are all halogen light sources, which meets the standard level of this price model. The Chery E3 uses part of the LED light source, which is relatively rare.


The shape of the center console of the two cars is more modest, but the color matching is different. Among them, Chery E3 uses a combination of upper black and lower rice, which makes it feel more homely. Sail is a combination of dark gray + light gray, which feels brighter than Chery E3, but a bit less warm.

The center console is made of hard materials, so there is no suspense about this. The difference between the two cars is only a few millimeters in terms of the texture, workmanship and overall gloss of the plastic performance.

Both Chery E3 and Sail have three-spoke steering wheels. The two cars compared in this article are not equipped with leather wrap and multi-function buttons. In terms of style, Chery E3 looks more beautiful in the game, and the silver plastic trim plays a decisive role. As far as the actual grip is concerned, I personally prefer Sail, perhaps because of its styling design. Its grip is more solid and smoother than the Chery E3. However, what needs to be criticized is that Sail's horn button is still a two-point design, which is not as convenient as the suspension type.

Judging from the two models we compared today, they do not have too many fancy functions in the audio, everything is mainly simple and practical. Among them, Chery E3 uses a 2DIN type host, and Sail's is a 1DIN type. In terms of functionality, in addition to having a radio, playing CDs, and having an AUX interface, Chery E3 also has a USB interface, which Sail does not have. In addition, all Sail models do not have the original navigation system, while the two models of Chery E3 priced at more than 60,000 yuan are equipped with this configuration.

Air conditioning, Chery E3's control panel shape is more eye-catching, the size of the knobs and buttons are huge, it looks very intuitive, but the actual use of the knob is a bit loose, and the rebound force of the buttons is also soft. The performance in this respect is similar to that of Sail There is a certain gap.

Although they are all equipped with power windows, Sail has designed the control switch in front of the bar, which may feel a bit uncomfortable for most drivers, and the four doors of the car do not have a one-button lift function. In contrast, I am personally more accustomed to the design of Chery E3 that installs the power window control switch on the door armrest, and it also has a four-door window glass one-key drop function, which is worthy of praise!

The sunroof is a configuration that many consumers value when buying a car. From the configuration table, both Chery E3 and Sail have versions with and without sunroof according to the price of the car. The prices of the two models compared from this article are similar. In terms of models, Sail, which can be bought home for less than 60,000 yuan, has sunroofs, while Chery E3 models with sunroofs are priced at more than 60,000 yuan, and there is no discount. As for the vanity mirror of the sun visor, Chery E3 does not have one on the left or right, while Sail has one (the co-pilot side). For this low-cost small configuration, I think the manufacturer can really be more generous. We don't ask for a vanity mirror lighting for this price model, but it's not an excessive requirement to equip it with two mirrors.

● Space/Safety/Power articles:

As a sedan worth less than 60,000 yuan, it is likely to be the first step for many families to enter a car life. In addition to their daily commuting to get off work, it may also be common to take their family out for shopping and outings on weekends. Therefore, space performance is also a place where many buyers are very concerned.

The seats of both vehicles are wrapped in fabric, and the front passenger and passenger seats can only be adjusted manually in four directions, without height adjustment. In terms of seat fabrics, Chery E3 uses beige fabric, while Sail is a two-color combination of dark gray + light gray, and the fabric in the middle of the seat also has some patterns, which looks more unique.

The experiencer is 176cm tall. After sitting in the front row and adjusting the seat to a suitable sitting position, the headroom of the two cars is not very sufficient. The main reason is that the seat height cannot be adjusted. Entering the back row, the leg room is up and down 2 punches. For a small car, the back row can have such a leg performance, which is very good. At this time, the headroom performance is very different. Sail has 3 fingers, which is quite ample, while Chery E3 has only 1 finger, which is relatively cramped. Although the middle floor of the two cars is not fully flat design, but fortunately, the height of the bulge is not very large, so it has little effect on the ride comfort.

The rear seats of the two vehicles are equipped with child safety seat interfaces. The safety belt is a combination of two three-point + one two-point type. In addition, the number of headrests is also two. The difference is that Sail’s headrest is integrated with the backrest and cannot be adjusted, while Chery’s E3 is independently adjustable. In this regard, I think Sail’s performance is a bit unsatisfactory.

In terms of storage capacity, Sail's performance in front storage space is slightly stronger than Chery E3, while Chery E3 takes care of rear passengers better than Sail, but overall, their performance gap in this area is not counted. It is very large and will not have a significant impact on the daily use of drivers.

As a sedan, the performance of the trunk should be of concern to many buyers. Here, Chery E3 can be said to have no pressure to win. First of all, its trunk width and depth are as big as Europe, and the backs of the rear seats can be downed 4/6, which is more flexible. From the data point of view, the only one who lost to Sail is the height of the trunk. In addition, the inside of the trunk cover of the Chery E3 is also wrapped with a black lining and equipped with an escape ring, while the Sail is directly exposed by the steel plate, which is a bit too inconspicuous in comparison.

Chery E3 and Sail do not have much difference in safety configuration. Among them, ABS+EBD, front double airbags, seat belt failure reminder function, child safety seat interface and central control lock, etc., are generally considered to be in line with 6 The expected level of models with a price of 10,000 yuan.

In terms of power, Chery E3 is equipped with a 1.5L naturally aspirated engine with a maximum power of 109 horsepower and a maximum torque of 140 N·m. Sail uses a 1.4L naturally aspirated engine with a maximum power of 103 horsepower and a maximum torque of 131 N. ·M, both are matched with a 5-speed manual transmission. (Sail also offers AMT models as an option, Chery E3 full series manual) suspension, both cars are front MacPherson independent suspension + rear torsion beam non-independent suspension layout.

Suspension structure comparison
Model Chery E3 1.5L manual style Sail Sedan 1.4L Manual Youyi Edition
Front suspension MacPherson independent suspension MacPherson independent suspension
Rear suspension Torsional non-independent suspension Torsional non-independent suspension

Due to the different displacements of the two engines, there is a certain gap between the maximum power and torque data, which is normal. As for Chery E3 or Sail, which one is driving smoother and which accelerates faster? Don't worry, everyone, we are already in contact with the test car, and the answer will be announced for you soon.

Edit comment:

Judging from the results of the static comparison between Chery E3 and Sail today, as a latecomer, Chery E3's performance in all aspects is quite satisfactory. Which one looks good depends on everyone's aesthetics, and everyone judges for themselves. In terms of interior, although the difference between the two cars in most of the configuration and storage space performance is not big, the overall design and detailed functions of the Chery E3 are better, especially the power window button layout, which is very easy to use. Of course, Sail also has its own advantages, that is, for less than 60,000 yuan, Sail can have a sunroof, and Chery E3 does not.

Chery E3 2013 1.5L manual style

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5.69 million

In terms of space and seats, Sail’s advantage is that its rear headroom is relatively large. As for the front head and rear legs, the performance of the two cars is half-hearted. The rear legroom is in the small car. Upstream level. As for the driving experience and power performance, we can't get the results for the time being. The test car is already in contact, and we will provide you with a follow-up article soon.

Sail 2013 Sedan 1.4L Manual Youyi Edition

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As for how to buy, first of all depends on your understanding of the word “brand”. I think the reason why Sail is so popular is mostly related to its “Chevrolet Gold Bowtie” logo. After all, the brand contains different things in everyone's mind. As far as the vehicle itself is concerned, the performance of Chery E3 is still very satisfactory. We can see the progress and efforts made by Chery Automobile in recent years. One last sentence: If you like the brand, recommend Sail, the identity of a joint venture brand, plus the monthly sales volume of about 20,000 units, it is a guarantee of confidence. After all, you can’t go wrong with the trend; but if you are not so fancy about the brand If so, Chery E3 is still worth considering, because its overall hardware and software strength is really no less than Sail, even in many configurations and designs.

The article is not over yet, the last page also has the parameter configuration table of some models of Chery E3 and Sail, please click here:

Parameter configuration table of some models of Chery E3 and Sail: ≮$16685,17185|1,2,6,3,4,5,7≯≮#16685,17185|1,10,9,6,2,8,7,3 ,5,12≯