[YesAuto Test Drive] In recent years, Volvo has been relying on the S80 and S40 to fight the market, and their advocacy of simplicity and low-key style has gradually been recognized by domestic users. However, in the face of the vacancy in the mid-size car market, the low-key Swedes finally no longer choose to be silent. Just today, the new Volvo S60 is officially launched in China.

We are accustomed to Volvo's calm and low-key, that is their innate temperament, but this time the S60 has indeed surpassed the previous products in design, modern, stylish, dynamic, these modern car design elements that are very popular in today's era. It can also be applied to it, and Volvo also claims that the S60 is the most dynamic and fun to drive of all their models.

Regarding the design aspect, the actual shooting article not long ago has already given you a detailed introduction, so in this test drive event, we will mainly bring you more driving experience and experience this most sporty Volvo car.

● A few unique features of S60

Since Volvo has officially positioned the S60 as a sporty model, we will naturally look for some sporty elements in it. The first is that it continues the coupe styling of the concept model, with compact and streamlined body lines, the front and rear swooping waistlines, the short-curved rear end, double-out exhaust, etc. The other is the dynamic and individual wheel shape. Whether it is the simple five-spoke style of the 2.0T model or the complex style of the 3.0T model multi-spoke, it can be seen that it has obvious dynamic elements. This is not seen on the previous Volvo models. Arrived.

The sporty seat feels very good. Whether it is the backrest or the side of the seat cushion, there is a good package design, and the seat does not lose comfort due to the pursuit of sportiness. The material of the seat is still very soft. Said to be a good balance between exercise and comfort. However, Volvo seems to have overlooked one point, that is, their seats are suitable for the tall Nordic figure, and for the relatively small figure of Asians, the seat seems to be optimized.

The interior design of the S60 is as expected, it is still very standard Volvo style, everything is so familiar, but the steering wheel design is a highlight, I think everyone must be familiar with Volvo's traditional solid wood + leather design, but today The S60 has changed it. The black all-leather steering wheel, with aluminum alloy decoration, is considered the only sporty design among the interiors, and it feels really good after the actual experience.

Driving experience: There is a clear difference between 2.0T and 3.0T models

The 2.0T model can meet most driving needs, but the sportiness is slightly lacking

At present, Volvo S60 has two displacement models of 2.0T and 3.0T in China. The two turbocharged engines have made us feel its pursuit of power. There is no doubt about this. Since sports must of course start with power, and from In terms of parameters, both engines are good.

The 2.0T engine is not unfamiliar to us. I have already contacted it in my S80 test a few days ago. Its full name should be called 2.0 GTDi direct injection turbocharged engine. The application of direct injection technology can improve the engine’s performance. Work efficiency, and the data shows that the engine injector is designed with 7 injection holes, and the maximum power of 203 horsepower and the maximum torque of 300N·m are among the best in the current domestic 2.0T engine.

The same Powershift 6-speed dual-clutch gearbox is paired with the 2.0T model. This powertrain is used for the second time after the S80. So what can this powertrain bring to us today on the S60?

Like the previous performance on the S80, this 2.0T engine still maintains a very linear output, which will not make you feel frantic, and the more compact body and lighter weight allow the engine to have greater performance Space is enough to meet your need for power most of the time. Of course, this feeling will not make you feel how sporty, that is to say, it will not stimulate any of your driving desires.

The force of the accelerator pedal is a bit heavier, but I still like this feeling, so that you can clearly feel the depth of the pedal through the pedal, and you can better control the force under your foot. The engine has a good response from the low-speed state, but the real explosive force is to accelerate in the middle, after 2500 rpm, you can experience the presence of pushing back.

As for the performance of the gearbox this time, it still did not bring any surprises. As on the S80, although it showed good smoothness, it has not evolved in response speed. I have said before that this performance is fine for a commercial car like the S80, but on a sporty car like the S60, the gearbox will undoubtedly drag its feet, especially if you want to pursue power output at full throttle. At the time, the gearbox will think for a while, and then make a conservative downshift action, and then find that it has not met the driver’s needs, it will lower the next gear again, I don’t know if it’s a feature of the gearbox itself. Anyway, I don't like this feeling.

The 2.0T model is not equipped with 4C adaptive chassis system, and from the actual feeling, the suspension is more inclined to be comfortable, not as tight as other sports mid-size cars, and the feedback of road information is not rich, but It can still provide sufficient lateral support under extreme control conditions. When it comes to the steering system, the feel is extremely delicate, and the steering ratio setting can actually be more direct, making the control more flexible. There is also a heavy steering effort, even for men like me.

The feeling for the S60 2.0T model is that it retains Volvo’s consistent requirements for comfort. It can meet most needs in terms of power. The overall feeling is a medium-sized car that is balanced in all aspects. You can’t fault it, but if you follow Judging from the requirements of driving pleasure, it can be further improved.

The 3.0T model is like a scourge of power, and the overall sense of movement is stronger

We experienced the 2.0T model earlier, and the overall sense of balance did not allow us to find more sense of movement, so can we regain some confidence in the 3.0T? After all, the powerful power system coupled with the 4C active adaptive chassis is still very attractive.

In fact, just look at the parameters of the 3.0T engine to make your blood boil. The maximum torque of 440N·m is even stronger than BMW's 3.0T engine, so we look forward to its performance on the S60. Perhaps it is because the Powershift dual-clutch gearbox cannot withstand the powerful torque of 3.OT, so it is matched with a 6-speed automatic manual gearbox. I believe that the smoothness is definitely not as good as the dual-clutch, but the advantage is that you can now use the “S gear” “Again.

Compared with the 2.0T model, the output of the 3.0T engine is definitely not so conservative. Perhaps it is because the overpowering power cannot be concealed by other methods. In short, from the first kick of the accelerator, the feeling of pushing back has never stopped. However, the accelerator under your feet has become extremely sensitive, and every small stepping action can be directly felt by you. I think this should be a good thing. After all, this kind of power output can already stimulate your driving desire. It is no longer low-key or gentle. At this time, the S60 has become a very aggressive beast.

The power of the engine never seems to be exhausted. Whether it is in a low-speed state or a high-speed state, as long as you need, step on the full throttle and the feeling of instant burst will always exist, and the response of the 6-speed automatic transmission will be very direct, and the downshift action will be very direct. Simply, you will never hesitate. Although the ride is not as good as the dual clutch, the desire and stimulation for power at this time will make you ignore other feelings.

Earlier we said that the steering force of the 2.0T model is too heavy, but now the steering wheel strength of the 3.0T is just right, and the road feel is clearer. I don't know why Volvo has such a tuning, including the S80 also has such a problem. The steering system of the 2.0T model is significantly heavier than the 3.0T model.

At present, only 3.0T models will be equipped with 4C active adaptive chassis. The three buttons on the center control panel are three different modes, which can adjust different shock absorption and damping hardness. Among them, the advanced mode will automatically adjust according to the road conditions. , And the first thing I did after getting in the car was of course to choose SPORT mode.

The suspension stiffness in sports mode will be slightly increased, and you can feel it directly through the feedback of the road surface, but the difference from the comfort mode is not too obvious. It may be Volvo's adjustment according to domestic road conditions. In order to take care of the comfort, it did not The adjustment of the sports mode is too extreme. I agree with this. After all, many road sections in China are not suitable for rigid suspension training.

S60 powerful security system

We introduced the experience of S60 in driving, and Volvo is very proud of its safety. Many advanced safety systems are ahead of other brands.

The first is the projection warning light in front of the driver. When encountering a dangerous situation, the warning light will flash and alert the driver through an alarm sound. On the one hand, when the vehicle is approaching an object in front and the driver does not brake, it will give an alarm. On the other hand, when the lane deviation system is turned on, it will warn the lane.

We are all familiar with the City Safety system. The XC60 also has the same function. The purpose of this system is to completely avoid collisions at low speeds in the city, especially when traffic jams can greatly reduce rear-end collisions. probability. However, the system has requirements for the size of the object, which cannot be less than 80cm, which can be detected by ordinary pedestrians, but it cannot be avoided if it is some cats and puppies. You can refer to the actual test video of XC60 below for specific effects.

Intelligent adaptive cruise is actually not a new technology. Both Volkswagen and Infiniti have such systems, but the S60 allows the vehicle to maintain a previously set distance from the vehicle in front in the cruise state at a fixed speed. There are 5 levels of adjustable If the vehicle in front brakes normally until it stops, the S60 will also stop within the set distance, and if the vehicle in front continues to drive, it will continue to drive. When this function is turned on, all the driver needs to do is hold the steering wheel. That's it, it's almost like autopilot, and the other thing is to keep a clear head and don't be drowsy.

Another item that needs to be emphasized is the pedestrian detection system of S60, which detects pedestrians and vehicles in the middle and on both sides of the road ahead through various detection equipment, and will determine their movement patterns and can make braking actions in advance, that is It is said that if there are pedestrians on both sides suddenly rushing out, the S60 system can automatically brake in advance to minimize the damage. This is not a targeted experience in the test drive activities, but in the future we will conduct corresponding experiments in the test article to show you the effect. Before you can refer to the S60 advertising video.

More exciting videos, all in the car home video channel

Some user-friendly configuration

The most popular digital product now is of course Apple, especially in the Chinese market. It is a miracle. Volvo of course also follows the trend of cooperating with Apple. Its multimedia system is compatible with Apple players. After linking, you can directly press the steering wheel buttons. To proceed.

There are also small design considerations in the way the trunk is opened. Long press the trunk button of the remote control key, and the trunk will automatically unlock. If there is no action for a short period of time, the trunk will be automatically locked; if it is double-press 2 Second, the trunk will automatically pop up, which is very practical and convenient design.

to sum up:

Although the test drive time is not very long, it is enough to give me a full understanding of the S60, because it is still a Volvo after all, with too obvious family characteristics, from the interior design to the driving experience, good The shape design has made us feel something different.

Volvo calls the S60 the most fun to drive Volvo model. This is true if you understand it carefully. Including all these models of S40, S80, C30, and XC60, the S60 does already have more sports elements. As for the driving feeling, I think that the 3.0T can really find some driving pleasure, and the balanced performance of the 2.0T can not be said to be bad, it can only be regarded as not having enough fun.

S60 is regarded as another strong competitor in the domestic mid-size car market. Although modern people pursue higher fashion and sports elements, users of this level of car models have not taken this as their main reference after all, and the appearance, configuration, design, etc. Factors are even more important. If S60 and BMW 3 Series, Audi A4 can be used to fight for sports performance may still be lacking, and in terms of brand, luxury and Mercedes-Benz C-class is not superior, then safety configuration becomes its most important Weight is also a point that other brands cannot surpass at present. It can be seen that Volvo has officially launched a challenge to the top three German departments since the S60.