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[YesAuto Car Race] The 2015 Audi R8 LMS Cup Taiwan Station was held at the Dapeng Bay Circuit last weekend. The Chinese driver Cheng Congfu, who represented the FAW-Volkswagen Audi team, won the championship and the Asian season respectively in the three rounds. He collected a set of three trophies and jumped from tenth to third place in the overall drivers standings.

Due to an accident at Zhuhai Station, the second round of merger did not proceed smoothly. Therefore, this time Taiwan station added a third round to make up for the missing second round at Zhuhai station. Dapeng Bay Circuit is a tricky track with many turns. Although the length is about 3.5km, many of the 16 corners are in 3rd, 2nd or even 1st gear. The rapid change of rhythm is adaptable to the driver. A severe test.

Chinese driver Cheng Congfu missed the South Korean race for participating in the Nurburgring 24-hour endurance race. Before the Taiwan race started, the points had already slipped to 10th. In order to get better results in this Taiwan station, he himself made a lot of adequate preparations, such as strengthening physical training, and deliberately turning off the air conditioner to adapt to the hot environment of the Dapeng Bay Circuit and performing aerobics in the sultry indoor environment. movement. In addition, his Audi R8 LMS Ultra racing engine has been dismantled and reorganized in Germany before the race. It can be said that the car and the people are in a very good state.

In this race, the very competitive __ driver Al Frye was absent, but he was replaced by a more powerful driver, that is, he has won the Macau Grand Prix six times and won the DTM German Touring Car Mortara ranked fourth in the Masters. The menacing Swiss driver won the championship in the first round. Cheng Congfu finished second with a time of 1.313 seconds. Taiwanese driver Li Yingjian and Malaysian former F1 driver Xiong Long ranked fifth and eighth.

In the second round, Cheng Congfu performed well and won the championship in one fell swoop, leading the second place by 4.349 seconds. Xiong Long won the third place trophy, while Li Yingjian won the seventh place. The favorite Motara unfortunately only finished eighth. In the third round, Cheng Congfu and Motana, who had run out of two sets of new tyres, had to use old tyres. Danish drivers Fudebach and Xiong Long, who were replaced with new tyres, won the championship and runner-up respectively. Cheng Congfu withstood Motah. Take the strong attack to hold the third place, and keep himself on the podium with a time of 0.642 seconds behind the champion.

Cheng Congfu said after the race that because he set his goal to be as stable as possible and get more points instead of just pursuing the 0 trophy in the race, he has a better race mentality, plus his own preparation and a good car. , Contributed to the happy result of this event, but also allowed him to accumulate more confidence. Currently ranked third in the driver’s standings, he is 12 points behind the championship. Judging from the current pace of progress, he has become one of the strong contenders for the annual championship. Moreover, the First World War in Taiwan has allowed Cheng Congfu’s FAW-Volkswagen Audi team. Temporary train team leaderboard.

● Video of the first round

● Video of the second round

● Video of the third round

There are three races left in this season’s Audi R8 LMS Cup: Malaysia from August to September, Japan from October 10 to 11, and China from October 31 to November 1. station. In other words, Chinese audiences are fortunate to watch the final battle of the Audi R8 LMS Cup 2015 season at the end of November. If they are lucky, they may also witness Cheng Congfu, who currently represents the country's top level, win the annual championship. Let us wait and see and cheer for the Chinese drivers together.