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[YesAuto original test drive] First of all, I know that many people want to see the test drive of the Ruiying T dynamic version. After all, as the first self-owned brand SUV with a 2.0T engine, it is indeed worth looking forward to. Only this time we are going to disappoint you again. At the Hainan test drive meeting held by JAC last week, JAC only brought us a large number of 2.0L naturally aspirated models, and the only 2.0T model fell on It's a pity that it was in the hands of the local radio station. Under the principle of rejecting adultery articles, we decided to write a simple test drive experience of this 2.0L naturally aspirated model for everyone. Let us take a look at how competitive this autonomous SUV less than 100,000 yuan is. ?

On the other hand, this 2.0L displacement 2011 model Ruiying has not officially announced the launch, but made some changes to the 09 models, which is also JAC's usual practice for non-key models. So what are the specific changes in it? What is the driving experience of the 2.0L model? I will show it to you through today's test drive activity.