[YesAuto static experience] Grand Cherokee is an important model in the Jeep family. It not only retains the family essence of strong off-road capability, but also integrates riding and luxury. It can be said that it is a comprehensive player in the Jeep model. The latest generation of Grand Cherno was launched overseas in 2010. Not long after, today, it has come to the editorial department of Auto House. It is trying to interpret itself with a new air suspension + more luxurious configuration. Please follow our lens below, and experience it in all aspects from the static aspect first.

Speaking of the Grand Cherokee, the first idea of the Chinese people is an off-road vehicle. This is the permanent imprint of the Jeep brand in the hearts of every Chinese. Although the model has been changed many times, it is no longer the tough look of the year, and the performance is not known to be improved, but people still remember the classic “big cut” in their hearts. This is the historical significance of the classic model. Jeep has been synonymous with SUVs for a period of time. Its legendary history, rugged appearance and unparalleled off-road performance convey the spirit of “everything, omnipotent” to Chinese users, and among them, it is second to none. Cherokee.

Appearance: Appearance has changed but Jeep's classic remains unchanged

Whether it is pure off-road vehicles or urban SUVs, they are collectively referred to as SUVs, but there are essential differences between them. Let me take you to analyze the new Grand Cherokee. Faced with a car with a tough appearance like a tough guy, its appeal is irresistible to any man. Compared with the previous generation models, the new Grand Cherokee incorporates more soft lines in the shape, making it more in line with the modern urban atmosphere. However, compared with those highly urbanized SUV models, all aspects can still show its wild side.

The most classic seven-hole front air intake grille in the Jeep family is absolutely indispensable. This feature has not changed since the birth of Jeep. The newly designed headlights retain the heroic style of the old models, and the Jeep family logo can also be seen in the details of the lamp set. In addition to the bi-xenon headlights with higher brightness, the headlight cleaning device has also been introduced into a new design, which is very useful for friends who often run long distances or go cross-country.

You can see its horn through the net. Compared with conventional models, the horn position is designed to be very high. This design is to avoid damage to the electrical equipment of the vehicle when wading through the water. Both sides of the lower air inlet are equipped with sturdy support hooks, which is also the most basic equipment of an off-road vehicle. With it, it has played a substantial role whether it is to help others or to save oneself.

The Grand Cherokee uses a four-wheel height-adjustable air suspension. Even under normal conditions, the height under the engine guard has reached 36cm, which is much higher than the ground clearance of urban SUV models. The black guard plate design can avoid the damage to the body caused by slight bumps in off-road. When encountering extremely bad road conditions, the front and rear guard plates can also be removed to increase the approach angle and departure angle of the vehicle itself.

The body size of the Grand Cherokee is 4822mm in length, 2154mm in width, and 1781mm in height. The tire size it uses is 265/60 R18. 18-inch wheels are not too big for such a heavy body. Wheels of the same size also appear. In our city SUV models. For a larger tire aspect ratio, it can be ensured that during the off-road process, the sidewall has enough stroke to buffer vibration and absorb impact energy, which not only protects the wheel hub, but also reduces the impact of vibration on the body.

The trapezoidal wheel arch design is also a feature of the Grand Cherokee, and the sharp waistline adds a sense of layering on the side. The taller window design gives the body a heavy feel, and the rear window uses dark glass, which protects the privacy of the car.
The Grand Cherokee uses a keyless system. In addition to using the key to open and close the central control lock, it can also be achieved through the button on the door handle, avoiding the trouble of asking for the key before opening the door. When opening the door, put your hand on the door handle, and the central control lock will automatically open through the induction, which is more convenient to use.

The design of the Grand Cherokee's rear has been significantly changed compared with the previous generation models. The addition of spoilers has improved the stability of the vehicle at high speeds. The style of the taillight is also in the history of the Grand Cherokee. For the first time in the history of the Grand Cherokee, the horizontal design is adopted, which increases the lighting effect at night and also enhances the visual hierarchy.

Interior: exquisite workmanship

    The interior design of the new Grand Cherokee has improved a lot in both design and workmanship. The whole car uses a black interior design, the top of the instrument panel is wrapped in leather, and the stitching craftsmanship is fine. In addition to the instrument panel, the door panel also uses the same design, which feels good to the touch, but the material still feels hard.

The style of the leather steering wheel also adopts the typical Jeep style. It feels very comfortable and substantial to hold, and it is also equipped with a steering wheel heating function. Regarding the mahogany decoration on the upper part of the steering wheel, I think that apart from the improvement in the sense of grade, the practicality is not strong, and it is easy to slip when holding it.

The multi-function buttons on the steering wheel have functions of trip computer, telephone answering and cruise control. There is also a multi-function button design on the back of the steering wheel, which can operate the audio system. You can operate the volume, the preset channels of the radio, and the function switching of the display screen without leaving the steering wheel.

The trip computer in the middle of the instrument is very powerful. In addition to displaying general fuel consumption, it can also display tire pressure, water temperature, gearbox oil temperature, oil temperature and pressure, etc. You can call up the vehicle information you want to know through the multi-function buttons on the left side of the steering wheel, but unfortunately there is no Chinese option for language selection.

The light control switch does not have a backlight design. In the case of insufficient light, it is inconvenient to use. Fortunately, there is an automatic mode, which can be regarded as making up for some shortcomings! The wheel design on the side can adjust the backlight brightness of the instrument, and when it is adjusted to the highest gear, the lights in the car will also light up at the same time.

The 6.5-inch multimedia display has navigation, reversing video and digital TV functions, and it also supports AUX and USB input. However, the overall design of this system does not make people feel strong and the overall sense of the surrounding style. The USB port of its multimedia system is designed in the upper layer of the central armrest, the location is somewhat hidden and there is no obvious mark, but this design can avoid the phenomenon of accidentally hitting the USB flash drive.

The Grand Cherokee uses a dual temperature zone air-conditioning design, the buttons are easily labeled, and the operation is easy to use. There is also a TOW/HAUL (traction mode) button in the center control panel. In this mode, the engine's shift speed will increase to increase torque, and the gearbox will not be raised to the highest gear, which is generally used to drag other The condition of the vehicle.

The Grand Cherokee is equipped with a panoramic sunroof, with an overall area of approximately 0.68 square meters. Such a large area of the skylight also brings good lighting to the passengers in the back row. The area that can actually be opened is also not small, reaching half of the panoramic sunroof, which is already the largest range that can be opened.

Riding experience: suitable for drivers of any size

In addition to the 12-way electric adjustment function, the front seats of the Grand Cherokee also have heating and ventilation functions. The operation buttons are designed on the operation panel of the air conditioner, which is very convenient to use. The driver’s seat has 2 sets of memory functions. When you lift the car and turn off the engine, both the seat and the steering wheel will be adjusted backwards, making it easy for the driver to get on and off the car.

The Grand Cherokee seat design is very wide, and the shoulder support design is very good. The front seats are equipped with active headrests. In normal use, the front and rear angles of the headrests can be adjusted. The rear seats are equipped with three headrests, and the middle headrest can be lifted up when in use, which increases the comfort of the middle passenger.

The glass of the rear window of the Grand Cherokee cannot be reduced to a minimum, which brings some inconvenience to the use of rear passengers. The control panel of the four-door electric window only has the function of one key up and down on the front window, which is a bit surprising for a model with a price of close to 800,000 yuan. Of course, this accident is derogatory.

When a person with a height of 180cm sits in the front row and adjusts the seat to the lowest position, the head space at this time is expressed as a punch; when sitting in the back row, the head space is affected by the skylight, and the performance is only two fingers, legs One more punch in the ministry. Since the angle of the backrest of the rear seats can be adjusted, the performance of the head room can be strengthened somewhat, and the overall performance is basically satisfactory to us.

The protrusions under the feet of the Grand Cherokee are not high, and will not have much impact on the space under the feet of the middle passenger. As a model with a drive shaft, it is quite surprising to have such a performance. After our measurements, the width of the back row of the Grand Cherokee has reached 1540mm, and sitting with three adults will not feel too cramped.

Storage space: the subtlety reflects the intention

The performance of the Grand Cherokee in the storage space is still good. There are multiple cup holders in the car, and they are all on the door, center console and rear center armrest, and the inner side is designed with limited positions, which is very effective for supporting bottled water. . However, when the bottled water is placed on the car door, the remaining space is very limited, especially the rear door.

The storage compartment under the center control panel is very regular and deep in size, but the 12V power interface inside is too close to the inside, which is a bit inconvenient to use. The central armrest is divided into upper and lower layers. The upper layer is also made of suede, and the space size is also very regular. The size of the lower layer is not small and there is a non-slip pad at the bottom.

The trunk lid of the Grand Cherokee has the function of electric opening and closing. Pulling the handle outside the car will automatically open the door. Press the switch inside the trunk to automatically close the trunk. In addition to the above methods, it can also be achieved through the switch on the top of the front row and the remote control key. In the process of electric opening, if the door encounters resistance, it will automatically stop and automatically switch to manual operation.

Through the button and remote control key inside the license plate area of the trunk, the glass of the trunk can also be opened separately, which is convenient for taking items from the trunk in a relatively narrow place, which improves the convenience.

The trunk floor of the Grand Cherokee has four metal strips, which can not only reduce the resistance when pushing items, but also reduce the abrasion of the floor when the items are placed for a long time. This design also brings the lack of sliding items in the trunk. In order to avoid the above phenomenon, the manufacturer has designed four anchor points on the inner side of the trunk that can fix the items. For a taller chassis, it will definitely be more laborious to place luggage. When the chassis height is selected as the parking mode, the height of the chassis is 40mm lower than that in the normal mode. At this time, it is much easier to put the luggage. For the lifting function of the chassis, we will explain in detail in the next article.

The backrests of the rear seats can be laid down proportionally. When the side handles of the seat are pulled to the backrests, the headrests will automatically fall forward, avoiding the phenomenon that the backrests cannot be leveled due to the headrests. Under normal circumstances, the trunk has a width of 1030mm and a depth of 970mm. When the rear row is laid down, the depth can reach nearly 2 meters, and the flatness of the backrest and bottom plate of the rear row is very good.

Power system: the newly added four-wheel air suspension is a bright spot

    The Grand Cherokee uses a 5.7-liter V8 engine with a maximum output of 259kW (352 horsepower) and a maximum torque of 520N·m. The highlight of this engine is the use of the MDS (multi-stage variable displacement) system, which can change the number of cylinders of the engine according to different power requirements, allowing the engine to switch between 4-cylinder and 8-cylinder, the purpose is to improve the engine Fuel economy.

Among the SUVs at the same price or the same level, the Grand Cherokee should be the only model with variable cylinder technology. This engine also won the title of the top ten engines in the world in 2009. Compared with the old model, the 5-speed automatic transmission has not changed much. Now it seems to be a bit outdated. Who uses 5-speed in the same class?

This generation of Grand Cherokee uses air suspension for the first time. It adds a new Selec-Terrain full road mode selection system. The control panel is very similar to that of Land Rover models. Five driving modes can be selected: sports, snow, automatic, sand and rock. . Compared with the famous “Land Rover All-Terrain Feedback System”, it also has a “SPORT” mode. It seems that Xindaqie is trying to be a luxurious, off-road and sports all-rounder.

From a functional point of view, it is already ahead of Land Rover. Chassis raising and lowering and steep slope descent are also powerful tools for off-road vehicles, not to mention low-speed four-wheel drive. Although the new Grand Cherokee puts more emphasis on luxury and urbanism, it has not only been upgraded in terms of off-road functionality, because this is the essence of Jeep, but the actual off-road performance will not be known until the dynamic test.

The four-wheel independent air suspension system of the Grand Cherokee can raise and lower the chassis at five heights through the buttons on the right side of the control panel. The setting of each height also corresponds to the off-road mode selection. The rock mode corresponds to the extreme off-road state. The ground mode corresponds to the normal off-road state, and the snow field corresponds to the normal mode. The parking mode is designed to make it easier for the owner to get on and off the car or take things from the trunk. In this mode, it will be automatically released when the vehicle speed reaches 20km/h, and the chassis height will return to the normal mode. The four-wheel independent air suspension and the all-road mode selection system cooperate with each other to help the new Grand Cherokee's off-road performance.