[YesAuto original test drive] Living at home sounds like a very common thing, but when you think about it, this is an extremely happy thing; a good family-oriented man will definitely consider buying a warm family car for the whole family. This car may not be fashionable, it may not be dynamic, the brand appeal may not be so strong, but it must be at home.

At the beginning of the launch of Familia, its purpose was pure household use. Next month, Haima will launch the last product of this year. The main design idea and concept of the third generation Familia is “HOMEY Livable”; as a vertical replacement product, the new generation of Familia has the appearance and interior decoration. The power system has a brand new design.

This test drive is somewhat different from the past. The route is relatively long, starting from Beijing all the way south, passing through Dezhou, Jinan, and finally reaching Qingdao, Shandong Province. The whole journey is about 800 kilometers, 95% of the highway section.

●The new appearance is more full and powerful

The appearance of the third-generation Familia model has been redesigned. In a simple product presentation, the staff also confessed to us that Haima is not a trend-setting person in appearance. It is indeed the case. The appearance of the new Familia is not avant-garde, but it is integrated. The current design concept is in line with the Chinese aesthetics, the smooth lines are not radical, and the overall feeling is relatively neutral and peaceful.

The richer lines on the front face tend to converge toward the air intake grille. This is also a common feature of many cars now. The front face is slightly angular but more plump and heavier, which improves the protection of pedestrians. The font black straight waterfall grille and single-lens headlights are the highlights. The design of the headlights similar to the “light eyebrow” enlivens the atmosphere and highlights the staring eyes.

The side lines of the body don’t have many features. The design with long front and short back creates a certain dynamic. The hip line at the rear of the roof transition is flat and strong, and the straight waist line runs through the entire body from the rear of the headlights and finally ends. For the taillights; the simple lines have not changed too much, just like simple life.

The full rear of the car echoes the front of the car, and the prominent taillights have a strong three-dimensional effect. The luxury model has a 4-probe reversing radar. The probes are distributed more evenly and moderately high. The sound will be automatically muted after the reverse gear is engaged to avoid affecting the radar alarm.

Regardless of whether the low-profile comfort type or the high-profile luxury tire brands are all Giti, the size and style are different; the comfort tire size is 195/65 R15, and the wheel shape is relatively complicated; the luxury tire size is 205/55 R16,5 The spoked hub is in a rotating shape, which effectively enhances the dynamics.

●The new interior interior tastes very small and easy to use

The third generation of Familia uses black interiors with black wood grain decorative strips. The first feeling is more high-end, with obvious functional partitions. The center console that integrates audio and air conditioning controls is clear at a glance. It has the style of Mazda, and it is not difficult to get started; it is worth mentioning The new car does not have a pungent smell, because the interior part reduces the amount of glue used.

In terms of ease of use and comfort, the luxury version has more obvious advantages. The luxury version is a multifunctional steering wheel, and the leather wrapped around the steering wheel is better than the comfort version, so it feels good; in addition, the luxury version has automatic air conditioning, which allows you to enjoy a more stable car.内温度。 Inner temperature.

The whole series of window glass are all anti-pinch windows with one key up and down. The buttons are divided into two levels. The first level is for manual control of the opening position, and the second level is for automatic lifting. This is rare in the same class of cars at the same price. See; the deluxe model also comes with an electric folding rearview mirror, which is both convenient and classy.

The storage space of New Familia is not very sufficient, but it is basically sufficient. There are two small storage boxes on the left side of the driver and under the center control for storing small items or bills; when the co-pilot glove box is opened, there are strong The damping will not fall off at once, which is worthy of our affirmation.

The internal riding space is basically sufficient. Experiencers with a height of 175cm sit in the front row with a punch in the head; the wheelbase of the new Familia has increased by 5mm compared with the previous model, but the actual riding space should not change much. The same editor punched the leg in the back row but the head space became cramped. Affected by the shape of the roof, the head space is only 3 fingers. If the body is taller, the comfort in the back row will be greatly reduced. In addition, the back row only has 3 fingers. There are two headrests and the height is low, so the head cannot be close to the headrest.

Power and test drive feel the suspension is solid and smooth

The new Familia is equipped with a 1.6L self-developed VVT engine. The maximum power is 120Ps/6000rpm, the maximum torque is 158N·m/4500rpm, and the power per liter reaches 55kw. This engine has been equipped on the previous Haima Huandong; Simulate a 6-speed CVT gearbox and a 5-speed manual. The manual gearbox has a clearer but long formation. The driving feeling of the CVT gearbox will be described in detail below.

Open the engine compartment and see a whole piece of soundproof cotton. Although it is not very thick to the touch, it is still much better than the bare steel plate. The soundproof effect is only known when it is opened.

We drove a CVT model during the whole journey, and the power output was smooth. Even if the car started at full throttle, the car was not too slow at the beginning. After the speed exceeded 3000 rpm, the power was improved. We made a downshift in manual mode. CVT The gearbox responds quickly; but the overly smooth driving style and the uselessly dynamic tachometer are really boring on long distances, so keeping the speed in manual mode is a good way to find pleasure.

If you want to achieve relatively excellent fuel economy, a stable driving style is very important. If you step on the accelerator linearly from shallow to deep, the vehicle will accelerate to 100km/h at a constant speed. At this time, the CVT gearbox will control the speed at about 2200rpm; The gearbox will simulate a downshift when the accelerator is stepped on, and the engine will remain at a high speed as long as the oil is not turned off after the speed has soared. This is also a feature of the CVT gearbox, which is not conducive to fuel saving.

After the speed exceeds 3000rpm, the power has improved, but the noise is increased. The engine running sound is accompanied by the sound of the CVT gearbox, but the mechanical noise is not a weak hiss; the wind noise near the ear is the main problem, and it should not be used at this time. Without turning up the sound of the speakers, the people in the car will also consciously raise their voices when they are talking.

Suspension tuning has Mazda's foundation, high-speed stability, and the vehicle can still give people a more reliable feeling when the speed is maintained at 180km/h, without erratic trance and guilty conscience, giving the driver more confidence. The independent suspension feels very solid and resilient. It neutralizes comfort and control. In the face of potholes, the filter is in place for bumps. The bounce into the car through the shock absorber is not stiff and loose. The chassis is popular. It's very neat and doesn't feel loose.

Summary : If you want to occupy a place in the most competitive domestic compact car market, you must have an accurate model positioning and customer group. The third-generation Familia’s design philosophy based on “livability” seems to be the decision. In order to follow the path of moderation and simplicity, consumers of family cars are undoubtedly the most concerned about price and practicality. It is understood that the price range of New Formica should be around 80,000 to 110,000. In terms of practicality, it can completely satisfy a three-person household car. The daily use of the home, but in the face of the price war of many independent brands, whether Fumeilai can succeed or not, we have to wait for the market to test. (Photo by Zhang Ke, Car House)