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[YesAuto in-depth experience] Compared with big brothers like FAW and SAIC, the time for GAC passenger cars to be autonomous is not long. However, it cannot be denied that their starting point is not low, and they react quickly to market changes. Trumpchi GA5 has a chassis skill that made test editors applaud. This naturally depends on the chassis derived from Alfa Romeo 166, but if you want the car to sell better, you need to change a style.

What style should I change? Naturally, it is an SUV, which is already known to passers-by. If you have a car that doesn't sell so well, then try to build an SUV based on it. Most of the results will not disappoint you.

The protagonist of this article, Trumpchi GS5 (hereinafter referred to as GS5), is such a model, which is born out of Trumpchi's first sedan product GA5, but has more spacious space, better passability and better vision. Compared with GA5, I am more optimistic about its market prospects. The test car is a 2.0 automatic premium version priced at 186,800 yuan.

Dimensions: coordinated shape, size leading most competitors

The design of Trumpchi GS5 is inspired by Snow Leopard, and the design concept of “light and shadow carving” is added on this basis. The design of the body is very strong, and each face has obvious characteristic lines or design highlights. This is an urban SUV with a coordinated design and a high recognition rate. As long as you remember it, the chance of admitting mistakes on the street is almost Is zero.

The combination of tires and spare tires is one of the highlights of the GS5. The size of the 225/60 R17 matches well with this class of SUVs. This is also the size chosen by many competitors. The style of the multi-spoke wheels is very special and impressive. impression. The most satisfying thing is the full-size spare tire with aluminum alloy wheels. Such a kind match is a minority in any price range and must be praised.

Central control interior: not inferior to joint venture products

The price of the GS5 is indeed not cheap, but you will find it worthwhile to get in the car. It will not give you the sense of cheapness that is common in cheap cars. Whether it is material, workmanship or design, it is one of the best among autonomous SUVs. This is the same as sitting in a Toyota RAV4 or Hyundai ix35 in terms of quality. There is no difference.

I like the style of the four-spoke steering wheel. The buttons above are also rich in functions. Common functions can be operated with the thumb, and the hand does not need to leave the steering wheel. The grip of the steering wheel is thin, and the surface texture is not so clear, and it may be a little slippery to hold. The four-direction adjustment is more practical and can better adapt to the driver's body, but the driver can find a more suitable and comfortable sitting posture.

The configuration of this top-mounted car we tested is quite rich. In addition to the navigation and dual-zone air-conditioning configurations that everyone has, the keyless entry and start system is not available in all Haval H6 series, and the seat heating is for BYD S6 series. What it doesn't have, the electronic handbrake and ESP electronic stability system are rare configurations in the same level.

Riding space and comfort: qualified space performance, good comfort

We know that most SUVs have ample headroom, and this is also true for the GS5. The wheelbase of 2710mm is also at the upper-middle level in the same class, so the legroom for the rear passengers is also relatively generous, so there is no need to worry too much. There is a small bump in the middle floor of the rear row, but it does not have a big impact on the middle rear passengers.

The front center armrest that can be moved forwards and backwards is more practical, and the soft material wrapped on the surface also increases the comfort. The position of the rear center armrest is good and wide, which can also effectively improve the comfort of the rear row.

Storage space: small storage compartments are not enough

There are indeed a lot of cup holders in the GS5 car, with both front and rear door panels, and two in the middle of the seat, which are more than sufficient for use, but there are almost no storage compartments in the front row, so there are no suitable small objects such as mobile phones and wallets. position.

The conventional trunk volume of 480L is at a medium level at the GS5 level, and it is not a problem to stand up to three 32-inch large trolley boxes. The trunk also supports a 4/6-point folding method to lay down the rear seats, and the height difference between the seat back and the floor after being folded is not large, and the practicability is relatively high.

to sum up:

From the perspective of static cycling experience, GS5 left a good impression on me. As the second product of GAC passenger car, it has a certain improvement in appearance, interior and space design compared with Trumpchi GA5. This is an urban SUV with coordinated appearance, dynamic feeling, exquisite interior, rich configuration, and ideal seating space. It is fully capable of breaking away from Japanese and Korean SUVs in terms of static conditions.

The controllability of GS5 inherits the excellent performance of GA5. At present, there are four main shortcomings. One is that there is no advantage in power performance in the same level (the evaluation article will be introduced in detail later); the second is brand awareness Insufficiency; third, there is a large gap between car prices and consumers’ expectations for independent brands; fourth, the construction of the sales network is slow and the number of 4S stores is too small. If the above points can be improved in the future, then I believe that the future models of Trumpchi GS5 or GAC will have better market performance.

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