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[YesAuto Evaluation] Was the subject of “Thunder”? In fact, you don't need to explain it to you. The face is the face of the front face, and “sex” is the sex of performance. Don't scold me for the title party, but I added quotation marks. Back in 2008, when Sega went on the market as a domestic version of Citroen C4, it was immediately touted. At that time, she had a beautiful and individual appearance and interior, as well as good performance in the same level. Until 2011, Sega was still able to maintain a monthly sales volume of about 10,000. Time has passed, and in a blink of an eye it has come to 2012. Nowadays, the new Sega comes to us with a new family-style front face. The face change eliminates our aesthetic fatigue, but the unchanged performance is out of date. Can Sega like this move people's hearts again?

The changes to the exterior and interior of the new Sega have been detailed in the previous test drive article. Friends who want to know more can go and see:

The content about the driving experience and exterior interior of the new Sega has already been included in the previous article of the car home. Therefore, this evaluation article will not only present the test data to everyone and make an interpretation, but also help you analyze it. Analyze whether the new Sega is worth buying under the current situation and who is worth buying.

The model mentioned in the article is “Sega 2012 sedan 2.0 automatic product control”, which is the top model with a guide price of 147,800. All parameters and configurations are based on this model as an example.

Appearance-very successful face change

Please allow me to make a brief evaluation of the appearance of the new Sega. After all, a considerable part of the people who fall in love with her should be members of the “Appearance Association”. Why do you say that? There will be an answer below.

In my opinion, the new Sega “changed face” was very successful. Although the old face has been seen for many years, the new Sega did not give me the feeling of “very uncomfortable” at first glance. The more fierce headlights and atmospheric grille are coupled with Citroen's new “double” LOGO, which raises the vehicle's temperament to a higher level. Just this change is enough to make many friends who are holding the RMB wait and see determined to make a move.

The headlights of the new Sega look more and more handsome, and it is not surprising that the entire series of xenon-free lamps are at this level. Adjustable headlight height is the standard configuration of the whole system, which can adjust the height of the headlight illumination angle in a small range. When driving on roads without streetlights at night, turning the headlights higher can increase the visible distance.

Another change in appearance is the rearview mirror. Consistent with the changes in the front face, the rearview mirror of the new Sega is no longer rounded, and the turn signal has been moved from the support column to the mirror body, conforming to current fashion trends.

Interior-still full of personality

The center console has been redesigned, but no functions have been added. It is officially called the “relief-style luxury piano paint center console”. To put it bluntly, it is painted in a different way. The steering wheel and the instrument panel are still very personal today. This maverick design is very cute, and it has caught the interest of many young people. Compared with the old model, the shape of the fixed centralized control in the center of the steering wheel has not changed, except that the chrome-plated decoration (for mid-to-high models) is added, and the control area in the middle will not turn.

The instrument panel is not only distinctive in display, but also not set directly in front of the driver, but ran to the center console. The electronic tachometer is too small, but Sega said that I am a family car, and many car owners do not look at the tachometer. Both sides of the instrument panel are covered with abundant indicator lights, and the main and co-pilot will prompt if the seat belt is not worn.

There is still no ESP in the whole series, and only 3 high-end models (2 hatchback and 1 sedan) can be selected, which is a bit incomprehensible. This year, ESP is not a new thing for a long time. It has a lot of help to the driving stability of vehicles in emergency situations. Some models with lower positioning than Sega can be equipped as standard. The old “world” is not good.

Only the top models have ESP, other models are not optional

In addition, except for the top-mounted models with front and side air curtains, only the main and co-pilots have airbags for the rest of the models. In addition, the safety and comfort configurations that can be used in daily driving are sufficiently complete: cruise control + electronic speed limiter, four steering wheel adjustments, automatic hazard warning lights and other practical configurations, all of which are standard. , The top model is also equipped with electric folding rearview mirror, 6-way electric adjustment of the driver's seat, manual adjustment of the lumbar support, etc.

The speed limit function is an uncommon configuration at this level. You can turn the knob on the steering wheel to set the speed limit between 30-254km/h. The vehicle will automatically cut off the fuel when the speed is reached-since the speed limit Never worry about speeding anymore! But don’t forget to adjust it when the road speed limit changes.

The good news is that the new Sega has added the LATCH child seat interface, which is not equipped in all the old models, which is a great thing for families with children. Although it is a small detail, it is worthy of recognition. Note: The new Sega is equipped with a LATCH interface compatible with ISO FIX, which is officially called “ISO FIX”.

As a family car, the safety configuration of the new Sega is sufficient. The side air curtain is not common in this level. It can be reluctantly accepted without ESP. The LATCH interface adds a lot of points to the practicality and safety.

Driving experience-basically the same as the old model, with good control and weak power

The new Sega drove the same as the old one, and the control was still handy, but it was a pity that the performance did not change. The suspension is very tough at the beginning, and the lane change is not obvious. It can also filter out uncomfortable vibrations and take into account the comfort.

The personalized steering wheel has a certain impact on driving experience. Some Sega car owners complained that the horn was not easy to press. I tried it and felt the same. Because it doesn't turn in the middle and the horn is small, the hand needs to get off the steering wheel if it wants to honk when turning. But just get used to it, and maybe you don't like to honk the horn if you drive too much. The biggest advantage of this central fixed design is that it can ensure the correct angle when the airbag pops out in an emergency.

In addition, the steering wheel is heavily assisted, and it is difficult for female car owners to use it to pull their hands back when turning and turning around. The brake pedal that also needs some strength is the brake pedal. It has a virtual position in the front section. When you step on it lightly, the braking force is less, but with a little bit of force, it will give you enough braking force.

The new Sega is still equipped with the original 2.0L naturally aspirated engine, with a maximum power of 108kW (147Ps)/6000rpm, a maximum torque of 200N·m/4000rpm, with CVVT continuously variable valve timing technology, using 93# (北京92#) gasoline. Judging from the book data, the performance of this engine is not bad, but it is restricted by the 4AT gearbox, and it has not exerted its due strength.

The expected 6AT has not yet arrived, and this 4AT is completely out of flow in terms of the number of gears. A series of problems caused by the backward gearbox were exposed in the driving experience and tests. The only thing it can be regarded as a “highlight” is that it has good ride comfort during daily driving, but this does not in the slightest become a reason for not being enterprising.

In actual driving, although its ride comfort is good enough, you will inevitably encounter an embarrassment like this: when you drive in 2nd gear at 30-40km/h and the speed of the gearbox is around 3000rpm, you suddenly need to accelerate quickly At this time, even if you step on the accelerator to the end, the gearbox will not respond. You can only watch the speed slowly rise, and the acceleration at this time is very flat, even if you are in a hurry, the speedometer number will still climb slowly.

Compared with the comprehensive upgrade of the power system of the brother model C4 overseas, Citroen's response in China is too slow. No matter how many reasons you have, something like 4AT that is already behind the times should not appear in a “new” compact car. No extravagant desire for the increasingly mainstream 8AT, at least 6AT should not be late. Citroen’s practice of changing the soup without changing the medicine will definitely cause its reputation in the country to decline.

Having said that it is not good, maybe many students who love Sega will refute it.

That's right, when you like a car, what you will look at it will be pleasing to the eye; you will ignore her small flaws. That's great too! It is undeniable that apart from the above shortcomings, I can no longer fault the new Sega. She has a beautiful appearance, a personalized interior, and finds a balance between handling and comfort.

For the performance of New Sega in various tests, please see the next page.

Fuel consumption test: comprehensive fuel consumption 11.51L/100km

The temperature was 30℃ on the day of the test. The air conditioner was turned on during the test. An adult male drove a total of 134.8km. The first half was congested roads with a speed of 20-30km/h, and the second half was urban roads and loops with a speed of 60-80km/h. .

In the end, the fuel consumption of 11.51L per 100 kilometers was above the reasonable comprehensive fuel consumption value of the compact car recommended by Autohome. This result is similar to the old Sega we tested before. As a family car, this fuel consumption score is a bit on the high side.

What caused the unsatisfactory fuel consumption performance? 4AT gearbox should be regarded as one of the factors. The sparse gear ratio makes Sega's upshift time late when driving on urban roads: 3000rpm in D gear and 4000rpm in S gear. The average engine speed is higher, at 60-80km/ During h cruise, she can only maintain a higher speed, which directly caused an increase in fuel consumption; in addition, nearly half of the roads in this fuel consumption test were in relatively congested road conditions, so fuel consumption would also be higher. Looking forward to the popularization of 6AT by PSA Group as soon as possible.

Noise test

The noise suppression performance of the new Sega is good. The wind noise is only slightly higher at 120km/h, but it does not affect the normal communication of passengers. However, at low speeds, the engine’s noise is a bit loud, which is still related to the high average speed. If you like quietness, you may need to treat the new Sega’s accelerator pedal more gently than other cars.

0-100km/h acceleration: average performance in 10.88 seconds

Turn off ESP (the ESP is optional on our test-driving car), and at the same time step on the accelerator and brake pedals, the engine is maintained at about 3000 rpm, and the front wheel slips briefly when the brake is lifted. The maximum acceleration G value reaches 0.563g, the head-up phenomenon is not obvious, and there is no feeling of pushing back. The whole acceleration process is very flat and there is not much passion to speak of. It can be seen from the graph that the acceleration G value of the 1st gear has been hovering around 0.3g, while the 2nd gear is only a poor 0.2g, and the final result of 10.88 seconds has no advantage in the opponents of the same level. Think of Sega’s slogan “Type·Movement has me”. The new Sega that can match sports may only be a hatchback MT model.

100-0km/h braking: excellent performance in 40.85 meters

When braking at full force, the vehicle nodded more severely and the suspension stroke was too long. The reaction force of ABS on the brake pedal is not large, and there is no discomfort on the foot. The brake G value is stable at around -1g. In 10 consecutive brakes, the performance of the new Sega is very stable, and the thermal attenuation phenomenon does not appear, which is worthy of recognition. The final average score of 40.85 meters is a surprise, which is more than 4 meters higher than the old Sega we tested before!

Such a big improvement is directly related to the tires. The vehicle we tested is equipped with Goodyear eagle nct5 tires, which have better grip performance than the old Kumho tires in the test. The braking performance of 40.85 meters is very competitive in the same level.

In various tests, the results of the new Sega showed a “step-like”-the braking performance is among the best in the same level, the noise is quite satisfactory, and the acceleration and fuel consumption are not satisfactory.

◆ Analysis and summary

After paying attention to the Sega Forum for a period of time, I found that overall, Sega’s car owners have several characteristics: one is young, and the other is pragmatic. This is in line with the positioning of the new Sega in my mind. In my opinion, Sega is designed for stable and pragmatic young people. This is also confirmed by the younger appearance of the new Sega. These young people care about fuel consumption and maintenance costs; at the same time, they have no shortage of romance and personality that their peers pursue.

The advantages and disadvantages of the new Sega are obvious. The beautiful appearance and personalized interior, as well as good handling and excellent braking, give people a lot of reasons to like her; and the high fuel consumption and mediocre performance brought by the old technology also make People tangled up. Because of this, it is easy to judge whether she is suitable for you.

If you are too old, the new Sega’s overly personalized appearance and interior may stop you; and the not-so-good performance data brought by the old technology will also make friends who pursue performance turn around and leave. Of course, if you don't care about 4AT or “race” with others, and just want to buy a beautiful and personalized scooter, then Sega is worth buying, but considering fuel consumption and other reasons, I recommend buying a 1.6L 5MT model.

In addition, in the price range of the new Sega, there are many competing models in the compact car market, and I believe they are all of great concern:

Changan Ford Focus: 11.99-16.99 million (sedan) 11.99-16.29 million (hatchback)

Focus ushered in a new generation of products at this year's Beijing Auto Show, with a newly designed exterior and interior, equipped with more advanced 1.6L and 2.0L engines, and equipped with dual-clutch and manual gearboxes. Compared with the old model, the performance of the new Focus has been greatly improved, and the driving experience tends to be more comfortable. The new Focus comes standard with a set of technology called “active grille closing”, which allows the vehicle to have better aerodynamic performance and helps reduce fuel consumption and driving performance. In addition, her various electronic stability systems are complete, and the configuration is quite abundant. Compared with the new Sega, the new Focus is almost fully surpassed in terms of performance, safety configuration, and fuel economy, but at the same time, the guide price is more than 20,000 more expensive. I personally think that the more than 20,000 is worth it.

GM Chevrolet Cruze: 10.89-15.99 million

Since the Cruze is equipped with a 1.6T engine, it has been a veritable sport. The measured acceleration of 8.12 seconds to 100 kilometers is the fastest among the several models I recommend, and the braking distance of 39.5 meters is also the shortest. What's more valuable is that although there is only one model of Cruze 1.6T, he will carry it through to the end and is equipped with a 6-speed manual transmission. Excellent performance and driving pleasure are not available in the new Sega, and now all Cruze series have a discount of 10,000 yuan, of course, even so, you still have to pay nearly 10,000 yuan more than the top model of the new Sega.

FAW-Volkswagen Bora: 10.78-14.68 million

Bora is equipped with 1.6L naturally aspirated and 1.4TSI turbocharged direct injection engines, which are matched with 6AT/5MT and 7DSG/5MT gearboxes respectively. The Bora has the lowest fuel consumption among the 4 models I recommend. The 1.4TSI model has an excellent fuel consumption performance of 7.37L/100km while ensuring the power output. His price is basically the same as that of the new Sega, but each has its own advantages in terms of configuration. There is another news that I don’t know is good or bad: because of the high failure rate of DSG gearboxes, Volkswagen has extended the warranty period of DSG to 10 years or 160,000 kilometers, but the premise is that Volkswagen owners can only repair and maintain their vehicles in 4S shops. Many car owners think this is really a “pit”… For news about Volkswagen DSG extended warranty, please click here)

Dongfeng Peugeot 308: 10.39-14.19 million

Peugeot 308 is equipped with the same power combination as the new Sega: 1.6L and 2.0L naturally aspirated engines and 4AT and 5MT. Based on the 307, the redesigned 308 is very innovative in appearance and interior. Her driving experience and various test results are similar to those of the new Sega, but the configuration is less than that of the new Sega: automatic air conditioning, automatic head He doesn't have any configuration such as lights, multi-function steering wheel, cruise control, and electric folding rearview mirror. His biggest advantage lies in the price: 141,900 yuan, plus a discount of 4,000 yuan makes him the cheapest among these models, which saves nearly 10,000 yuan compared to the new Sega top. If your budget is not high, you can consider it.

Based on the several models we mentioned above, the new Focus seems to be more attractive, but the price is also the highest; Cruze is the most fun to drive, but also faces the disadvantage of higher prices; Bora’s performance in all aspects is very balanced, of course In terms of fuel consumption, the 1.4T engine has always had a good reputation; Peugeot 308 is the cheapest among several models, and the configuration is relatively rich, the price is the highest, but it is slightly mediocre, and it will not leave a deep impression. And now we look back at the new Sega, the price is relatively competitive, and the personality performance is definitely second to none, and the configuration is definitely not inferior to other competitors, so the overall strength is considered to be the more prominent among several models. In addition to the backward powertrain and lack of power performance.

Finally, by the way, the Sega prototype Citroen C4, which is expected to be produced at the end of the year, is worth looking forward to. This time, it is the genuine C4, which will fill the gap of Citroen in the compact car segment, which is positioned slightly higher than Sega. The domestically produced C4 is expected to be equipped with Citroen's latest 1.6T engine and 6AT gearbox. What she will face is the direct challenge of the aforementioned new Focus and the new Sagitar. Whether Citroen can stand up against these strong rivals in this market segment, the answer will soon be revealed.