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[YesAuto Model PK] Within the Shanghai Volkswagen Group, Skoda seems to always play a post-production role. On the same platform, Skoda can always make up for the public's “negligence” and seek a “high cost-effective” label for itself. Today, such a story is still being staged between Skoda Xin Rui (Ra p i d ) and Volkswagen’s new Santana.

Skoda Xin Rui of the new Volkswagen Santana is from the same PQ25 platform lengthening product, overlapping targeting so that similar shape is always bound to be people put them together, then the face of this has a resounding name of “Big Brother” , What kind of assassin can this younger generation of Xin Rui come up with?

● Appearance comparison:

The same platform makes Skoda Xinrui and Volkswagen’s new Santana look exactly the same in terms of body size. However, even if it comes from the small car platform PQ25, their 2603mm wheelbase really makes us unable to ignore it, and we finally discussed it carefully. Still put these two models into the compact car.

In the shape of the front face, the two models have the same goal-to become younger and more fashionable. As far as design is concerned, Xin Rui, which has absorbed a lot of the elements of the MissionL concept car, is undoubtedly more modern and avant-garde. In contrast, the family design makes us not interested in the new Santana.

The Skoda Rapid, which entered our field of vision for the first time, has a “chic” hatchback shape, but after entering the country, Shanghai Volkswagen obviously did not have enough confidence in such a design, so Xin Rui , which was finally presented to us, adopted The body design is exactly the same as that of the new Santana, which makes us sigh a bit more when we understand it.

The same manufacturer is destined to have many similarities between these two models, which naturally also includes tire suppliers. Hankook tires with specifications of 185/60 R15 have become the choice of Xinrui and the new Santana. In addition, due to cost considerations, the “front and rear drum” braking system is also the fate of these two cars.

If the change of the front face is a hint of Skoda's “younger” beginning, then Xinrui has been beaten back to its original shape from the look at the rear of the car, and the layering outlined by the tough lines cannot conceal the dullness of the taillights. , And the new Santana just caught this point. But thinking about it is right, Skoda has never relied on appearance to attract consumers.

In the following article, we will compare the interiors, materials, and user-friendly design of the two models. However, since Skoda Xinrui is not officially listed at present, the specific parameter configuration of the car has yet to be verified, so for We will not evaluate the configuration for the time being.

Interior and function comparison

The difference between Xinrui and the new Santana in the interior is far less than that in the exterior. Except for the steering wheel and the blocking lever, the same mold makes the difference between the two only in the decorative materials. We can see from the pictures that Skoda, who has been criticized for being too old-fashioned in the past, has begun to try to use silver decorative panels to increase the stylish atmosphere, and the public appears to have no scruples on this point.

The steering wheel should be the biggest difference between Xinrui and the new Santana in terms of interiors. The four-spoke model Xinrui still tends to be calm, while the new Santana with a large number of chrome decorations has a somewhat “old and pretty” taste. As for the feel of the two steering wheels, there is no difference. From the picture, we can see that Xinrui’s steering wheel is not equipped with multi-function buttons. However, since the car is not yet on the market, we can’t be sure whether the photographed model is a high-end model. We hope we can see one with multi-function Push the steering wheel.

Skoda, which advocates simplicity and practicality, did not decorate Xinrui's center console too much. In contrast, the new Santana is much more “luxury”. The black shiny decorative panel and the chrome decoration on the inner ring are quite eye-catching, but Lenovo As far as the steering wheel does not have multi-function buttons, no one can guarantee that the high-end Xinrui will not have a more “fashionable” central control design after the listing.

Although the parameters of Xinrui have not been officially announced, we can confirm that Xinrui is a model with four-window control in the driver’s seat. When the new Santana has not yet appeared, almost no one will take this This function counts as a configuration, and it is the launch of the new Santana that gives us a new understanding of this function.

● Comparison of storage space and trunk

In addition to the interior, there is storage space carved out of a mold, so there is no difference between the two models in this link. Whether it is a mobile phone, a parking card or a drink, you can find them in large and small storage compartments. Of shelter.

The exact same trunk design means that the two cars have to face the same problem, that is, the rear seats cannot be put down. For consumers who buy these two cars, there are definitely not a few people who buy a car for the first time. Therefore, they often have many requirements for the car with limited funds. The expandability of the trunk is one of them, and this is precisely the reason. A “soft underbelly” between Xin Rui and the new Santana.

● Ride space comparison

After seeing the basically similar interiors and exactly the same storage space, let us take a look at the riding space of these two cars. Although we chose two different experiencers in this experience, their heights are equal. It is 182cm, and the final result also proves this.

● Power system

“Xin Rui” “New Santana”

After seeing this, I can finally tell you with satisfaction that what I will introduce next is the last indistinguishable link between these two cars-power and chassis systems. The same Volkswagen EA211 series engine makes Xinrui and the new Santana no difference in power and torque. Matching with the engine is a 6-speed automatic transmission with sports mode and a 5-speed manual transmission.

● Summary

When this article was finished, I suddenly realized that I seemed to have done a rather boring thing. In addition to the exterior and interior details, the biggest difference between the two models from the same company was “driving.” It’s a four-window control. This configuration that we have never regarded it as a “configuration”, but ultimately drove me to finish this article. As for whether it can determine the fate of these two models, it depends on the consumers. chosen.

However, considering that the upcoming new Jetta is expected to be changed to four-window control in the driver’s seat, we also have reason to believe that the new Santana will “change evil and return to the right” sooner or later, but Xinrui will face an extremely serious problem by then. When consumers find out When there is no obvious difference between Xin Rui and New Santana, presumably most consumers will choose the famous “Xin Sang”. In this way, can we understand that the new Santana, which can only control the front windows at present, actually leaves a “way” for Xin Rui?

Judging from the current entry-level compact car market, Volkswagen has spared no effort to deploy a large number of troops. Among them, in addition to the two “ancient gods” already on the market, the “little general” is also indispensable. In terms of price, the new Jetta that was launched yesterday is slightly lower than the new Santana. Will Xinrui, which will be launched in April, have a lower price? Let us wait and see! (Picture/Text Car House Li Weilong)