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[YesAuto Supplies/Services] It seems that after the market value and stock price of Pinxixi have risen all the way, bargains seem to have a new definition, and for the air pumps that are necessary in our daily cars, it seems that they are also facing this kind of differentiation. Many people think that the air pump is a must-have and must be bought well and expensive, while another wave of people think that there are some cheap and easy-to-use things. Is this really the case? For this reason, I have specially purchased some of the most representative air pump products on the Internet, and we will know after a try!

Balloon blowing summary: mainstream twin cylinders perform well

Although it is only a fun test, you can still intuitively see the difference in the air output of different types of air pumps . The single-cylinder small air pump of the Internet celebrity has the lowest air output. You will find that the balloon inflation speed is relatively slow, although it is The nominal data is not much different from the two-cylinder air pump, but the actual difference is actually very large.

The mainstream two-cylinder air pump has shown good strength. In terms of playing balloons, it is only 10 seconds longer than the ARB off-road air pump, which is more than 2,000 yuan more expensive, which is quite rare.

As for the pedal type , this kind of product is relatively new, because the venting method is relatively special, and the continuity cannot be guaranteed, so it is more embarrassing in the later stage, and the air leaks all the time, and the test is finally abandoned.

Single-wheel pumping summary: single-cylinder air pump inflation is the shortcoming

I don’t know if you have any experience of breaking down on the road and pumping air. In fact, judging from the above results, the inflation performance of the dual-cylinder air pump and the off-road air pump is worthy of recognition. I won’t talk about the off-road air pump, just talk about the dual-cylinder air pump for about 5 minutes. You can complete the inflation of the single wheel, which can be regarded as a relatively fast performance. As for the pedal type, because it does not use power supply itself, as long as you step on it with one foot, it will be able to pump up sooner or later, and how much time it takes depends largely on your patience and foot strength.

As for the single-cylinder air pump of the net red model, it still shows obvious shortcomings in this link, which takes up to 12 minutes or so. In fact, this is a very long time for the inflation of a single-sided wheel. If the weather is not at this time Good, or in a dangerous situation, it’s hard to imagine what your mood will be like at this time.

Editor's summary: One hundred yuan double cylinder is most recommended

As a kind of equipment that is just needed in the car environment, the air pump is now accepted by more and more car owners. After all, the probability of tire failure is not low, and timely air supplement operation is likely to make you drive away quickly. Unfavorable environment, but with the development of social networks, many IPs are now focusing on portable single-cylinder products, but they are not optimistic in terms of performance and reliability. It can only be said that the use is not bad, but it is really good. It can't be used at all.

The mainstream double-cylinder products with similar prices are much more reliable and can fully meet the needs of most people. We hope that through our experience, everyone can have a clearer idea when buying, and don’t be ignorant of the goods. Flickered, but dropped the chain when really needed. This article experience ends here, see you next time!