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[YesAuto News] On September 30, Chery Automobile’s official Weibo announced that the company’s board of directors has approved Chen Anning’s application for resignation. Chen Anning will no longer serve as the general manager of Chery Automobile Co., Ltd. from now on. The overall work of the company will be the chairman of the board. Yin Tongyue is solely responsible.

Attached Chen Anning's main experience in Chery Automobile:

2009: Chen Anning resigned from Ford's position as a global executive and joined Chery as a special expert of the national “Thousand Talents Plan”;

2010: As the Deputy General Manager and Dean of the General Engineering Research Institute of Chery Automobile, he assumed the tasks of more than 30 products and more than 12 research institutes under Chery;

2013: The iAUTO technology platform led by Chen Anning was officially launched;

2014: Chen Anning became the chairman of Chery Jaguar Land Rover and the chairman of Qoros Automobile;

2015: Chen Anning served as Executive Vice President of Chery Co., Ltd.;

2017: Served as general manager of Chery Automobile Co., Ltd., responsible for the daily operation of Chery Automobile.