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[YesAuto News] Today, there was a traffic accident on the Guangzhou Expressway. A tanker truck caught fire and the road was closed for a certain period of time. It’s not big news that this kind of thing happens from time to time, but today Haiwen is not talking about accidents or teaching you how to escape from dangerous situations. Instead, he wants to say to the crowd who watched the lively scenes on the highway, “cherish life,” Stay away from accidents!”

Recap of the incident (reproduced from a report by Guangzhou Traffic Station):

At 13:34 today (4th), a vehicle caught fire on the section from Aotou Station to Beixing Station on the Guangshao Expressway towards Guangzhou. The traffic police at the scene had closed two-way traffic, and the section issued a warning message on the variable information board. A vehicle caught fire on the section from Aotou Station to Beixing Station on the Guangshao Expressway towards Guangzhou. Traffic police, rescue, road administration, fire fighting, first aid 120 have gone to the scene for treatment. At 14:40 in the afternoon, the traffic police imposed traffic control on some sections of the Guangshao Expressway:

1. Vehicles in the direction of Guangzhou exit the expressway from Aotou Station, detour the 105 National Highway, and then enter the expressway from Beixing Station;

2. Vehicles in the direction of Hunan exit the expressway from Beixing Station, detour the 105 National Highway, and then enter the expressway from Aotou Station.

At 15:00 today, the traffic police initially verified that the vehicle in the accident was a tanker carrying tire oil (the current license plate and casualties are unknown). The traffic police have implemented two-way traffic control at the accident site, from Aotou Station to Guangzhou and Beixing Station. Entrance to Hunan is closed; information boards have been issued on the road section, please pay attention to road condition information for passing vehicles.

At 16:00 in the afternoon, it was learned by road officials on the spot that the open flame at the accident site had been extinguished. At present, the traffic police diverted vehicles in the direction of Hunan at the airport, and diverted vehicles in the direction of Guangzhou at Aotou Station; the slow lanes of Guangshao Expressway in the direction of Guangzhou were unblocked; traffic control in the direction of Hunan remained.

Edit comment:

What should you do if you ask someone who is not at the scene and encounters a fire on a fuel tanker on the highway? Surely everyone will say pull over, call the police, set up an accident warning sign, stay away from the accident car, leave the scene under the command, etc. Anyway, you don't need to teach, that's right. However, in reality, whenever there is an accident, there are always many people at the scene who take pictures, shoot videos, post to Moments, and watch the excitement at the first time. Anyway, it is how the danger comes. This is “the truth is understood,” I'm stupefied in any trouble!”

Traffic accidents on the expressway are life-threatening events, not entertainment gossip. You are taking pictures of other people's accidents on the expressway in one second, and the next second you will become the protagonist of the accident on other people's phones! Every time I see the “comrades” in the video who calmly shoot the video, and introduce the accident location, traffic conditions, etc., I admire these guys who are not afraid of death! That's the highway! You are standing on the road, and you don’t know that the car in front of you is speeding at high speed. Who can guarantee that the car behind you can stop? The maximum speed limit is 120km/h. If you travel about 33 meters per second and take a 10-second video, the car can travel 333 meters, which means that cars within 333 meters behind you may hit you!

From another perspective, even if it is not in the lane where the accident car is located, there are many people watching lively videos in the opposite lane. These people are even more hateful, often because they are distracted to watch the lively, which leads to no problem. There was another accident in the lane, and in the end there were accidents in both directions, the entire highway was blocked, and it was these people who watched the fun !

Finally, I emphasize the phrase “cherish life and stay away from accidents.” Even if you are stuck on the road with blocked vehicles in the front and rear, it is safer to stay in the car than to take a video outside.