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[YesAuto Auto Race] May 16, 2016, sponsored by the China Automobile and Motorcycle Sports Federation, undertaken by Beijing Zhongqi Motor Sports Development Co., Ltd., and promoted by Beijing Zhongshi Jiazi Cultural Development Co., Ltd., China GT China Super Car Championship Press Conference And the official test run was held at the Beijing Golden Port Circuit.

The 2016 China GT has a total of four stops. The first stop will kick off at Beijing Golden Port Audi Automobile Park on June 11, and then will move to Shanghai, Chengdu, and Zhuhai in July, September, and October.

By the end of the press conference, 9 teams have successfully registered, 40 top GT drivers have signed up for the competition, and 20 vehicles have participated in the competition. Racing is a contest between drivers and teams. This competition also brought together 240 engineers, technicians and 250 referees from home and abroad.

One of the highlights of the same race as the participating models is the Ferrari F458 Challenge, Lamborghini Huracan Supertrofeo, Porsche 997 cup, Audi R8 LMS CUP, Aston Martin GT4, Nissan GT-R and many other super sports cars, such as the cutting-edge GT racing technology of many representative car manufacturers. Most of the models made their debut in China. Although there is still more than half a month of preparation before the official competition, the players are already gearing up, and the smell of gunpowder is extremely strong. There is a feeling of “war is imminent”!

The slogan of China GT is: We have created a starting point, but the future has no end. Undoubtedly, from a technical perspective, China GT will be the highest-level event in China in the future. The chairman of Golden Port Holdings, Mr. Ye Mingqin, said: “The concept of China GT will be the world's top.” The reduction, whether it is speed, styling, or sound waves, is enough to make the audience excited. Not only that, the prototypes of GT racing cars are all models that can be legally used on the road, and audiences have the opportunity to contact, and now many young fans are passionate about motorsports The GT race will also become the race closest to China’s car culture.”

It is worth mentioning that Pirelli, the famous Italian tire brand, will be the exclusive tire supplier for China GT in the next three seasons (2016-2018). In future races, engineers from the Pirelli Motorsports headquarters will assist the China GT team and racers throughout the process. As we all know, Pirelli is the exclusive tire supplier for F1 Formula One, and Pirelli has a long history in the field of GT racing. Pirelli's GT tires have also helped teams and racers around the world gain countless numbers in the past few decades. Trophy. (Editor/Guo Feng Auto House)