[YesAuto Race] The fourth leg of the 2012 Volkswagen China Racing Scirocco R-Cup Series was held at the Ordos International Circuit from July 7th to 8th. In the seventh round on Saturday, No. 6 Italian driver Andrea won the championship. The race took 23:56.622. He made the fastest lap of the game at 1:58.702 on the seventh lap. The runner-up was No. 2 Japanese driver Masahiko Ida. The race took 24 minutes, 3 seconds, and 843. The third runner-up was No. 15 driver Zhou Zhenan from Taiwan, which took 24 seconds, 6 seconds and 525 seconds.

In the eighth round, Cheng Fei, the No. 7 driver, won the championship. The race took 23 minutes, 53 seconds, and 123. He made the fastest lap of the game at 1 minute, 58.497. The runner-up was No. 2 Japanese driver Masahiko Ida. The race time was 23 minutes 57.633 seconds. The third runner-up was Chinese driver Yuan Bo at 24:01:704.

According to the results of Saturday’s second quarter qualifying, the first row for the eighth round is No. 6 Andrea and No. 5 You Shaoming, and the second row is No. 7 Chengfei and No. 18 Patrick, in the third row. The departure is No. 2 Jingtian Yayan and No. 3 Lu Gonghe, and No. 9 Yuan Bo and No. 8 Bao Jinlong occupy the fourth row.

At 11:50 noon, the eighth round began. Andrea started off smoothly and established the lead as he entered the first turn. After one lap, You Shaoming ranked second, and Ida Masahiko surpassed Patrick and Cheng Fei and rose to third. Cheng Fei temporarily ranked fourth, Patrick ranked fifth, and Lu Gong and sixth. Then Andrea gradually expanded his lead, and after five laps, he led You Shaoming by more than 5 seconds. Unfortunately, in the sixth lap, Andrea pulled the car off the track and stopped in the wide buffer zone at Turn 11, regretting to retire. At this time, Lu Gonghe, who was in fourth place, was shown a fault flag because the car was dragging the rear bumper. He drove the car back to the pit lane and then withdrew from the race.