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[YesAuto Race] Earlier, a “re-enacted” Audi quattro S1 was unveiled in the Car Climb and Sprint Series on the Isle of Man in the UK, making the fans suddenly return to watching the WRC 30 years ago The scene of the Group B rally.

From the appearance point of view, the re-enacted Audi quattro S1 is no different from the prototype car that participated in the Group B rally in the 1980s. The aerodynamics package is exactly the same as the original design, and this classic model can be successfully reborn. From the hands of the refitting factory Dialynx. The biggest difference is that the Audi quattro S1, which participated in the climbing and sprint series, was painted in a more eye-catching red.

●About Dialynx

Dialynx Tuning Factory was established in 1988. The owner Keane Murphy is a firm fan of the Audi brand, so his company only modifies Audi cars. Not only the appearance, Dialynx can also carry out high-performance modifications to the engine, gearbox, suspension system and other components. Unlike refitting factories with a manufacturer background, Dialynx faces the used car market. Those car fans who desire to own a classic model but can't buy it can find the Dialynx tuning factory to reproduce a version of their own car. Although Dialynx is very “civilian”, it is already one of the local refitting factories. The cars and special parts refitted by them are also exported to all over the world.

Speaking of the Audi quattro S1, one cannot fail to mention the vigorous performance of this speed machine in the Group B rally. From 1982 to 1984, Audi won the constructors’ championship for three consecutive years. However, the FIA's requirements for the rules of this group are too broad and crude, so they laid the groundwork for the “short-lived” of Group B.

From the appearance, the Audi quattro S1 has an exaggerated body aerodynamics package (the downforce generated by the huge front wing presses the car on the track), and the design of the rear water tank rebalances the car's counterweight. After an improved five-cylinder engine, the power output is increased to 480-500 horsepower, and the car is also equipped with a dual-clutch transmission for the first time. The quattro S1 car weighs only 1090 kg, and it takes 3.1 seconds to accelerate from 0-100 km/h.

●Group B Rally

In 1982, in order to increase the viewing of the game and attract more manufacturers to join, the FIA established Group B (Group B) rules. This category almost eliminated all modification restrictions on participating vehicles, and the World Rally Championship ushered in the craziest era.

Video: Audi quattro S1 Isle of Man Climb and Sprint Series from the first perspective

Too broad and crude rules at a certain level make Group B cars faster, more enjoyable, and more exciting. But it also raises another problem-safety! Safety does not only refer to the safety of the drivers, it also involves the safety of the onlookers.

At the Corsica station in 1986, Tovonen drove down the cliff. He and the navigator Cresto were killed on the spot; at the Portuguese station in the same year, Santos drove a Ford RS200 car out of control and rushed into the crowd, killing 3 people and 30 people on the spot. A vicious accident with injuries. The successive tragedies caused the FIA to make the decision to freeze the Group B rally that year, and banned the use of Group B cars from 1987. Since then, the quattro S1 has disappeared.