[YesAuto Power Modification] The car I introduce today is a Mazda RX-3 produced in 1973. The bonnet that is turned forward does have a special flavor, and it also verifies that it really came from that era.

The whole car was sprayed into metallic gray, and the black side strips set off the very tough lines of this car, and in short it is very beautiful.

The original engine has long been replaced. In order to improve the handling, this car has been upgraded with an adjustable tilt angle cutter damper.

This car has been replaced with Mazda's classic 13B rotary engine, and the huge steel seal on the cylinder block is very powerful.

In addition, a GReddy T66 turbocharger is mounted on the B13 rotary engine. It is adjusted by ECU and matched with AEM ethanol injection. This engine can have 400 horsepower.

In fact, the interior is still based on the original car style, only adding some instruments and replacing the three-spoke steering wheel.

The power output of the engine has increased, and a good pair of shoes is required to match the vehicle. The wheel rim comes from the classic BBS RS style. Through the combination of 16 inches * 9J in the front and 16 inches * 10J in the rear, it looks more dynamic. With Dunlop 03G hot melt sports tires, the overall handling of the vehicle is greatly improved. After all, this 400-horsepower Mazda RX-3 is rear-wheel drive. (Text/Car Home Wang Tao)