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[YesAuto News] Volvo’s brand-new C70 is not unfamiliar to everyone. It debuted in April this year, and has participated in several international auto shows of different scales in a period of time. Of course, the upcoming Beijing Auto Show C70 will not Will be absent!

The previous generation Volvo C70 was produced between 1997 and 2005, and is divided into two models: 2-door Coupe and 2-door cabriolet, while the new generation of C70 combines the previous models into one with a foldable hard-top convertible design. The new C70 is based on Ford's C1 platform. The designer John Kinsey from Pininfarina redesigned the C70. Many changes made the appearance of the C70 reveal the beauty of the simplicity of the Nordic style, which also made the style of the new model younger, and some family characteristics were further strengthened.

In addition, the new Volvo C70 with 2 doors and 4 seats also has an electric folding hard top that can be divided into 3 parts and can be retracted and retracted in 30 seconds.

The power configuration of the C70 is also very rich. There are two gasoline engines and one diesel engine to choose from, matching 5-speed automatic and 6-speed manual transmissions respectively.

For a convertible car, Volvo C70 provides a new safety prevention and protection program. One of the unique features is the side airbag installed on the door. Since this airbag cannot be fixed on the roof like other models, it is It swells upwards upon impact and remains vertical for a long time. Due to this special design, it can also provide head protection for the occupants when the vehicle rolls over.

In view of the substantial increase in sales of the Volvo brand in the Chinese market, it has become possible to introduce this new foldable hardtop Coupe model. Maybe domestic users still need to wait for a while, but in any case, this is good news.