[YesAuto Appearance Modification] In the past few years, more and more partners like the trendy street car modification culture. This kind of modification culture can be regarded as a high proportion in the modification circle. Personalization and exaggerated appearance are the focus of attention, but In the past year, the refurbishment of classic old cars has become the goal of big coffee, and it is also the object of worship of young modification enthusiasts, compared with today's protagonist Porsche 911 964.

Porsche 964, the classic 911 model, is currently the first model that everyone is vying to modify “street car culture”. The handsome streamlined design and very good comprehensive conditions make it the reason for everyone to follow. Maybe everyone mentions the 964 modification. Thinking of the famous RWB brand, today this car's modification factory is not RWB, but it is still very famous. It is the modification expert Milestone71 of the Porsche car series.

The Milestone71 factory installed a set of KW brand V3 series twisted tooth shock absorbers for this classic 964. This set of shock absorbers can ensure that it can still provide good handling performance at a very low vehicle height.

The rim matching is very demanding in the street car culture. The whole wheel rim is the Rotiform brand, of course, it is also the brand with high appearance rate in the street car culture. The front 18 inches is matched with 9J wheels, and the rear 18 inches is matched with 10.5J wheels. The different widths of the front and rear can show the beauty of the vehicle, and it can also be integrated with the rear fender. The tires are unified with horse brand, 215/35 R18 at the front and 255/30 R18 at the rear.

The power system is based on the 3.6-liter horizontally opposed engine with optimized intake and exhaust channels. The pistons and connecting rods are perfectly balanced in the abdomen. The current maximum power of this engine is 300 horsepower and the torque is 320 Newtons. ·Meter. The transmission system has also been upgraded to 2 and 3 gears, and the limited slip differential has also been replaced to ensure handling performance.

For this Porsche 911 964, I think it is an incredible achievement. Modified car enthusiasts all over the world follow it. In the modified culture, it can be regarded as a gentleman of cars.