[YesAuto Power Modification] WTAC originated in Australia. It is a race to challenge the lap time. The influence of the race attracts supercars from refit brands and refit shops from various countries around the world. The car introduced today is to participate in the WTAC challenge. Mazda RX-7 FC3S racing car.

Ryosuke Takahashi, the character in the Japanese god-level manga “Initial D”, rides the second-generation Mazda RX-7. Generally can be directly referred to as FC. It went on sale in 1985, and the model code was FC3S. It is equipped with the newly-developed 13B rotary engine, which is available in naturally aspirated and turbocharged versions. The maximum power of naturally aspirated is 161 horsepower and the maximum power of turbocharged is 205 horsepower. Today this car is modified based on a turbocharged model.

On the surface, this is just a beautiful car. However, as one of the fastest cars in the world, it has first-class lap performance. The engineers who love racing are behind and put a lot of energy and time on this racing car. Compared with those cars equipped with exaggerated spoilers, its exterior design is so low-key.
The front bumper of this racing car has an integrated front spoiler. The one-piece manufacturing process and carbon fiber material can reduce the weight and provide very good front pressure. The layout of the shining turbo intercooler in the middle of the front of the car is murderous and aggressive, telling the opponent “I am a beast” at any time. The regular circular hole design next to it is to vent the pipeline for the front brake system to dissipate heat. Knowing that the braking system has to bear a lot of work load in the intense driving on the racing field. The carbon fiber engine compartment cover and the changes to the front headlights have improved the appearance a lot.

Opening the engine compartment cover, the engineers replaced the original water tank with a thicker aluminum alloy water tank. At the same time, they cleverly moved the bottom of the water tank back toward the car body through the design and tilted the water tank 15 degrees. Here is a little knowledge for everyone. The bottom of the water tank is tilted backwards. It is currently a common modification plan. Most of this design is a modification of turbo models. Because the horsepower output is large, the turbo intercooler needs to force the air intake to dissipate heat. The same water tank The engine needs to be forced to dissipate heat. The original design is that the turbo intercooler and the water tank overlap each other. It is fine when the engine output power is low, but the huge heat generation becomes difficult to overcome when the engine is fully loaded. The problem, combined with the characteristics of aerodynamics, when the vehicle is moving at high speed, the oncoming cold air uses the angle between the turbo intercooler and the inclined water tank to form a downward air vortex, and cooperates with the front and lower turbulence to remove the hot air. Roll away, which can dissipate heat well. A square enlarged water tank was also customized next to the water tank to make a wide reserve for the heat dissipation redundancy of this car.

Engineers set up a Garrett brand GTX4088R turbocharger for this 13B rotary engine. The theoretical maximum load-carrying power of this turbocharger is 850 horsepower. The surrounding pipelines and the abdomen of the engine have all been precision strengthened and upgraded. The enhanced fuel injection system and the adjustment of the managed engine computer make the maximum power of this car reach 700 horsepower.

The chassis part is the key link of this car. The whole car is based on the Bilstein twist damper. According to the weight of the car and the characteristics of the track, this racing car is equipped with Eibach springs, and the front and rear are matched. The first 10 kg The rated value of the rear 11 kg spring combined with the WHITELINE adjustable anti-roll bar can provide this car with excellent handling performance.

The wheel rim is from the ADVAN brand RS series, the size is 18 inches with a value of 8.5J, and the tires are A050 full hot melt racing tires of the Yokohama brand 255/35 R18. “Running shoes” can provide good adhesion. , To maintain a high speed in the corners, Project mu's front 6 piston rear 4 piston braking system escorted this car.

APR's rear spoiler is designed with exquisite design. The small connecting rods of the body and rear spoiler can independently adjust the horizontal position to provide different values of downforce at the rear of the car. Just imagine such a 700-horsepower RX-7 FC3S racing car in the racing track. Accelerating in front of your eyes may really stay in your line of sight for a short time.