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[YesAuto Connected Travel] The Zebra Zhilian system on the Shanghai car model has undergone several major upgrades. The system has now been upgraded to the Zebra Venus 1.0 version. Not only the interface style has been redesigned, but also a large number of networking functions have been introduced. It contains more than 20 kinds of Alipay applets, covering various consumer needs that may be encountered when traveling. Taking the opportunity of experiencing MG piloting today, let's first experience this intelligent connection system.

  30 seconds to understand the full text:

1. Compared with the previous version of MARS 3.0, Venus 1.0 has more diverse functions. A/B dual interface interaction is a feature of the use level.

2. There are more than ten kinds of Alipay applets built-in, covering a series of functions such as ticket purchase, restaurant positioning, and non-sense refueling/parking.

3. Support two-way remote control of vehicles and smart home devices.

● The control method of the system is similar to that of a smart phone, with a gorgeous 10.1-inch screen interface design.

Unlike the previous MG HS, which has only mid-to-high-end models equipped with intelligent networked vehicles as standard, MG's Venus system covers the entire system. The new system has a built-in 6-core processor. The HW2.5 chip provides computing power for assisted driving functions. , The performance of this configuration is worthy of recognition. Next, let’s take a look at the “intuitive and visible” hardware such as screen size. The system realizes interaction and communication with people in the car through meters, central control touch screen, physical buttons and voice assistants. The 10.1-inch central control touch screen is all system-wide. The standard configuration, although the screen size is not outstanding, but a variety of interactive needs can still be met. The 12.3-inch full LCD instrument is provided for all automatic models (5 models in total), and mobile phone remote control is only available for Trophy series models (4 models in total).

● A/B dual interface meets the needs of different scenarios.

Then let's take a look at the system interaction logic. The Venus system has designed A/B two interfaces to meet the travel/life scenarios. Each time the vehicle starts, the system will first enter the A interface (because navigation is used more frequently during travel), click on the “three vertical bars” in the lower left corner of the screen. Only then will the small icon “bar” switch to the B interface. The display content of the left menu bar under the A/B interface is slightly different. Take the air conditioner as an example. You must click on the small fan under the A interface to see the air conditioner temperature, while the B interface directly displays it.

● The voice assistant supports a continuous conversation for up to 90 seconds.

Compared with the old system, the voice assistant has improved significantly. “Hello, Zebra” is still the initial sentence to wake up the voice assistant, but after that, you can use more natural and more natural sentences to talk to it, even after shouting the wake word, You still have a maximum of 90 seconds (the initial default waiting time of the system is 30 seconds) to continuously issue commands, and the assistant will respond at any time. Like many other smart cars, the voice assistant of MG Pilot also has a directional function, so that the system can adjust the air-conditioning temperature and other settings of the corresponding area (main driver or co-driver).

● Kuwo Music/Ximalaya FM/Kaishou Short Video can meet multiple video needs.

Online entertainment resources, like most other connected systems, have built-in two online audio applications including Kuwo Music and Himalaya FM, which can basically meet the hearing needs of most users when traveling. Of course, if you want to listen to high-definition music or high-quality resources (such as popular novels, etc.), you also need to purchase a VIP member of Kuwo or Himalaya's exclusive application. Visual content currently only supports one application for Kuaishou. If applications such as iQiyi and other TV dramas or variety shows can be introduced in the future, passengers in the car will no longer be bored when traveling for long distances.

● The online navigation function is comprehensive, the scene experience is closer to daily travel, and the panoramic parking image has no dead ends.

AutoNavi navigation is also one of the navigation applications selected by many intelligent connected car machines. The AutoNavi navigation of the Veuns system is no different from the AutoNavi navigation of other vehicles in terms of functions, such as real-time road conditions, dynamic avoidance of traffic restrictions/congestion, group travel, The navigation path can be projected by the instrument. Different from the past, the intelligent connection system has also added some scene-based presets, especially those commuting users. After entering their daily commuting time and company/family into the system, the system will actively initiate navigation every time they get on the car. It also shows that even if the road conditions, reduce the amount of user operations, this feature is commendable.

● Two-way control between the car and the smart home can be achieved, and the Alipay applet can cover a wide range.

Smart home remote control is nothing new. The Zebra Venus system can also do it. The system supports home equipment under the Tmall ecosystem, covering brands such as Midea and Haier. The remotely controllable equipment includes smart speakers and lamps. , Sweeping robots, small kitchen appliances, etc., please log in to the Tmall Genie mobile app to view the detailed corresponding list. In addition to using the car's voice assistant to control the home appliances, you can also remotely control the car's air-conditioning and other equipment through the smart speaker at home. Prepare a suitable and clean cockpit environment in advance.

● BOSE brand audio and wireless charging and other hardware facilities are in place.

Next, let’s take a look at the other hardware facilities in the car. This time we experienced the highest-configured two-wheel drive version, which is the flagship version of the 400TGI automatic Trophy with a guide price of 145,800 yuan. The hardware facilities that match the intelligent connection system are equally rich and comprehensive. BOSE PREMIUM includes 8 speakers and a subwoofer hidden in the spare tire. The sound field effect can be adjusted in the settings through the center control screen. Mobile phone wireless charging and air purification devices are also standard, and these are also in-car features that more and more users will pay attention to.

● Article summary:

In terms of smart performance, the Zebra Venus 1.0 system is considered to be at the forefront of all Chinese brands. Its excellent performance not only relies on “smart” voice assistants, but also accesses a large number of Alipay applets to a certain extent, which improves the convenience of travel. , And even when you originally needed to take out your mobile phone to scan the code to pay for gas and parking fees, the built-in sensorless refueling/parking function of the system also saves you from taking out your mobile phone, unlocking, opening the App to scan the code, entering a password or The trouble with biometrics. Perhaps in the near future, smart connected car machines like the Zebra Venus may also become indispensable good partners in life.