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[YesAuto Technology] Through the integration of the resources of both parties, the advantages of the CMF platform jointly established by Renault and Nissan in product development began to be demonstrated. Although the brands and model positioning are different, with the flexibility of the CMF platform, different products can be obtained. Appropriate technology rationing, of which security is the most profitable link. In the two frontal crash tests, the overall performance of the driver was very good, while the family members sitting in the front passenger seat showed varying degrees of points reduction.

The side collision test is carried out in two ways. Among them, the side column collision test requires a door sill beam to withstand the impact of the collision. Although the vehicle speed is low, the body still has a certain degree of deformation, especially the roof. But judging from the results, the dummy is well protected. Another side impact is to use a trolley with a deformable barrier to hit the side of the car at a speed of 50km/h. Unlike the column impact test, in addition to the door sill beam, the B-pillar is also the main part to resist the impact, although The side of the car was deformed, but the damage to the entire body structure was not as great as that of the side pillars.

The configuration of the Renault Kadjar test car is very high, almost equipped with all the active safety technologies in the test project. The missing AEB brake system is an optional configuration in the car series. It is said that such a configuration will also be equipped in the future domestic Qashqai cars. Indeed, due to the platform-based development model, Renault Kadjar's performance in the E-NCAP crash test can reflect the situation of other products on the same platform and at the same level to a certain extent.