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[YesAuto News] On August 16, we learned from Baoneng Auto that Baoneng Automobile Co., Ltd. has signed a strategic cooperation with Bosch (China) Investment Co., Ltd. in Shenzhen, and plans to cooperate in the development of innovative and commercial/social value cars. Products, jointly build smart city transportation, and focus on cooperation in cutting-edge technologies such as electric vehicle system technology, autonomous driving, and Internet of Vehicles.

The two parties stated that through this cooperation, Baoneng will further enhance product competitiveness and high-end upgrades to expand into the field of smart transportation; and Bosch Group will strengthen its layout in the “automation, electrification and interconnection” of transportation and continue Introduce cutting-edge solutions on key technologies of new energy vehicles.

In fact, the cooperation between Baoneng and Bosch has long been an opportunity. In May of this year, Yao Zhenhua, Chairman of Baoneng Group, and his entourage visited the headquarters of Bosch in Germany and met with Dr. Dirk Hoheisel, a member of the Board of Directors of Bosch Group. At the signing ceremony, Yao Zhenhua said that in addition to the automotive sector, Bosch’s smart life appliances will also be applied to Baoneng’s real estate projects; and Dr. Dirk Hoheisel also further introduced Bosch’s expertise in autonomous driving, intelligent networking and industrial 4.0 and other areas of the layout.

Since Baoneng Group acquired a 51% stake in Qoros Auto for 6.63 billion yuan, Baoneng has been in the automotive sector. Yao Zhenhua also said that starting from 2018, he will invest 10 billion yuan annually for 5 consecutive years. Qoros Automotive's new car research and development. Wu Xuebin, vice president of Baoneng Automobile and dean of Baoneng Automotive Research Institute, publicly stated in April this year that Baoneng will launch an electric SUV with a constant cruising range of 600 kilometers to 700 kilometers in 2019. (Compilation/Car House Cai Liyuan)