[YesAuto modified event lecture hall] The Fit has now developed to the third generation model, which is called the “Three Flying” by riders. Recently, I have been following our Fit Forum, and found that there are quite a few friends who are doing modification. I believe that the owners of the Fit and prospective owners who have not yet modified it will be itchy to watch these content every day. Don't worry, we have collected some modified parts of this car for everyone. First look at what you can modify, and find a modification plan that suits you. This time, I will introduce the modified products launched by MUGEN and Spoon for Fit. (Most of the prices mentioned in the article are converted from Japanese yen, and actual purchases may differ.)

● MUGEN unlimited modification parts

Honda's eldest son Honda Hiroshi MUGEN, as the Honda Queen's modified brand, is the one who has the deepest understanding of Honda. MUGEN's infinite fit products cover all aspects such as appearance, performance, and interior decoration. In terms of appearance kits, MUGEN has launched two sets of kits for Fit to suit different people's tastes.

The first set of kits was modified more radically, and the front surround and the middle net were replaced. The China Open has been replaced with a sports style with “MUGEN” LOGO. The most prominent feature of the front enclosure is the design of fog lights and daytime running lights on both sides. Side skirts decorate the sides of the body with a more layered feel. A carbon fiber rear spoiler and a rear skirt with LED lights are designed behind the body, and more angular and sporty decorative parts are designed on both sides of the rear enclosure. In addition, the exhaust system adopts a one-sided two-position design. The price of this kit + body painting is 8,57088 yen (RMB 42854).

The difference between the second set of kits and the first set of kits is the front surround and rear spoiler. This set of kits did not replace the entire front enclosure, but added a front lip underneath to make the lower part of the front fuller. The style of the rear spoiler is also different. The kit price is 802,332 yen (RMB 40,116). Personally, I feel that the rear spoiler of the first set of kits matches the effect of the rear of the car more. Two sets of appearance kits, I prefer the first set, and the visual effects are more radical. However, from the price point of view, the price is more than 40,000 yuan. There are certainly not many people who can buy this kit. After all, the appearance kit is already half the price of a car. For car owners, it is really difficult to accept . This also explains why I haven't seen anyone install this kit in the forum. Everyone likes it, but it's too expensive and no one buys it.

There are three types of rims in total, with three sizes of 15, 16, and 17 inches to choose from. Each is priced between 29,120 and 44,280 yen (RMB 1456-2214), and is equipped with black and white rim screws. In terms of brakes, there are two options: Type Touring (RMB 1510 for the front and rear sets) and Type Sport (RMB 2217 for the front and rear sets), which correspond to daily and track daily use. Equipped with scribed brake discs (RMB 1620), the diameter is 262mm in the front and 239mm in the rear. In addition, there are metal tubing options.

MUGEN also launched a vibration damping kit for the Fit. It is a sports kit (damper + spring). The price is RMB 6750. The height and damping of the body cannot be adjusted, which is suitable for daily street use. There are also a lot of things in the car. The bucket sports seats (RMB 12,852) manufactured by RECARO, and the triple monitoring instrument (RMB 7000) is designed on the center console. In addition, there are carbon fiber rearview mirror shells (RMB 600 yuan), carbon fiber ball knobs (RMB 970 yuan), foot pads, trunk mats and welcome pedal trim strips. In other respects, MUGEN also introduced water tank caps, oil caps, oil filter elements, transmission oil and washable air filter elements (RMB 810).

These retrofit kits launched by MUGEN are more suitable for street use. In terms of performance, they are only slightly modified, which can only meet the needs of daily driving. Among these kits, I am more interested in the first group of exterior kits and the bucket seats manufactured by RECARO. However, the price is expensive but unacceptable. It costs about 87,000 yuan to refit a set from the inside out, and the domestic minimum fit price is only 73,800 yuan. The official website of MUGEN does not find the information of agents in mainland China. The Hong Kong agent is Hequn Automobile Co., Ltd. If you are interested in buying, you can consult a local modification shop, they generally have a purchase channel.

● Spoon modified parts

Spoon also has some insights about Honda's modification, and they have also introduced some modification parts for the Fit. Mainly around performance changes, are some basic modification projects.

The carbon fiber engine compartment cover can reduce the weight of the front of the car, which is 3.6kg lighter than the original factory. In addition, the modification parts surrounding the engine include the engine cover, intake manifold, enlarged throttle, air filter and exhaust center and tail section. There are also corresponding products for brake modification parts, including: dual-piston calipers (RMB 6400), brake pads (one set of RMB 2100 for the front and rear), brake discs and brake pedal assembly. In addition, there are general-purpose car rearview mirrors with a wide field of view. The official website also currently only has Hong Kong agents, and the URL link is http://www.man-autoparts.com/.

Today, I will introduce you to two brands of Fit modified products, MUGEN Infinite and Spoon. MUGEN Infinite, as the Honda Queen’s modified brand, has a very rich product line, but the price is indeed a bit unacceptable. Spoon's products are more fragmented, mainly in terms of performance, and the price is relatively close to the people. In addition to the products of the above two brands, we will introduce more Fit modified parts in the future. If you have any questions or needs about the Fit modification, you can leave a message below the article. I will try my best to collect relevant product introductions, prices and purchase channels for everyone.