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[YesAuto Shopping Guide] For a model to sell well, in addition to the quality of the vehicle itself, it is also very important to have a complete and reasonable product line. However, due to the impact of production capacity and market positioning, it is difficult for most models to achieve this at the beginning of the market. However, after a period of sales, manufacturers will launch new models based on the sales of various models and customer feedback to meet market demand. The four models introduced to you today all have such characteristics. Have they ever purchased? Value? Let us understand and analyze together.

Alto cool type

Price: 4.49~62,900

Alto went on the market on September 16, 2009, but only launched three 1.0L displacement models when they first went on the market, namely MT Comfort, MT Luxury and AT Luxury. For a mini car, it is common to have only one displacement, but only 3 models are really thin. So in July this year, Alto launched two cool models, which further enriched its products. line.

In terms of body appearance, the main change of Alto Cool is to increase the sports surround of the whole body, which enhances the sporty sense of this car. In addition, a black anti-scratch strip was added to the side of the body, and there are two main changes in the rear. One is the addition of a spoiler with the same color as the body on the top, and the second is to change the bottom guard from the same color to black. .

There is no change in the design of the interior part, but the color scheme has changed. The new car changed the black rice color scheme of the previous three models compared to home furnishings, but matched the exterior color with red and black and blue and black. The tachometer, air conditioning knob and upper part of the glove box are all decorated in the same color as the body.

In terms of configuration, the cool model has only two additions, one is a GPS navigation system with LCD screen, and the other is to enrich its own audio access methods. The old model only has an AUX interface, while the cool model adds SD card direct reading. The way. For the added configuration, I think it is not very practical. It is better to switch to automatic air conditioning or reversing radar.

The cool space dynamics and the old models have not changed in any way. If there are 180cm passengers sitting in the front and rear rows, the legroom in the back row will only be enough. The 1.0-liter engine has excellent power, with a maximum power of 52kW (71 horsepower) and a maximum torque of 92N·m/2500-3500rpm. The fuel consumption we tested was 5 liters/100 kilometers, and the results were excellent.

Model summary:

The two new models launched this time have added a lot of sports elements to the appearance and interior, which really makes the car look more dynamic. In terms of configuration, only the navigation and SD card audio interface are added. The owners of these two configurations can add them by themselves, and the price of the car has increased by 4,000 yuan. I don’t think it is necessary. After all, we buy a mini car mainly because it is cheap. In terms of configuration, I think it is enough.