[YesAuto Appearance Modification] “Aston Martin has another new car? I haven't heard of it. Come and have a look, uh, this is…?” This is the appearance kit launched by the Japanese modification manufacturer DAMD for the Toyota 86. For 86 Vantage, yes, it is the Vantage of Aston Martin V8 Vantage.

DAMD launched a Toyota 86 conversion kit that mimics the appearance of the LFA last year. The effect is good, but now they are beginning to show the lower limit. This 86 Vantage imitated Aston Martin from the name, especially the “big mouth” front face was definitely copied directly. In addition, the exterior package also includes front fender trim, rearview mirror housing, rear enclosure, and rear spoiler.

Inside the car, 86 Vantage has a very good leather interior. The dashboard, handlebars, door interior panels, handbrake and other elements are filled with dark brown leather, which is quite a vintage luxury car.

In addition, 86 Vantage also has a lot of improvements in handling, replaced by Spirit Racing custom shock absorbers, 19-inch RAYS brand wheels and Bridgestone Botian sports tires. By the way, these parts are also applicable to the Subaru BRZ. (Compilation/Auto House Guo Feng)