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[YesAuto Model PK] Everyone’s focus on buying a car is different. Some people pursue the ultimate control, some people want space and comfort, and some people pay more attention to the price/performance ratio. Recently, a friend bought a car. Its needs are comfort, spaciousness, and mature technology. This reminds me of Nissan. Most of the family cars under this brand have outstanding performance in space and comfort, and are compact in size. It has three models, Sunshine, Tiida, and Sylphy. Of course, you get what you pay for. However, considering the money at hand, Sylphy may not be the best choice.

So today, let us make a comparison, focusing on the practical indicators such as riding space, storage space and comfort, because ordinary consumers are most concerned about these aspects, so compared with their own three competitors of the same level What are the results? Of course, buying a car can't rely on pure rationality. The appearance will also take up a big factor, so we still have to start with their shape.

Sunshine’s volume is the smallest of these three cars, although it is positioned at the compact level, you can understand that there is no problem with the largest number of small cars. At the beginning of its launch, its appearance was quite controversial. To be honest, this model is indeed not aesthetic, but after seeing the actual car, it does not seem to be as bad as in the photo, and I don’t need to describe its appearance in detail. Because the appearance rate on the road has been getting higher and higher.

Nissan has begun to apply a new family front face, which is reflected in the newer Sunshine, Tiida, and the new Tianlai. The most controversial aspect of Sunshine is the “stretched” side lines and unpopularity. The tail to be seen, of course, has advantages and disadvantages. Its advantage is that the wheelbase can be reduced to 2600mm in a smaller volume. From the perspective of the body ratio, it does divide more length into the car. It is in the beginning of the size. There is no entry point on the wheelbase, which will undoubtedly help expand more space in the car.

Tiida has always been the star product of the Nissan family. The spacious space and balanced performance are its main selling points. The lowering does not look as bloated as before, and the shadow of the Nissan family style can be found in the air intake grille on the front face. The focus of the new Tiida change is to extend the wheelbase to 2700mm, which is indeed a good thing for Chinese consumers who are looking for space.

Sylphy is well-known as a comfort school. Compared with the two younger brothers of the same level, it has been on the market for the longest time. I believe everyone is also the most familiar with it. It has undergone minor upgrades in appearance and interior and lowered the price in the middle. , So that its competitiveness is further enhanced, the appearance is full, and the soft lines have become the car of many urban ladies. Its wheelbase is the same as Tiida, which is 2700mm, which is one of the best in compact cars.

Judging from the body size data, it is easy to see the difference in volume among the three. Obviously, body shape and positioning are also inseparable.

Okay, let’s take a look at the interior again. The Sunshine’s center console is almost copied from the small car Ma Chi, with some playfulness and cuteness in the shape, which is easy to be welcomed by female consumers; Tiida’s new interior. The decorations are more fashionable. The piano-painted panels are coordinated with the embedded black textured decorative strips. However, some consumers have mixed praises and criticisms about the new interior design; the interior of Sylphy should be more familiar to everyone, and it has hardly changed in the past few years. , The most conspicuous feature is that the strong home style feels very warm.

The design has its own characteristics, but the workmanship and materials still reflect the principle that you get what you pay for. The sun’s center console is made of hard plastic as a whole, and the material is not good. After all, its The starting price is only more than 80,000 points; the workmanship of Tiida and Sylphy interiors is more rigorous than Sunshine, and the materials are also more exquisite. Soft materials are used in the materials of the center console, but the use area is limited. Then again, users who buy about 800,000 or 90 thousand models will not pay too much attention to the materials of the center console, and there are very few soft materials used at the same price.

Creating a spacious space is Nissan’s strength, so is there a big gap in the space performance of the three different models of cars? Let's start with the comfort of the seat.

Sunshine is small in size, and the size of the seat is smaller than Tiida and Sylphy, but it seems that some simple seats are easy to misunderstand. In fact, the ride feels very comfortable, although it does not have too many packages. , The seat cushion and backrest angles are quite fit; Tiida’s seat area is larger and does not have too many features, but you can describe it in terms of comfort. Needless to say, Sylphy is almost in the same level in terms of comfort. The best.

At present, the front row space of most models is not a problem. Passengers with a height of 178cm have a punch or more margin on the head when adjusted to a suitable driving position, and the space from the rear row to the roof is two fingers, and the smallest volume of sunlight is not What to lose. In terms of the leg space that consumers are most concerned about, Tiida and Sylphy with the same wheelbase of 2700mm perform similarly. There is a trend of leapfrogging in the space exceeding two punches, and the sun is not much weaker, and the legs can also reach the front row. Reaching the distance between two punches is still a good performance in a compact car. It is not easy to have such a space with such a small size!

Everyone’s demand for storage space for family cars may not be too much, but it’s good to go. At least there is a place for the most commonly used mobile phone items. As far as the front center control area is concerned, the sun will suffer a little loss, because it has two exceptions. There is no other storage compartment for a cup holder. Tiida has a small storage area in front of the handle, which is easy to use. The large storage compartment at the top of the Sylphy center console also has a cover, which will not affect the appearance in normal times.

However, the sun may not lose much. The water cup can be placed on the door, so that the cup holder under the center console can hold mobile phone wallet items. This is enough for daily use. If you still have If you want to put other items, then this car can do nothing, because unlike Tiida and Xuan Yi, there is a central storage box.

In the storage space of the back door, Tiida won a complete victory. There is no Sunshine and Sylphy. Sunshine may have inherited some of Marchi's characteristics and ignored the design here. As a large compact model, Sylphy has no rear door storage. Grid shouldn't be right, I think this has something to do with its earlier design.

Family car users will also care about the size of the trunk. It is true that Tiida, as a hatchback, cannot be compared with a sedan in terms of standard volume, but it is easier to transport large items with the seat down. Although the body of Sunshine is two levels smaller than that of Sylphy, the longitudinal space of the trunk is almost the same, but it is slightly narrower due to the width of the body. However, Sunshine and Sylphy have the same shortcomings, that is, the rear seats cannot be put down, which may affect its practicality for some users.

Now look at the configuration based on the standard of a family car. The Sunshine has three configurations. The entry-level Comfort Edition is too low and not recommended. The premium version with the top configuration is too expensive. The most important thing to look at is the luxury version in the middle, manual. The gear and CVT versions are priced at 92,800 yuan and 102,800 yuan respectively. In terms of configuration, you can get keyless start, brake assist, sunroof, aluminum alloy wheels, trip computer, seat height adjustment, headlight height adjustment, rear exhaust air vents, etc. This is completely sufficient for a family car.

These configurations are similar to Tiida's entry-level. Tiida lacks keyless start and sunroof, and has more automatic headlights. Manual transmission and CVT are priced at 105,300 and 115,300 respectively. From the perspective of price and configuration, Sunshine will be worthy of consideration. some. The Sylphy, which is similar to Tiida, is priced at 124,800 and 134,800, which is nearly 20,000 yuan more. For consumers who buy about 100,000 yuan, this is not a small amount. Of course, there are some irrationalities in this comparison, because the positioning of the three cars is inherently different. When the configuration is sufficient, the sunlight is naturally cheaper.

In terms of positioning, Sunshine is suitable for consumers who have a small budget and pay great attention to space and ride comfort, because it can meet daily needs in terms of functionality, and the joint venture car will be more attractive in terms of quality and stability. Rest assured, as long as you don't care about the somewhat controversial appearance, it is very suitable as a family car.

Tiida has more detailed workmanship and richer configuration, and the shape is novel and fashionable. I think normal families will not reject it. The reason is that it has a larger space and a more balanced performance in other aspects, such as comfort configuration. You can also get better enjoyment, but some Chinese people still have some prejudice against hatchback models.

Sylphy's overall performance is indeed the best among these three cars, and the body is also a lot of atmosphere, but its entry-level price can buy a semi-sunshine. People who buy Sylphy have a bit of requirements for the configuration and sense of grade of the vehicle. Suitable for families with relatively abundant funds. Regardless of the model, Nissan’s approach of pleasing consumers with space and comfort is indeed very popular in China.

Four of our colleagues also expressed their opinions on these three models:

Editor-Yuan Lu chooses sunshine

Reason: I care about the price/performance ratio when choosing a car. For the same cost, I want to choose a car that can get more comfort. Among the three compact cars of Nissan, I am more optimistic about the sunshine. The price of less than 100,000 can get a very spacious and comfortable riding space, and the configuration is also more abundant. Compared with the other two models, the 1.5L engine can also bring better fuel economy. Considering that Nissan Sunshine is in line with my requirements for a family car.

Editor-Liu Yuxin chooses Tiida

Reason: For me, who like hatchbacks, Tiida is the best for me among the three cars. It is also the one with a relatively dynamic and tough appearance among the three cars. If the budget is sufficient, I will choose the 1.6T+CVT version. When power is needed, its acceleration performance is not inferior to German supercharged rivals such as Yinglang and Golf. It can also get the comfort and tranquility of Sylphy when driving it daily. , Both movement and static, all controlled by oneself. .

Editor-Zhang Ziyi chooses Sylphy

Reason: I am not a sedan, but if I choose among these three cars, I still choose the more atmospheric Sylphy. The appearance of sunlight is really not flattering, first ruled out. Although Tiida can have a powerful 1.6T engine, the control is very general and not very coordinated. The only thing left is the comfortable and atmospheric Sylphy. Although it will not stimulate my desire to drive, at least its character and appearance are unified, and it is suitable for business and IKEA.

Editor-Hu Zhengyang chooses Sylphy

Reason: The space performance is in place, the sense of transparency makes you feel comfortable, and the sofa-like seat takes care of the buttocks. The interior is pure home style. Sitting in the car is the same as sitting in the bedroom. With a Sylphy, it is easy to gain weight because it is really comfortable.

Editor-Sun Tao chooses sunshine

Reason: Sunshine’s spacious ride space and comfort are also very good in models of the same price. Although the appearance is not very good-looking, for me who value the price-performance ratio more, the space configuration and power can meet my travel needs. The key is Its price is very cheap.


Sunshine, Tiida and Sylphy are not a direct threat. Although they are compact cars, their positioning and target users are still different. Their common feature is that they all have comfortable seats and spacious seating space. This is very important for the car, and the configuration can also meet daily needs. In terms of power, although Sunshine’s 1.5L and Tiida Sylphy’s 1.6L are not strong, they are very fuel-efficient, which may be more meaningful than the acceleration time by one second. The choice of anyone is not a problem, the key depends on the money in your pocket.