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[YesAuto Professional Evaluation] In the past few years, most independent car companies focused on the small car, compact car, small SUV, and compact SUV market; in recent years, more and more independent brands have begun to develop and launch Medium-sized cars, to enrich the product line and enhance the brand image, so Changan Ruicheng was born. It has been highly anticipated since its release date. In the test drive article on March 1st, we have already tasted its charm. A few days ago, Ruicheng has been officially listed, let's take a look at its performance.

Ruicheng was officially listed on April 16, 2013, with a price of RMB 109.8-200,800. See the table below for details. From the perspective of price and model distribution, the main task of the top-mounted model of RMB 200.8 thousand is to support the appearance; the 1.8T model of RMB 179 thousand is just in line with the “Double 18” policy and will become the main cart type for bus purchases; family consumers are choosing At the time of purchase, three low-profile models ranging from 109,800 to 129,800 should be more fancy. Unfortunately, we have not yet found a 2.0L model as a test car. It is said that the manufacturer mainly promotes two 1.8T models of 149,800 and 16.98, and currently only these two models are currently available on the market. We tested the 1.8T 6AT flagship model with a higher price.

Power system

Ruicheng is one of the earlier models equipped with a supercharged engine in its own brand of medium-sized cars, and the data of this 1.8L turbocharged engine is quite good, 177 horsepower, 230 N·m, and the maximum torque can be 1700rpm to 5000rpm The wide range of output is matched with the 6-speed automated manual gearbox that performs well in terms of ride comfort, and the shift logic is quite reasonable. The combination of the two makes Rui Cheng's power output very smooth in daily driving.

Performance test

0-100km/h acceleration

Starting at 2500rpm, Ruicheng rushed out of the starting line with the sound of tires. The entire 1st gear acceleration was good, but the gearbox shifted into 2nd gear early at 5000rpm, and then shifted to 3rd gear when the speed climbed to 5500rpm again. Two premature gearshifts made Ruicheng embarrassingly move to 3rd gear. Accelerating from 75km/h to 100km/h, this process is very long, resulting in the final score of 10.87 seconds lost to many opponents whose power parameters are not as good as its.

The direct cause of the general acceleration performance is the gearbox. The maximum power of the Ruicheng 1.8T engine is output at 5500rpm, and the gearbox program is obviously too conservative. The first gear can only run to 5000rpm, and the second gear can only run to 5500rpm. It is said that the 6500rpm red line is still far away, and even the maximum power of the engine cannot be used in the first gear. As for why the gearbox program is set in such a way, the engine can't perform its full performance, let's leave this problem to Changan engineers.

100-0km/h brake

The brake performance of 41.74 meters has entered the excellent range recognized by the car home, which can be affirmed. However, after studying the testing process, we found that Ruicheng's braking performance can be improved. When braking at full capacity, the grip of the tires that pay attention to quietness and comfort is average, and the suspension is soft, the tail of Rui Cheng has a higher degree of tilt. From the graph, it can be seen that the deceleration has not been very stable. The brake system, tires and suspension The frame system seems to have engaged in a three-way fight. In the end, Ruicheng's braking performance of 41.74 meters ranked in the middle of the same class.

Due to time constraints, we were not able to test Ruicheng's fuel consumption performance this time. I think that the 2.0L model will be the first choice of individual consumers. Therefore, we will try our best to coordinate the 2.0L media test drive for you to test its performance and fuel consumption performance. Please be patient. If you have any questions about Ruicheng, you can discuss with me in my editor blog.

Simply talk about driving experience

In the test drive article, I have already shared the driving experience of the Ruicheng 1.8T 6AT model. The powertrain of the test car has not changed this time. Just a few words. It is not an exaggeration to say that Ruicheng is one of the best self-owned brand mid-size cars I have ever driven. Although it performed mediocre in performance tests, it was caused by the protection program of the gearbox at high speeds. Ruicheng is in The overall performance in daily driving is still quite outstanding.

Let's talk about power first. The 1.8T engine performs well in the daily driving speed range of 1500-2500rpm. When accelerating and overtaking, you usually only need to use 1/4 of the throttle depth. Its power output is relatively stable, and occasionally a small burst of power can be felt when the turbine is fully involved, but it is not abrupt.

As mentioned earlier when introducing the gearbox, its ride comfort and shift logic are very good. Except for decelerating and stopping, there will be some slight frustration when going from 2nd to 1st gear, you basically don't feel the shifting process while driving. When you step on the accelerator, its downshift reaction speed is very fast, faster than that of 6AT of many independent brands or even joint-venture brands; what is more valuable is that once you stop fueling and stop accelerating, it will quickly understand the intention and start to gradually increase Gears, keep the engine at a low speed as much as possible, quite “smart”.

Ruicheng feels very heavy when it is opened. The mechanical hydraulic power steering system has been specially adjusted to make the performance of the steering wheel more like electric power. The steering force is moderate, and the correction force is small. It is more labor-saving to operate. Can give people a sense of control. In addition, Ruicheng's accelerator pedal feels more comfortable, with linear force, and it will not be too light to feel or spring.

In the test drive article, I praised Ruicheng’s suspension. It is soft, somewhat “flicker”, and very comfortable. However, it does not isolate all vibrations, but retains a part of the road feel inside the car. The driver can perceive road conditions. During this test, we ran through many bad roads, speed bumps, railroad tracks, and so on. We found that the suspension was not solid enough in the face of large-scale shocks. Sitting in the car will feel like being lifted up, and it is comfortable. Will be affected a bit.

Circumferential pile

Such a big car with such a soft suspension usually makes people scratch their heads in a sling test, but Ruicheng's performance is not bad. In the continuous line change, although the suspension stretches a lot, it still strives to control the center of gravity of the vehicle and responds positively to every steering command from the driver, ensuring good tracking at the rear of the vehicle. The biggest shortcoming shown by Ruicheng in the spool is that the steering intensity is not even enough, but for such a medium-sized car whose primary appeal is comfort, its performance can already get 80 points.


Ruicheng is a successful product. Although its performance in the performance test is not satisfactory, this is not its main pursuit. The atmospheric appearance, large space and excellent workmanship are the consumers of this type of car. They are most concerned about. After listing, the starting price of less than 110,000 yuan allows Ruicheng to be linked to the word “cost-effectiveness”. As for the top and second top distributions, those seemingly exaggerated prices are either used to “support the appearance” or serve as official duties. For cars sold, we ordinary consumers need to pay attention to the three low-end models. However, there is news that these three models have not yet been mass-produced, and friends who like Ruicheng can only consider high-end models first…

Ruicheng 2013 1.8T Automatic Flagship

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Manufacturer's guide price

16.98 million

Consumers who want to spend a bare car price of over 100,000 for a medium-sized car with the atmosphere and configuration must be familiar with these medium-sized cars of their own brands: Changan Ruicheng, BYD G6, Trumpchi GA5, Pentium B90 , Emgrand EC8, etc. By the way, there is also the BYD Sirius that has just been listed and is equipped with a heavenly configuration. If you are an out-and-out configuration control, I think it goes without saying, you must have gone to BYD; if you want your mid-size car to be comfortable and sporty, then Trumpchi GA5 is a good choice; and Pentium Comparing B90, Emgrand EC8 and Changan Ruicheng, I personally think that the three cars are the most comfortable to drive, Ruicheng, and Ruicheng’s workmanship is indeed difficult to spot the fault, so if it were me, I would be more inclined Yu Changan Ruicheng.

If you are interested in Changan Ruicheng, you can click here to submit your car purchase intention, and someone will get in touch with you. If you want to know about Ruicheng's arrivals and discounts, please click here to check the contact information and quotation of local dealers, and call for consultation.

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