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[YesAuto Professional Evaluation] “Sorry, the dad who was absent from the outing because of lack of space! Sorry, the customer who was neglected because of not being comfortable enough! Sorry, the former me! It's yours, it's all for you!” This is Kuwei's advertisement Copywriting, domestic car advertisements are not impressive. Among them, the ridiculous “pan” is counted as one, and this warm-hearted Dodge Cool Wei sorry advertisement is definitely counted as one. Before going out to test, I sat at the workstation and played this advertisement three times. After that, I picked up the key and seemed to find my role: a driver who was taking the whole family out. Now I sit here and tell you what I feel.


Kuwei 2013 3.6L four-wheel drive flagship version

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Dodge Coolway is called Journey in foreign countries. This is a name that is easy to think of. It is associated with taking the whole family on vacation, and it is associated with innocent children sleeping soundly on the way. From the appearance, the Kuwei is more like an MPV, which is obviously different from the appearance style of its rivals Highlander and Ruijie. There is no special design for the details of the 3.6L model, only the “AWD” nameplate on the rear of the car indicates the identity of the 3.6L four-wheel drive flagship. On the road these few days, perhaps it is not common, but I have earned a lot of attention.

Interior and configuration

Open the door and sit in the car. The interior decoration has completely changed our traditional concept of the rough workmanship of American cars. Both the design and the detailed craftsmanship performed well. Among them, the seat that impressed me the most was the beige seat with a smooth leather feel and soft leather. The large seats are well-filled and have a good supporting effect on the body. The comfort is quite high. As for the wrapping, I think this is not what any SUV with comfortable positioning must pursue.

In terms of configuration, the optional rear entertainment system on the 2.4L model appears as a standard configuration on this flagship version. Rear passengers can watch DVDs to solve the boring journey of long-distance travel. Others are the same. The configuration of the whole system is not very different, and the function on the key is not increased in any way. There is no electric trunk, no remote start, and it is also inconvenient to manually unlock with the key when refueling.

For other static experience, I recommend that you click on the link below to enter the evaluation of the 2.4L Kuwei, because the static parts of the two cars are exactly the same. Of course, I also recommend you to watch this 3-minute ad, which more realistically shows the configuration characteristics of this car.

Power system

The Kuwei I drove is equipped with a 3.6L V6 naturally aspirated engine. This engine is also assembled on the Chrysler 300C, Wrangler and Grand Cherokee, but has been slightly adjusted according to different models. Its maximum power is 280 horsepower (206kW)/6350rpm and maximum torque is 342 N·m/4350rpm. The 6-speed automatic manual gearbox and engine cope with this nearly two-ton big guy.

Driving experience

I have always told myself to restrain the passion in my heart and always adopt a smooth driving style. It doesn't appear awkward at all low speeds, and the adjustments in the early stages of the throttle are even a bit sensitive. In daily driving, it behaves very smoothly, and the gearbox moves very softly. Although there is no enthusiasm, it can obviously feel the engine's reserve of vigor. It can respond to overtaking at any time without the need to reserve an acceleration distance.

The gradual and continuous acceleration is something the previous 2.4L models can’t give at all. Its energy is more vigorous at medium and high speeds, and the gearbox will downshift as needed at any time. Driving within the legal speed limit is still quite good. Energetic, you will reach the upper limit of the highway of 120 km/h quietly, the whole acceleration is very calm, not in a hurry, and it is so natural from start to finish, and there is no need to worry about it. The sound of the engine during acceleration is not noisy, but rather thick, which is also the delicate sound line unique to the 3.6L engine.

The suspension setting is very solid. Almost all the bumps on the road are isolated under the floor. There is no obvious swing of the body when driving through potholes. Passengers in the front and rear rows will hardly have too much comfort. Complaints. The privacy glass in the rear window will protect passengers very well, no matter the vicious sunlight or unfriendly gaze, they will not “harm” them.

The mechanical-hydraulic steering is delicate, and the feedback is easy to drive. The sitting posture is not as high as the high-end SUVs of Highlander. It is more like driving an MPV. These are the feelings that this car gives me in daily driving.

Let's take a look at the results of these feelings being quantified: Cool Wei 3.6L four-wheel drive flagship test results.

0-100km/h acceleration

The explosive power at the start is not strong, and the maximum G value is only 0.5g. Due to the existence of the four-wheel drive system, the tires have not slipped, and the body attitude control is relatively good. After the start, the power release in the middle section is more stretched, and the acceleration appears extremely stable. The shift speed of the 6-speed manual transmission is average, and the gears are tightly connected and smooth. Generally speaking, its performance is in line with expectations, and it is also the level this car should have.

100-0 km/h brake test

The 41.99-meter result is a normal result for this car that is close to two tons, and the driver has more than two tons. The posture of the body during braking is not exaggerated, the suspension well controls the pressure caused by the shift of the center of gravity, and the performance is stable in the test.

Four-wheel drive test

Coolway uses a timely four-wheel drive system with a multi-disc clutch in the center. On dry paved roads, front-wheel drive is used. When the front wheels slip, the system will distribute the power to the rear axle, but there is no limit slip between the coaxial wheels. The power distribution is completely automated by the computer, and there are no human-controlled buttons or knobs in the car.

Although Coolway has a ground clearance of 180mm, which is not small from a numerical point of view, its approach angle is too limited. Before the wheels touch the iron frame with the pulley block, the front lip is already on the shelf.

There is no limit slip between the wheels of Coolway. Obviously, it is impossible to get out of the trap when encountering a cross axle. The wheels that lose their adhesion will skid wildly, and all the power is wasted. It is not difficult to see from this that the four-wheel drive of Couwei is more to cope with low-adhesion wet and slippery roads and improve driving stability. If you really want to drive it over the mountains, you have to be cautious, at least you have to choose the right route.

Comprehensive fuel consumption test

In the fuel consumption test, we drove a total of 145.5 kilometers, with an average speed of about 29 kilometers per hour, and finally added 21.18 liters of gasoline to it, and calculated fuel consumption per 100 kilometers to be 14.6L. In our SUV category, Coolway is classified as a medium-sized SUV. When the driver weighs more than two tons, and is equipped with a 3.6L naturally aspirated engine, the displacement and vehicle weight are relatively large, and high fuel consumption seems inevitable.

to sum up:

First of all, the style of Coolway is tougher, and it is a rare kind on the road. The brand and style are relatively individual. In terms of power, the 3.6L naturally aspirated engine does not pursue explosive power. Its characteristics are linear and relaxed driving style. The configuration and comfort are at the same level as the opponent, and there is no obvious flaw. However, the fuel consumption of the 3.6L engine is somewhat high for family car users. In short, the fuel economy of the 2.4L model is better, but the power has become a short board, and the medium and high speeds are weak.

From the perspective of market competition, Kuwei points its opponents to urban SUVs such as Highlander and Ruijie. At present, Highlander occupies an absolute market share and has established a certain reputation; although Ruijie’s sales are far lower than Highlander , But it is gradually increasing from a trend point of view. Moreover, it has a lot of bright spots, and Kuwei is still a new player. The brands and models are relatively niche. It will take some time to be recognized and accepted.

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