[YesAuto Evaluation] Experienced businessmen can always find business opportunities, and their eyes are sharper than ordinary people. For example, Hyundai Motor believes that there is a gap between Langdong and Sonata, waiting to be filled. At the level of a part-time worker, I may never realize this. In order to meet the needs of this part of the market, they launched a famous picture.

In May 2013, we went to South Korea to conduct a comprehensive observation of famous pictures. This test report will include appearance, interior, space, performance test, driving experience and other aspects. Since the manufacturer gave us a trial car that is still in the internal testing stage, some details may be different from the commercial car that will be listed in the future, please understand.


Hyundai's positioning of Mingtu is between Langdong and Sonata, so it is not difficult to understand that its body size should also be between the two. The data we got from the factory confirms this.

Since the establishment of the design concept of “fluid sculpture”, Hyundai's new cars are more dynamic than each other, and the appearance of famous pictures has broken this pattern. In the future, its main consumer group will be middle-aged people aged 30 to 40. In order to be more acceptable, Hyundai has prepared a set of design schemes that are biased towards the atmosphere and calm.

Except for the slightly lively lines of the fog lights, the detail processing of each part of the front face has abandoned the previous dominant thought of being vivid and vital, and replaced it with a full and firm feature. I believe middle-aged people will not resist this performance.

As a model designed for China and only sold in China, the design concept of Mingtu is completely different from that of Langdong and Sonata Eight. The full and strong lines make the body look larger than the actual size, and the details are not fancy. , The overall feeling is decent enough. Some people say that the “fluid sculpture” works are eye-catching, but over time it will be aesthetically tired. There is basically no such possibility in the famous picture, and it slowly appears on the stage, slowly accepts it, and calms down.


Of course, the interior design should not be out of touch with the appearance, and it should also be handled according to the principle of moderation and calmness. The test car we photographed is a 2.0-liter automatic version. It should be noted that many internal materials are still in the test stage, which is quite different from our common commercial cars (for example, the plastic near the glove box cover in the picture below) It is very smooth and has not been frosted), please pay attention.

The central control LCD screen is not too big, it should be equipped with the following version, even then it is also a touch screen, and even can find the audio sound field adjustment function, the sense of grade is no problem, Hyundai Motor's psychological research on Chinese consumers is really deep. Certainly. Later, we also photographed the LCD screen of the top version, which is larger and more functional. The only drawback is that there is no functional application with interconnection technology. Fortunately, most middle-aged people don't care about this now.

One-button start, zoned automatic air conditioning, centrally controlled LCD screen, ESC system, ECO energy-saving mode, etc. As a non-top model, the configuration of this shooting car is not low. The interior design maintains a style consistent with the appearance, simple and atmospheric. It is questionable whether the use of wood-grain patches is too much? In addition, the light color also weakens the aura. I don’t know if the mass production version will improve.

Storage space

The storage space in the famous picture carriage is excellent, and there is enough space for small personal items such as wallets, mobile phones, keys, etc. I will show you one by one with pictures below.

Starting from the Elantra, including Yuedong, Langdong, Mingyu, and Sonata eight, modern three-box family models do not have the rear seat down function. This time the famous picture is still the same. The rear row is fixed and only one is designed. The opening to the trunk. Manufacturers need to think about this issue seriously. Spatial flexibility is a very important indicator for Chinese consumers. Maybe they should send someone to China to find an ordinary person to live for a period of time.

In terms of storage space, the performance of the famous pictures is worthy of recognition. There are many storage boxes and storage slots inside the compartment that can be placed at hand. There is enough space for the front and rear members to put things, but the rear seats still cannot be put. However, this is an old problem, and I hope that the mass production version can be changed.

Riding space

Ride space is the key content of the famous map. Since the body size has entered the ranks of medium-sized cars, our expectations for it are naturally higher.

The actual performance was not disappointing. Except for the middle passenger in the back row, the other four seats can provide plenty of space. I was especially impressed with the legroom in the back row. I am 1.75 meters tall and I have legroom here. Achieve more than two punches, spacious!

In the development process, the interior designer took Nissan Sylphy as the goal and optimized the seats. The actual experience felt that the seats of the famous pictures are indeed much softer than the previous modern models, and they are similar to large sofas and Nissan seats. Compared with the lack of a little air cushion, the smell of sitting up and sinking slowly has to be studied.

The panoramic sunroof is a very attractive configuration. It is still unknown which versions will be used in the future. The front part of the sunroof can be lifted up or opened back. Although the opening part is not large, it is similar to many unmovable panoramic sunroofs. A lot ahead than already.

Mingtu’s seating space is excellent, with spacious cabins and comfortable seats, and passengers can get guaranteed space enjoyment. In addition, the configuration of seat heating, seat ventilation, and panoramic sunroof is also a bonus item. This link can give 90 points.

1.8AT and 2.0AT acceleration/brake performance test

In the future, Mingtu will be equipped with two engines, 1.8-liter naturally aspirated and 2.0-liter naturally aspirated. Both engines are familiar to everyone. The 1.8-liter Langdong is in use, and the 2.0-liter Sonata eight is in use, but on Mingtu Their parameter adjustments have changed.

The maximum power of the 1.8-liter engine is 143 horsepower and the peak torque is 175 N·m. Compared with the 1.8-liter engine of Langdong, the torque remains the same, and the power is slightly reduced. The manufacturer said that the main consideration is to reduce fuel consumption; the 2.0-liter engine is the largest The power is 155 horsepower and the peak torque is 192 N·m. The parameters are lower than those of the Sonata eight 2.0-liter version. The starting point is also to consider fuel consumption. Both versions are matched with a six-speed automated manual gearbox, Hyundai's own product.

Since the test car must be covered with a thick car jacket outdoors, we did not take photos of the acceleration and braking postures this time. We will focus on the test results of the two cars.

Accelerated testing

The 1.8AT's 0-100km/h acceleration score is 11.07 seconds, and the 2.0AT version is half a second faster than it: 10.56 seconds. Although the displacement of the two engines is only 0.2 liters, there is still a big gap in actual performance. Consumers can rely on this to make a more comprehensive comparison when choosing a car.

From the graph, the 1.8AT version has a stronger starting momentum, with the highest G value even exceeding 0.7g, but this momentum did not last for long, and the later power output was not tight enough. The result was fixed at 11.07 seconds. I think that a naturally aspirated engine with a displacement of a few liters for such a big car is fine.

The 2.0AT version has a more emboldened starting performance. The peak above 0.5g lasted for nearly 1 second, and then showed a slow downward trend. The overall power output is more compact, and the matching degree of the 6AT gearbox seems to be more mature than that of the 1.8AT. Although the 10.56 seconds is not fast, it is enough considering the body size and the gap with 1.8AT.

Brake test

The 100-0km/h braking performance of the two cars was amazing. 1.8AT: 36.64 meters and 2.0AT: 37.14 meters. From the graph, the brake G value can reach below -1g. There is no problem with the braking force. The ABS system The late intervention time indicates that the tires can provide good enough grip. In addition, our test was completed in the internal test site of Hyundai Ulsan Factory. I think it has a certain relationship with the quality of the ground asphalt. In any case, I really didn't expect the measured results to reach this point, the performance of full marks.

2.0AT noise test

Finally, we used the 2.0AT model to conduct a noise test. The manufacturer also emphasized some targeted measures of Mingtu in this regard at the previous product description meeting. According to the actual test results, these measures did work. The noise level is very low, 120km/h cruise, the conversation of the occupants in the car is almost unaffected, only a small amount of wind noise and tire noise are introduced into the car, and the performance is excellent.

Driving experience
    Note: Dynamic pictures can only be taken outside the factory area. The body must be camouflaged due to confidentiality requirements. Please understand.

The target consumer group of Mingtu is married middle-aged people between the ages of 30 and 40, so that its driving experience must be based on comfort as the main consideration. I am not yet 30 years old, and I have felt that my physical condition is worse than a year. When I reach 30, I will inevitably want a simple and comfortable car to take care of daily commuting.

The seats mentioned in the name picture were developed with Nissan Sylphy as the goal. This strategy helped a lot. The front and rear seats are very soft, similar to a sofa, and more comfortable than the seats of modern family cars in the past, but the surface is wrapped in leather. It will be better if it is looser. The staff of the manufacturer told us honestly that the Mingtu chassis system was improved from the Sonata Eight. Actually feel that its suspension adjustment is more comfortable than the Sonata Eight, and the fine bumps of the pavement road are filtered out. It is clean and comfortable, but when passing long-wave undulating roads at high speed, the longitudinal movement of the rear row is too large, and passengers will feel a little throwing away.

The main driver this time is the 2.0AT version, which has decent power and stable linear output. The performance of the gearbox is worthy of recognition. The shifting action is delicate and smooth, upshifts are active, and downshifts are also very active. Unexpectedly, when you step on the accelerator pedal a little deep in the cruising state, there will be an immediate response to the downshift action. Personally feel that it is not necessary for a comfortable car sensitive. This 2.0-liter naturally aspirated engine is maturely matched to the 6AT gearbox, and you will soon be able to find out their working characteristics. You don't need to worry about getting familiar with it, so you can drive away immediately.

There is a button on the steering wheel of the famous picture to adjust the power of the steering power (the new Shengda also has this configuration), so that the steering feel is divided into three gears, light, normal, and heavy. The power of the light and heavy gears is at least three times different, so I It is not recommended that you adjust the intensity during driving, it is best to choose a gear before starting.

After that, I simply tested the 1.8AT version. The most impressive experience is that its power performance is indeed different from the 2.0-liter version, but only rapid acceleration, high speed and other conditions are reflected. There is little difference between the two cars in daily city driving. . When buyers are hovering between 1.8 liters and 2.0 liters, they can consider their own car environment. If they often run at high speeds, of course the 2.0 liter version is suitable. If there are more travels in the city, the 1.8 liter version with a lower price is enough. Up.


The wheelbase of the famous picture reaches 2770mm. In the future, we will classify it into the medium-sized car category. However, manufacturers will not compare it with mainstream medium-sized cars with an average price of 2560 thousand. During the development process, their imaginary enemies are Volkswagen Sagitar and Nissan. Sylphy's “leapfrog” compact cars that are known for their space, it seems that the selling points of the famous pictures are also more obvious: the appearance is large, the riding space is more atmospheric, the storage space is rich, the high-tech configuration is few, but the practical configuration should be some. Both are easy to drive, and the ride is very comfortable. At the product level, I only have three questions: Can the rear seats fall down? What is the actual fuel consumption performance? price?

At present, the actual price of the 1.6-liter top-fitting on the market is less than 130,000, and the 1.8-liter top-fitting is more than 140,000. And the Sonata eight 2.0-liter lowest configuration even has more than 130,000 quotations. The price range of the famous map must be the same as that of these two models. Cars overlap, on the other hand, the main models of Sagitar and Sylphy's prices are also concentrated in the range of 110,000-150,000. Consumers certainly hope that the lower the price of a new car, the better, and how to price will also be the most important issue for the modern sales department.