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[YesAuto Smart Car Link Evaluation] Jietu X70 is a medium-sized SUV model of the brand that focuses on the entry market. It has three seats of 5/6/7 seats, relatively low price and spacious interior space, making it practical This aspect has attracted the attention of many potential users. In August 2019, Jietu X70 ushered in a facelift. Not only did the interior styling have been improved, some high-end versions of the 10.1-inch screen Zhiyun system made some changes in the system interface and button panel. Then we will Let's take a look at the performance of this interconnected system.

According to the different gearbox type, number of seats and configuration level, the 2020 Jietu X70 has as many as 27 different configurations. If only from the configuration point of view, the car is mainly divided into Jinxing, Changxing, Yuexing, Zhixing and Zunxing There are 5 configuration levels. Although all models are equipped with a 10.1-inch touch screen system, only the top version, which is the Zunxing version, is truly equipped with the “full configuration” Zhiyun system. This is the model we tested today. Top version.

Although the Jietu series is also under Chery Automobile, the system it uses is different from the systems of Arrizo and Xingtu. For example, Arrizo GX uses the Flying Fish OS 2.0 system of iFLYTEK and Xingtu LX. It is the Lion Zhiyun 3.0 system based on Xiaodu's in-vehicle OS. The reason why there are so many choices is that Chery has a set of “survival of the fittest” rules, and at the same time investigates and chooses the best. From the final score, Jietu X70 Zhiyun system has a certain gap with Feiyu OS and Lions Zhiyun system in terms of interaction and functions. Such a functional gap may have a certain relationship with product positioning. Next, we will focus on each system. Part for detailed analysis.

Human-vehicle interaction

The interior design of Jietu X70 looks more traditional. The large central screen and touch panel are located in the center of the center console. The overall layout is very regular. The dark interior and silver or wood grain trims are also in line with the aesthetics of most age groups of users. tend. Compared with the old X70, the shape of the center console has been significantly changed. The overall touch of the touch panel is stronger than the previous physical buttons, and the sense of quality has been improved.

The 12.3-inch LCD instrument is standard except for the Jinxing and Changxing versions. The information is in a horizontal layout format. Users can switch among the three background colors of blue, red and purple according to their preferences. The content that the meter can display is rich and diverse, but too many functions are integrated in the left menu. To view different information, you need to switch manually, which is a bit cumbersome for daily use.

The voice assistant can be awakened by the steering wheel button or the voice command of “Jietu Jietu”, and the system also supports custom wake-up words. From the measured performance, the Jietu X70 voice assistant has a good ability to understand imperative sentences, but the ability to understand natural semantics is not strong, and there is still a lot of room for improvement in intelligent performance.

From the perspective of interaction, Jietu X70 can meet the basic requirements of the intelligent connection system in terms of the combination of LCD instrument + LCD touch screen, voice recognition capabilities, etc., and has a certain use value in daily use and human-vehicle interaction. However, in terms of in-depth semantic understanding and interface UI design, the X70 still has a certain gap compared with some models of other brands.

Other hardware and software equipment

In terms of other functions, the X70 mid-to-high configuration version is equipped with a 6-speaker audio system. The front doors on both sides are also equipped with metal texture audio cover panels. The radial texture design enhances the cockpit's temperament. Through the touch screen and the touch panel at the bottom of the screen, functions such as ambient light, single-zone automatic air conditioning, and air evolution device can be controlled. The touch panel is visually superior to the old physical button set, but on the contrary The problem is that fingerprints will inevitably be left on the panel.

Function realization

After talking about the hardware level, let's take a look at how the Jietu X70 Zhiyun system performs. First of all, we start with the commonly used radio, entertainment, navigation and other functions. These functions are the most frequently used in our daily travel. Whether the access function is simple, whether the resources are abundant, and whether the navigation setting is convenient will affect the user's actual car experience.

The radio and multimedia of the first screen under the main interface are the two functions of local FM/AM radio and local sound source playback, respectively, to meet the most basic entertainment needs of users. Networked multimedia resources are integrated in the “Online Mall” on the second page of the interface. News, music, and Internet radio come from three different applications. It should be noted that voice commands can hardly help users easily search for online resources. We recommend that you search manually while parking.

The car’s built-in navigation function is quite rich. In addition to manually setting the destination, users can also search through the Jietu Motor App and send it to the car. It should be noted that the car machine does not support license plate entry. When evading the restricted area, time can only be used as a reference, and it cannot be dynamically evaded based on the license plate data.

In terms of panoramic images, although the screen size has reached 10.1 inches, the entire image does not occupy the entire screen, and the parking image only occupies about an 8-inch screen. In addition, the clarity of the entire picture is not very high, and the picture distortion is more obvious when viewing the camera image alone. Although it can meet the daily auxiliary functions, there is still a certain gap in the sense of grade compared with other intelligent connected systems. The version with panoramic parking image comes with a driving recorder function, users only need to purchase a memory card to realize real-time image recording, taking pictures and other functions. Of course, if the user wants to use the self-purchased recorder, a USB power port is also provided on the inner rearview mirror to power the third-party recorder equipment. This is worthy of recognition.

In terms of mobile phone interconnection, in addition to Baidu CarLife mobile phone mapping, functions such as vehicle remote control and vehicle condition viewing can also be realized after binding the vehicle through the Jietu Auto App. In addition, according to official disclosures, models with built-in networking systems can also use devices such as J-Watch smart bracelets to unlock and start the doors.

Taking into account that the Zhiyun system provides basic functions such as online music, car navigation, Wi-Fi hotspots, and mobile phone App remote control, Jietu X70 can get a good basic score and is fully capable of daily use. However, compared with other intelligent connected systems, the X70 system still has obvious shortcomings, such as the lack of functions such as dynamic avoidance of traffic restrictions, and the resolution of the panoramic image screen is not high. These are the main reasons for the lack of high scores in terms of functions.

Service ecology

In order for drivers to completely abandon the use of mobile phones in the car, the in-vehicle system should have some common functions of mobile phones. From the current stage, the layout of the service ecology is very important. It can not only improve the sense of grade during daily travel and car use, but also It can bring some convenience to travel, so we have included the service ecology in the evaluation system. In terms of service ecology, Jietu X70 has added manual customer service and one-key rescue services to the mobile app, but these functions are not available in the car-machine system.

Communication Favorability

At present, voice has become the mainstream way of interaction, but the intelligence of the voice assistant determines how people use it. At this stage, some are smart co-pilots who understand you and can bring you pleasure, while some are co-pilots who can answer the questions that are not asked. Therefore, an in-vehicle system that can be called smart should at least understand you, and secondly, it can bring pleasure.

Although the Jietu X70 Zhiyun system can use voice commands to control multimedia, navigation, Bluetooth phones and even air conditioners and sunroofs, its understanding of voice commands is still at a relatively basic level, and its ability to recognize natural commands is not strong, and it communicates well. Sensitivity needs to be improved.

● Article summary:

Auto Home Smart Car Association Evaluation
Rank Model Human-computer interaction Function realization Service ecology Communication Favorability Total score



106.4 95 62 40 90.72

Roewe RX5 PLUS

Zebra VENUS 4.0

91.3 89.2 83 70 87.94

Qi Chenxing

Kaichen Zhilian System 4.0

91.5 92.8 74.0 20.0 85.95
4 Nezha U
Pivot system
99.0 94.9 26.0 60.0 84.05
ADiGO IoT System
80.0 98.4 30.0 30.0 79.20

Haval F5

86.5 85.2 60.0 30.0 79.05

Roewe RX5

Zebra 3.0

83.6 81.2 66.0 50.0 78.08

Territory S

87 93.2 20.0 40.0 77.70
AI-OS system
86.5 84.0 46.0 50.0 77.35

Star Way LX
Lion Zhiyun 3.0

84.7 89.7 36.0 30.0 77.16
68 JETTO X70
Zhiyun Auto Union
69.5 60.0 14.0 10.0 53.45

Judging from the final score and actual experience, the Jietu X70 Zhiyun system provides the mainstream functions that are more common in intelligent connected systems such as networked multimedia resources, wireless charging, panoramic parking images, and on-board Wi-Fi, but it is in communication and value-added. There is still a big gap between services and other systems such as Zebra Zhixing and Xiaodu Car OS, which is the main reason why it cannot achieve high scores. However, considering that the Jietu X70 equipped with the Zhiyun system has a relatively low guide price, the lack of a high-intelligence system may also be due to cost considerations. Of course, we still hope that Jietu can gradually improve the functions of the intelligent connection system in future models to meet Users have more diverse networking needs.