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[YesAuto Test Drive] If the roots are traced, the Land Rover Freelander should be the forerunner of luxury compact SUVs. Although the second-generation Freelander has been on the market for several years, my understanding of it is still very limited, and now I have the opportunity to test drive it.

Before I saw its full picture, the sound first aroused my interest. This low-frequency and slow-paced engine sound is not like a high-efficiency gasoline engine, is it a diesel engine? After closing the doors and windows and going on the road, the noise of the engine was isolated, and then I forgot about it. But looking at its tachometer, the bottom of the meter is only 6000 rpm, which means that the red line is around 4500 rpm, and then looking at the TD4 on the rear of the car in front, I am sure this is a diesel car.

But it really doesn't drive like a diesel car. There is no discordant noise and vibration in the car, and even the high-frequency sound of the engine at high speeds is as vigorous as a gasoline engine. Of course, we still can't ignore the characteristics of the diesel engine. At less than 2000 rpm, the power is already surprising. The speed is no less than the 3.0-liter gasoline model, and its displacement is only 2.2 liters.

Driving this diesel version of Freelander hurriedly in the night, during which the navigation system always brought some minor troubles, but finally arrived at the residence relatively smoothly. During this more than one hour journey, I paid more attention to the 2.2-liter diesel engine.

Early the next morning, continue to drive this Freelander towards the mountain road. On mountain roads, the diesel engine can show its potential better, because it does not need too high speed to get enough torque, so in general it is very easy to walk on this mountain road. I still can’t believe that it only has 2.2 liters. Displacement. The powerful torque of the diesel engine also makes the engine a lot easier, the number of gear shifts is reduced, the power is more consistent, and the comfort can also be improved.

Freelander's tight and solid site adjustments were also unexpected to me. When sitting in the passenger seat, I also complained that the damping filter effect was too rough, and the vibration of the gravel road affected comfort. But when I switch to the driving position, I can't manage that much. The sturdy suspension keeps the body in the best posture in corners. The soft and accurate steering is also in line with my heart. Driving the Freelander on mountain roads can get the same refreshing feeling as a sports car. Especially when the road is ups and downs, the suspension makes people have enough confidence to maintain the speed, and the body can fully fit the ground without worrying about its ups and downs affecting driving.

At the first stop, I finally had time to see how it looked. The second-generation Freelander is not a new model on the market, plus it maintains the appearance of the Land Rover family, and does not have much to watch. Of course, compared with the first-generation model, its changes are quite big. Now it is more like a small Lansheng, from the front face to the body shape are highly similar, but the size is one size smaller. This makes it look a lot more high-end, like a luxury SUV, and also in line with the Land Rover brand.

The interior design is full of British tradition and rigor. The well-behaved center console lacks some bright spots, but it makes people feel very comfortable to use, because all the buttons are in the positions where it should be, so there is no need to think about it, which is just suitable for lazy people like me.

The meticulous workmanship and sturdy materials replace the decoration of high-end materials. This method of depleting the lead and returning to the basics makes people feel more comfortable and practical. Some details make people feel a little familiar. It seems to be very similar to Volvo, the former cousin of Land Rover, but not exactly the same.

The convoy continued to move forward and stopped on the side of the mountain. It is said that there will be a wonderful display session, followed by a freelander staged climbing stairs. The sixty or seventy steps are as easy as walking up and down. This is beyond my expectation, because I haven't connected it with off-road before this. This kind of activity should be done by those sturdy and powerful large SUVs and off-road vehicles, and the compact SUV I have driven before. It has nothing to do with this.

Before entering the off-road field, I can personally experience the off-road ability of the Freelander. This is a narrow and rugged dirt road. Although it is not a challenge, it is still necessary for some SUVs to pass carefully, but sitting in the Freelander can be more assured.

The second-generation Freelander is also equipped with an all-terrain feedback system developed by Land Rover. Under different off-road driving conditions, use the knob on the front of the gear to adjust, and the vehicle will enter the best settings, just as easy as using a point-and-shoot camera. The mud and rutting modes are used to cope with general off-road conditions. The limited-slip differential distributes power to the front and rear axles at 50:50, and the downhill assist is also automatically turned on. Land Rover’s downhill assist is very sensitive, with very small slopes, and the braking will be carried out at a slightly faster speed.

In addition, the normal mode is used for normal driving, and 90% of the power is distributed to the front wheels. The snow and slippery modes are used for road conditions with poor adhesion. There is also a sand mode for driving in the desert.

Finally, there are several turning to off-road projects. The wading depth of Freelander 2 reaches 500mm, which is not lost to those sturdy large SUVs. Don't worry even if the water surface exceeds the middle net, its air intake is actually on the side fenders, which can avoid the surging water waves. Behind the middle net is just a water tank radiator. After that, I have to climb a steep slope of 38°. This is not a small challenge. It is also very difficult for me to try my hands and feet and try to climb up.

On the way back, I switched to a gasoline version with a 3.2-liter inline six-cylinder engine. Its torque output was much more conservative than that of the diesel model. Using S gear and manual mode can make the power more active. In terms of driving, gasoline models are as smooth as diesel models.

Next, let's talk about some topics about environmental protection. Automobiles have always been large carbon dioxide emitters, both in the manufacturing stage and in the use stage. And because of its large displacement and heavy body, SUV has always been regarded as a manufacturer of high pollution and high emissions. As a manufacturer that only produces SUVs, Land Rover has also made a lot of efforts to reduce carbon emissions. Freelander 2 has been equipped with Stop-Start automatic start-stop system, this car will also be introduced into the country. It is necessary to stop in the city. As long as the neutral gear is engaged, the engine will stop running. When the clutch is depressed and the first gear is engaged, the engine will automatically ignite and run. The automatic start-stop system is matched with a low-fuel-consumption diesel engine, with a fuel consumption of 6.7 liters per 100 kilometers and a CO2 emission of 179 grams per kilometer, a reduction of 16%. In addition, for every car sold, Land Rover also pays for the carbon dioxide emitted by it traveling 72,000 kilometers. The money is used to support the construction of new energy projects through a global environmental remediation project partner company.

The second-generation Freelander not only looks like a pure Land Rover, but its off-road ability and exploration spirit are also beyond doubt. Nowadays, all SUVs are becoming more and more urbanized, and the Freelander can still achieve the unity of off-road performance and on-road driving ability. This is like the Land Rover brand, which can blend pure off-road spirit and royal temperament together, and there is no second. A manufacturer can do it.

Land Rover Freelander 2 parameter configuration