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[YesAuto Engine Technology] Small-displacement supercharged engines have been a constant popular trend in recent years. Both international big-name manufacturers and Chinese brand car companies have all invested in research and development. Among the many manufacturers that develop small-displacement supercharged engines, there are only a handful of manufacturers that have reduced the displacement to 1.0L and have excellent engine performance after mass production. Ford is one of them. Today we saw a 1.0T engine from Hyundai in the exhibition hall of the 2016 Beijing Auto Show, which can compete with Ford 1.0T engine in terms of performance parameters alone.

● Which models are the first to be equipped with this brand new 1.0T engine?

At the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show, Hyundai's i20 Active was the first to be equipped with this new 1.0T three-cylinder engine. Not long ago, Hyundai Motor officially announced that it will be the first to launch the i20 sports special edition model in the German market, and the new car will also be equipped with this brand new 1.0T three-cylinder engine.

● Why is it comparable to Ford 1.0T engine?

The three-cylinder 1.0T engine, which is “small and complete”, uses the current mainstream engine technology, such as in-cylinder direct injection technology, turbocharging technology, integrated exhaust manifold design, and variable intake and exhaust. Timing system and rare electronically controlled turbine pressure relief valve.

It is also thanks to the application of these engine technologies that its performance parameters can completely match Ford’s 1.0T engine. Although its maximum output power is still a few horsepower behind Ford’s 1.0T engine, its maximum output torque is already Go beyond the latter.

The integrated exhaust manifold design means that the overall size of the engine is smaller, and it also has a positive impact on the engine's lightweight. In addition, more importantly, it can weaken the turbo lag of the supercharger and optimize the thermal management system of the engine, such as speeding up the car warm-up in winter.

● Summary:

From the perspective of technical level and performance parameters, Hyundai’s new 1.0T engine is already in the ranks of world-class small-displacement engines. Although its size is small, the applied turbocharging technology, intake and exhaust timing technology, etc. are not inferior to comparison. A large displacement engine, and its engine performance parameters are on par with the Ford 1.0T engine that has won world engine awards. But in the end, whether we can get the satisfaction of consumers, we have to test it in real vehicles to know. (Auto House Text/Xia Zhimeng Picture/Tang Dynasty)