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[YesAuto Cost of Cars] With the improvement of people's living standards and the changes in the attributes of cars, consumption is gradually upgraded. More and more consumers are turning their attention to medium-sized SUVs, which rely on their strong power and variable space to become good helpers for self-driving travel. For medium-sized SUVs of overseas brands, the long-famous Highlander has gone from being at a high altitude to being embarrassed on all sides. Today we have screened out three medium-sized SUVs of overseas brands-Highlander based on sales and popularity. , Guandao, Tiguan L, let us see if there is a big difference in the maintenance cost of the three cars after purchase.

Highlander, Guandao, and Tiguan L vehicles have no difference in terms of three guarantees and warranty policies. At the same time, the first warranty is 5000KM. Among them, Highlander is for inspection, and the first oil change mileage is 10,000 kilometers. In terms of maintenance intervals, both Highlander and Tiguan L are 10,000 kilometers, which is a lot more generous than the 5,000 kilometers of Crown Road.

In terms of maintenance costs, for the same three-year trial calculation of 60,000 kilometers, Highlander leads with a total cost of 5142 yuan, while other models are above 6,500 yuan. The reason is that Highlander is nothing more than a single small maintenance price and maintenance. There are certain advantages in the cycle.

In terms of fuel consumption performance, according to the car’s word-of-mouth fuel consumption data, the Tiguan L 2.0T+7DCT has the best combined fuel consumption, 9.7L per 100 kilometers, which is 1-2L lower per 100 kilometers compared to the other two models. This also leads to the fact that Tiguan L has a great advantage in fuel consumption if it is calculated on a trial basis of 20,000 kilometers per year.

Edit comment:

If the three dimensions of maintenance costs, fuel costs, and insurance premiums are comprehensive, and a trial calculation is carried out for 60,000 kilometers in three years, you will find that the maintenance costs of the three cars are not much different. Of course, thanks to the performance of fuel consumption, Tiguan L has the lowest maintenance cost, followed by the Highlander, which has the lowest maintenance cost. Compared with Guandao, the main problem is fuel consumption and maintenance intervals. Of course, buying a car should not only look at the cost of maintaining a car. Appearance configuration, power safety, terminal discounts in the store, and actual after-sales service also affect the decision to buy a car. As for how to choose, I believe you already know how to choose. (Photo/Text Car Home Li Xiang)