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[YesAuto Shopping Guide] First of all, we must state that this article is made at the request of readers. A netizen left a message on my editorial blog because he likes and cares about the sunroof configuration, and hopes that we can make an article on the size and opening method of the sunroof in compact cars. It is true that we have not paid too much attention to this issue before. Although the opening method will also be involved in each experience, the area and opening degree of the skylight have not paid too much attention. Through this article, we also found that models of the same level still have certain differences in this respect, let's take a look.

Note: Due to the limited time, the models taken and measured this time are not comprehensive. If readers are interested, we will include other models of this level or models of other levels in the future to provide you with more comprehensive and rich data results. . The length and width are measured from the inside of the car, because the corners of the sunroof are all arc-shaped, not purely rectangular, so the area figure is not absolutely accurate, but it can be used for comparison.

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●No. 1 New Bora

The area of the sunroof of the new Bora ranks first, leading the Sagitar by a narrow margin. It is said that they are all models of the same level and the same manufacturer. I thought that the area of the sunroof should be the same, but the result is still a little bit different.

The sunroof of the new Bora represents the general state of Volkswagen models, and is divided into three open modes, namely, ventilation, normal open and fully open. Compared with other models, this is an intermediate state. In the normal open state, there are about 10 centimeters in the unopened state. At this time, the airflow passes through the roof, and the inside and outside of the car ventilate, but it is more efficient than the ventilation state. Taller. In the fully open state, there will be airflow from the roof into the car, and the rear passengers can feel the wind blowing in.

Second place Sagitar

Except for the slight difference in size, the Sagitar's sunroof is basically the same as the new Bora, with the same opening method, and of course the operating knobs are also exactly the same. It can be divided into three ways to open, namely, ventilation, normal open and full open. I have already talked about it before.

●The third place Fox

Fox’s sunroof buttons are designed on the side next to the map light. The style is not very attractive, and the sunroof area is relatively large. The width of 33cm is only slightly worse than the new Bora and Sagitar, and the area is only a little smaller than these two. The opening of the Fox sunroof is divided into ventilation and fully open states, which can be operated by one button.

●The fourth place Peugeot 408

The body size of the Peugeot 408 is the most advantageous among these models, with a wheelbase of 2710mm, which should be regarded as the leader of the compact models. However, the sunroof area does not have any advantages because of the body size. The sunroof area of the Peugeot 408 is slightly smaller than that of the Sagitar. What I don't quite understand is why the length of the body is sufficient, but the longitudinal width of the sunroof is only 32cm, perhaps because of the safety of the body structure.

Of course, this is only a numerical point of view, and it is impossible to show any difference in actual use. Because the difference is so tiny. However, one thing needs to be explained, that is, although most sunroofs in the fully open state still have a side on the edge, the side of the Peugeot 408 that cannot be fully opened is obviously larger.

●The fifth place Pentium B50

The Pentium B50 should be one of these models whose body size is slightly worse than that of the Peugeot 408, but the body width is only 1785mm, and the sunroof length (that is, the side along the body width) is the largest among several cars, reaching 73cm away. However, the Pentium B50 is still relatively fully opened in the full-open mode.

●The sixth place Freddy

The size of Freddy's sunroof has no prominent points, whether it is length or width, and the area is naturally relatively small. There are also two standard opening methods, namely, the ventilation state and the fully open state, which can be operated by one button. Moreover, there is an obvious edge in the fully open state, which is basically the same as that of the Peugeot 408.

Seventh Tiida

Although Tiida’s sunroof area is slightly larger than that of Octavia, it has the smallest openable area among several models. The opening is the standard way, namely the ventilation state and the fully open state, which can be opened with one button. However, it should be noted that in the fully open state, there is still a width of 13cm that cannot be opened, which has a very direct impact on the actual use of the skylight.

●The eighth place Octavia

Before the actual measurement, I thought that the size of the Octavia would be exactly the same as that of the Sagitar, but after the actual measurement, I found that there are still some differences. The length and width of the skylight of Octavia are obviously a little smaller than that of Sagitar, but the opening method is exactly the same. In fact, the same supplier should be used.

Conclusion: Although each manufacturer has its own concept in vehicle design, there is basically no personalized expression on the sunroof. We can see that in the compact class, whether it is Japanese or Korean law, they are all It is the same opening method of similar size, with a slight difference. Of course, generally speaking, the sunroof is also provided by the supplier, but there are some sunroofs from different manufacturers that are still supplied by the same company. In terms of area, today's winner is Fox. In terms of design, Volkswagen models have some characteristics of their own. They are different from other brands in the way they are opened, and they do provide one more choice.