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[YesAuto Model PK] At this year's Guangzhou Auto Show, SUV has once again become the hottest model without any dispute. Joint ventures include Mavericks and 3008, and imports include Forester and CX-9. How about autonomy? The most popular ones are the two protagonists we compare today-Landwind X5 and Refine S5. Speaking of the names of these two models are coincidental, they happen to have the word “wind”, who can lead the new trend of China's independent SUV? We first came to an in-class test at the auto show.

Both Landwind X5 and Refine S5 are brand new models that have just been unveiled at this Guangzhou Auto Show. We have also produced detailed static bicycle experience articles for everyone in the first time. Interested friends can click here to read. (Landwind X5) (Refine S5)

Appearance comparison

Model Landwind X5 Refine S5
Length (mm) 4568 4475
Width (mm) 1855 1840
Height (mm) 1680 1 670
Wheelbase (mm) 2660 26 45

Appearance summary:

Speaking of the appearance of the two cars, I actually quite like them, and I am really happy for the progress of the independent brands. Neither the Landwind X5 nor the Refine S5 blindly imitated others. Instead, they learned and used them in the process of borrowing, and designed their own mature works. The designs of the two cars are very dynamic and stylish, but there are obvious differences in style. Landwind X5 continues the brand's consistent image of a tough guy, with strong lines and strong muscles. From the Ruifeng S5, you can also see some design elements of the JAC family, which gives people a smooth and friendly feeling overall.

Interior comparison

Interior summary:

    The interior of the Landwind X5 adopts the main tone of light color, the central control line is simple and generous, the materials and workmanship are improved compared with the previous Landwind models, but still lacks highlights; the pure black interior of the Refine S5 has a more high-grade visual effect, solid and refined The craftsmanship belongs to the first echelon level among the independent brands, even if compared with the Korean joint venture brand, it is not too far away.

Space contrast

Space summary:

The spatial performance of Landwind X5 and Refine S5 are relatively close, in line with our expectations of a compact urban SUV. It is worth mentioning that the rear seats of the two cars are relatively generous, which is an attractive bonus item for home users.

to sum up:

Today’s experience is very interesting. The two models are taking completely different routes. The Landwind X5 relies on the 2.0T+8AT combination to earn enough attention. This is the first time in the same level that we have seen such an attractive power configuration. The actual performance is full of expectations, perhaps because this part occupies a lot of costs, so the texture of the car body did not bring you too many surprises. If the lack of this part can be balanced by the final price, it will be more affordable for consumption. It is also quite attractive for the reader. JAC Refine S5 is very mature from overall design to detail workmanship, and the sense of quality is in place. Especially the interior craftsmanship is not inferior to some low-end joint venture brand products. Consumers who value this link can pay more attention to Refine. S5.

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