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[YesAuto Intelligent Vehicle Link Evaluation] The Internet of Vehicles system is no longer a “patent” of mid-to-high-end models. Nowadays, in the SUV market of more than 100,000 yuan, Chinese brand models equipped with intelligent linkage systems can be said to be everywhere. It has done a good job in terms of performance and interactive performance, even ahead of many domestic and overseas brand models. However, overseas brands have also recognized the importance of intelligence and are making up for the “shortcomings” in Zhilian. The Jetta VS7 experienced today is one of the latecomers.

The Jetta VS7 is the highest-positioned model in the FAW-Volkswagen Jetta brand. There are currently four configuration versions on sale, two of which have built-in 10-inch screen intelligent connection systems provided by Desay SV, which are officially called J- CONNECT intelligent connection system. Today we tested the top version, which is the 1.4T automatic glory model with the most abundant configuration. Next, let's take a look at the performance of this intelligent connection system.

The 10-inch touch screen is not large in all connected systems, and it is not obtrusive at all when embedded in the popular-style center console. The shape tends to be harmonious, which is also a consistent feature of the popular brand family. After testing, although the score of Jetta VS7 is still quite far from the top ten models in the smart car association evaluation list, it is basically satisfactory in terms of voice interaction and feature richness. Next, we will give a detailed introduction to each item and its functions.

Human-vehicle interaction

The most important part of Jetta VS7's interaction with passengers is the 10-inch central control screen. The screen is also tilted to the driver's side for some angles to facilitate the driver's control. This design is also very common. The 10-inch screen has a resolution of 1280×720 pixels, and the picture definition is good, and the blue background does not appear too glaring even at night. The physical buttons are mainly arranged on the steering wheel, and there are some touch shortcuts on the left side of the center control screen, so that users can quickly adjust the volume or start the voice control system.

Many models equipped with intelligent systems are mostly equipped with full LCD instruments or LCD color screens, but all Jetta VS7 series are only equipped with the same type of pointer instruments of the Volkswagen brand, which is a bit behind other competing products. Although the Chinese brand models of the same price are equipped There are not many full LCD instruments, but the combination of dual-pointer dial + large-size color screen is quite common. In terms of system software, OTA upgrade is still standard. In addition to online upgrades, the system can also be updated with the help of U disk and USB interface after downloading the update program through the official website.

The voice assistant is awakened by a button or the password of “Hello Jetta”. The content that this voice control system can control covers entertainment, navigation, Bluetooth phones, etc., and can also achieve certain information retrieval functions, such as weather query, simple question and answer, etc. . Under the entertainment and navigation interface, the system also has some simple wake-up-free functions. The understanding and intelligence are good, but the controllable functions are hoped to be richer, such as controlling the air volume or temperature of the air conditioner.

Jetta VS7 can be said to have gained and lost at the interactive level. The point is that it has a simple central control screen interface and good voice interaction capabilities, which help to ensure the ease of use of the system and guide users not to click on the screen with their right hands. Instead, use voice commands to control the system as much as possible. As for the point of loss, first of all, it has a gap with many models of the same level in terms of hardware, especially the form of the instrument panel. Traditional pointer instruments and monochrome LCD screens cannot project navigation paths, multimedia information and other content. The user’s sight still needs to leave the road from time to time to check the path plan on the central control screen, which affects the degree of concentration.

Other hardware equipment

On other hardware devices, although the Jetta VS7's performance is not outstanding, for a medium-sized SUV that sells for only 130,000 yuan, the richness of the configuration is basically satisfactory. The standard 6-speaker audio system, dual-zone automatic air conditioning, and mobile phone wireless charging are all currently common and common configurations. The air conditioning system can only be controlled independently through the touch panel, and cannot be controlled by touch screen or voice commands. Smart performance is also Room for improvement.

Function realization

The performance of the entertainment part is still good. In addition to regular local music and AM/FM radio, Jetta VS7 also provides a wealth of networked audio resources, covering Tencent News, Kuwo Music, Himalaya FM three platforms, music, long-form serialization and News and information can be listened to on the go, and the basic needs for relieving boredom can be fully satisfied.

The J-CONNECT system is equipped with AutoNavi online navigation, and has the function of avoiding congestion and traffic restrictions. However, it should be noted that the vehicle-mounted system does not support license plate input, and the license plate must be entered through a mobile phone App. The panoramic reversing image is only available in the top version, and the interface style is basically the same as that of the Volkswagen model, but the picture definition is not high, and it can only play a basic auxiliary role.

Service ecology

J-CONNECT has done a good job in the networking ecology. The system is connected with platforms such as China Weather, Maoyan ticketing, and delicious food. Through the intelligent connection system, you can inquire about the national weather, restaurant queuing status, hotel availability, flight information, etc. Features. In addition, remote control of smart home devices can also be achieved through the Xiaojingyu platform. After the mobile phone application is bound to the vehicle, the user can also conveniently complete maintenance appointments and seek rescue through the App.

Communication Favorability

The communication ability of the voice system is still good. As long as it is within the “capability” of the voice assistant, its recognition accuracy of instructions, especially natural voice and coherent voice, is still very strong, and it can be used in daily travel. The function of liberating the driver's hands. However, due to the limitations of the achievable functions of the intelligent connection system, there is still a lot of room for improvement in the capabilities of the voice assistant.

● Article summary:

From the perspective of feature richness and hardware interaction facilities, the J-CONNECT system of Jetta VS7 is not outstanding, especially compared with those with extremely rich configuration of intelligent connection systems, VS7 can do not much in the car, through networking More functions of the device are to listen to entertainment programs and navigation planning, which is enough to meet the basic needs when traveling. Considering that this car does not provide extremely rich and advanced functions such as biometrics, multi-account login, and remote control of mobile apps like the top ones, it has failed to achieve both in human-computer interaction and functional realization. The higher score is one of the main reasons why the total score is only “qualified”.

Auto Home Smart Car Association Evaluation
Rank Model Human-computer interaction Function realization Service ecology Communication Favorability Total score
1 Kai Chen Star Kai Chen Zhilian System 4.0 91.5 92.8 74.0 20.0 86.0

Roewe RX5

(Zebra 3.0)

83.6 81.2 66.0 50.0 78.1

Star Way LX

(Lion 3.0)

83.7 91.7 36.0 30.0 77.9
4 Changan CS75 PLUS
(Indus Car Association)
89.5 95.2 8.0 30.0 77.2
5 Territory S 87 93.2 20.0 40.0 77.2
6 Ideal ONE 101.5 86.2 10.0 40.0 77.1
7 NIO ES6 102.7 78.9 22.0 60.0 76.6
8 WEY VV6 88.5 84.2 42.0 20.0 76.0
9 Buick GL8 Aivia
eConnect 3.0
89.5 86.5 30.0 20.0 75.7

Changan CS95

92.0 82.8 22.0 40.0 74.0
37 Jetta VS7
68.1 77.0 42.0 20.0 66.2

But think about the price of more than 130,000 yuan to get such a set of intelligent connection system, based on the Volkswagen MQB global architecture platform and spacious interior space, overall it is quite affordable. Of course, we hope that Jetta VS7 can further enrich its configuration. If it can be further strengthened in several aspects such as instrument display, mobile phone remote control, and air-conditioning control, its competitiveness will be stronger, and there will even be a chance to compete with other Chinese brand models. Compete.

Thanks to the following dealers for providing shooting vehicles:

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